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How a 3 Year Old’s Brain Works, Part 7

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — Joy: What is that?Me: Ginger.Joy: What is it?Me: It's a root, it grows in the ground. We cook with it to flavor our food. Joy: Another word for ginger is ginger turtle! Me: I think you mean Ninja Turtle? Joy: No, it's ginger turtle! It's a kind of animal, Mommy.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — Maren: What are those, Mommy? [watches me getting dressed because I'm never alone, natch.]Me: My breasts.Maren: I want touch them.Me: Ok. [grabs my boobs and jiggles them around in circles] Maren: Rockin', Mommy!Me: Thanks?

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — "I can check your body because I'm a doctor and Mommy is here." That's what our pediatrician said to Joy at her 3-year checkup. This totally threw me. I mean, I'm thrilled our doctor is caring and considerate enough to say this to my young daughter.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — Suburbia has its perks, for sure. (Shout out to wide-aisled grocery stores, backyard BBQs, neighborly neighbors, numerous closets, in-home laundry and not having to win a lottery to get my kids enrolled in a decent preschool.) But In The City I had a woman who came to my apartment for waxing, on my schedule and in the privacy (and cleanliness) of my own home.

How a 3 Year Old’s Brain Works, Part 6

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — "When I grow up can I go to Target by myself, please? I'll come back with a pile of undies! I'll drive the car. Which is the way to go to Target? Turn left or turn right? Actually, I'm gonna buy some toys. Frozen toys! I would buy Christoph.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — We had our first "drop-off" playdate recently. An insane lovely mom I know agreed to take BOTH my toddlers. She's already got a 1 and 4 year old, and she's pregnant with #3. Sweet Maren (age 2 plus 1 day) briefly cried when I told her I wouldn't be staying, but promptly forgot who I was when she saw that her friends had different (exciting!)

How Not to Yell - Peaceful Parent, Part 2

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — Part 2 in a series about "peaceful parenting," hoping to figure out how to eliminate much of the yelling that happens in my house. Read Part 1 here. Step 2: Sleep less. Counter-intuitive, I know, since we're all aware what sleep deprivation will do to you.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — That time when you're flying home from a wonderful family reunion/beach vacation where neither toddler suffered injury nor illness, everyone got along (for the most part) and all went swimmingly...and your two-year old vomits all over herself on the plane half an hour before landing.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

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