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A Few Words for Expecting First-Time Moms

tumblr.com — Feeling uncertain? Bloated? Pimply? Excited/terrified? If you answered yes to any/all of those questions then you're exactly on target. Because let me tell you: There is nothing to feel confident about. You are entering a world of which you know nothing, and have no way of knowing anything. It's scary!

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

tumblr.com — Ever heard of Nursemaid's Elbow? No? Yeah, me neither. Oh wait, you have heard of it? That's right, because I totally suck right now. Monday night I helped Joy out of the car when she said I hurt her arm. She'd been moving so sloooooowly.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

tumblr.com — Me: Goodnight, Sweet One. Joy: Wait, but Mommy? Even when my lion doesn't do quiet voices at the restaurant I still love him. Me: I'm glad you feel that way. Joy: And mommy? Even when he doesn't do good listening I still love him. And even when he doesn't behave properly I still love him.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

tumblr.com — In my better moments I practice Peaceful Parenting and mean it. In my not-so-better moments I stifle the narration within. What she whines/screams: I don't like this bandaid! I need another one!What I say: You don't need another bandaid. 14 is plenty.What I want to say: Please shut the fuck up.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

tumblr.com — Two months shy of her second birthday, Maren climbed out of the crib Sunday afternoon. And again Monday morning. And Monday afternoon... I walked into her room and she was waiting by the door for me. Looking all adorable and innocent. I'm terrified by this.

I Lived Through the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

tumblr.com — Ten years later, I finally went back and read my journal for the first time. There is so much I'd completely repressed. The weight of it all is still unbearable. Dec. 26, 2004 I can't even. Day from Hell. Earthquake below the ocean off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. 9.1 Richter.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

tumblr.com — Following a successful peepee on the potty, my sister got off the toilet and started to pull up her pants. Dad reminded her she should wipe before pulling her undies back on. To which she replied, "It's OK, Daddy. I shook it like you do!"

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

tumblr.com — My almost-2-year-old Maren doesn't say much. Actually, she talks quite a bit but I understand less than half of it. My older daughter Joy was speaking in complex articulate sentences by her second birthday. (Even our pediatrician admits she is a freak of nature.)

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

tumblr.com — The ceaseless asking of "Are you happy?" is getting to me. Too many interactions with my kids over the last week involved screaming, crying and fighting from all parties involved. Sometimes I feel just terrible at my job as a mother, don't know how to communicate with them, can't handle the stress, tantrums, Elsa obsessions, endless whining, demanding of "spinny dresses," always needing more bandaids, whining, whining, whining and whining.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

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