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Mona Eltahawy: How to Fight the Patriarchy — "Someone had turned the lights off in my mind." As a woman in Saudi Arabia, as a girl there, you have two options: You either lose your mind or you become a feminist. So I kind of lost my mind, and then I became a feminist.

If Jane Eyre Came Out Today Would It Be Marketed As Genre? — "It is a very remarkable book," critic Elizabeth Rigby wrote of Jane Eyre in March of 1849, in Vanity Fair. "We have no remembrance of another combining such genuine power with such horrid taste.

Why the global silence on FGM? — I first learned what female genital mutilation (FGM) was as a university student in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. My family is Egyptian and my parents, both doctors, were teaching medicine there. I was worried sick that I'd been cut and had somehow buried the memory Mona Eltahawy My friends and I had been reading a news magazine in the library when we came across an article about it.

They Died for Lack of a Head Scarf — The fire was a tragedy that could have struck anywhere. Fifteen girls between ages 13 and 17 were trampled to death and 52 others were hurt when a blaze swept through their school. Parents and journalists angrily demanded the resignation of education officials they accused of incompetence and corruption.

This Violent World: How Literature Helps Us Cope — "It felt like coming on a little secret, like a fairy tale almost," Ben said. Ben is a friend I met on the day we moved into a co-op on Chicago's South Side.

Fatima Bhutto: My Grandfather’s Library, Relic of a Freer Pakistan — In his letters, bound in dark leather and organized according to year and subject, there is a note my grandfather, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, wrote to Pakistan's provincial Chief Ministers who had forwarded him their suggestions regarding upcoming land reforms (the last large land reforms carried out in this country were helmed by Bhutto himself a year later in 1974).

False News From the Sisi State — CAIRO - My friend Mostafa Massouny has one of the most eclectic music collections of anyone I know. I initially typed "had" and "knew," because I fear Mostafa is dead. We met at a party where I was impressed by a playlist of Nubian musicians he played.

cgmfindings: Georgia O'Keeffe Chromogenic print...

rollingstone: 20 essential A Tribe Called Quest...

Mona Eltahawy | turningtricksbreakingdicks: link1n: ... — turningtricksbreakingdicks: link1n: attndotcom: Why is the United States so far behind? It's time to #raisethewage We're that far behind because widespread poverty is highly profitable to the affluent and powerful. wtf I just googled the US minimum wage and it's equivalent to £4.68 that's pretty fucking criminal
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May 01, 2016

The Sisi regime is breaking records. First time police have stormed Journalists Syndicate in its 75 yrs #Egypt…

May 01, 2016

RT @Amir_G_Beshay: First demand by #Egypt journos gathered outside Syndicate: Immediate removal of Minister of Interior... #Sisi…co/CuxTP6sICv

May 01, 2016

Journalists Amr Badr & Mahmud el-Sakka were arrested. They were staging a sit-in at the union to protest police raids on their homes. #Egy#Egypt

May 01, 2016

For 1st time in its history, #Egyptian police storm Journalists' Syndicate and arrest two journalists…

May 01, 2016

RT @RashaQandeelBBC: للمرة الأولى خلال ٧٥ سنة الأمن يقتحم مقر #نقابة_الصحفيين في #مصر، ويلقي القبض على صحفيين اثنين من داخل النقابة. الصحفي#مش_هنسكتن:#مش_هنسكت

May 01, 2016

@whythedarkness I love Twitter and social media through which we can share these things ❤️

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