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A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — A veteran first grade teacher I know and trust gave me her recommended reading list of Rhyming Stories for young children. Stories that rhyme help with language development. Studies show that children who listen to and then begin to repeat stories that rhyme acquire language more easily and more quickly than children who do not have these kinds of books read to them.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — That time when the know-it-all been-there-done-that type of Mom McSmuggington with enough mommy experience to be fully conscious of her condescending tone continues lecturing anyway because she knows she's right. "Enjoy every moment!" "You'll look back and wonder why you thought the newborn phase was so hard!" "Your baby isn't sleeping because..."

How a 3 Year Old’s Brain Works, Part 5

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — Joy: This is my new favorite color today. It goes with red but it's also pink. It's called pinkalish. I learned that word from myself.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — Joy: Mommy, are you my best friend?Me: Of course! What does it mean to be best friends?Joy: It's when you're nice. Very very nice. Me: What's the difference between being friends and being best friends?Joy: We hug and kiss each other. Also we share our best lamb doll. Me: That sounds nice.

How Not to Yell - Peaceful Parent, Part 1

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — I've been reading about "peaceful parenting" in my "spare" time, hoping to figure out how to eliminate much of the yelling that happens in my house. I have two very smart and willful toddlers. They can be...testy. You understand, I'm sure.

Something Else to Lose Sleep Over

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — Chikungunya (pronunciation: \chik-en-gun-ye)According to the CDC, it's a virus you can get from an infected mosquito. Expect fever and joint pain, along with headache, muscle pain, joint swelling, or rash. Or all of the above. Last year the prolific virus jumped the pond to the Caribbean, expanding its reach from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — Maren requested we listen to Ripple on the way to school this morning, a most excellent morning (or anytime) tune. We all sang along, happily. Then Joy asked: "Mommy, one day can we go to a Grateful Dead concert and will Jerry Garcia be there with his guitar and will he play Shakedown?"My life's work: complete.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — Joy came home from preschool the other day and informed me that "some animals migrate and some animals hibrate [sic]." For example, "Monarch butterflies migrate. Whales and Geese migrate, too. Bears and woodchucks hibrate. But frogs migrate to the pond and then hibrate." Also, according to our junior biologist, "Some animals adat [sic] to the cold weather.

A Thousand Small Heart Attacks

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — Despite the underwhelming bombogenesis and would-be historic blizzard, this was my girls' response. If someone offered to pull you around the neighborhood on a shiny new pink sled wouldn't you cry, too? Me neither.

A Few Words for Expecting First-Time Moms

athousandsmallheartattacks.com — Feeling uncertain? Bloated? Pimply? Excited/terrified? If you answered yes to any/all of those questions then you're exactly on target. Because let me tell you: There is nothing to feel confident about. You are entering a world of which you know nothing, and have no way of knowing anything. It's scary!
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