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I became alive once more. At the dances I was one...

monaeltahawy.tumblr.com — I became alive once more. At the dances I was one of the most untiring and gayest. One evening a cousin of Sasha, a young boy, took me aside. With a grave face, as if he were about to announce the death of a dear comrade, he whispered to me that it did not behoove an agitator to dance.

Her by Henrique Ferrer

…and I didn’t want

"No one can flatter himself that he is immune to...

monaeltahawy.tumblr.com — "No one can flatter himself that he is immune to the spirit of his own epoch, or even that he possesses a full understanding of it. Irrespective of our conscious convictions, each one of us, without exception, being a particle of the general mass, is somewhere attached to, colored by, or even undermined by the spirit which goes through the mass.

She has so many knots in her hair because we are...

monaeltahawy.tumblr.com — She has so many knots in her hair because we are desperate in our fucking. Maybe desperate is not the right word. Think: necessary. Think: éclat. Think the opposite of mediocre and then continue to think that until you grow bored. She is always digging, I am always grabbing, and there is probably something else missing here.

Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution

thechicagocouncil.org — The Middle East and North Africa remains a region deeply divided over the role of women in society. Child marriage, high rates of maternal mortality, and female genital mutilation are just a few of the challenges women in the region face.

Opening Night: The Future Is Now

worldvoices.pen.org — An all-star global line-up of authors present scenarios for 2050, offering unpublished insights and the opportunity to consider how our future is intimately tied to our present.

Egypt’s War on Atheism

nytimes.com — CAIRO - It took one session on Jan. 10 for a court in the Nile Delta province of Beheira to sentence Karim al-Banna, a 21-year-old student, to three years in prison for saying on Facebook that he was an atheist.

Headscarves and Hymens

us.macmillan.com — A passionate manifesto decrying misogyny in the Arab world, by an Egyptian American journalist and activist When the Egyptian journalist Mona Eltahawy published an article in Foreign Policy magazine in 2012 titled "Why Do They Hate Us?" it provoked a firestorm of controversy.

In Saudi Arabia, social media are a tool of the resistance

theglobeandmail.com — When I lived in Saudi Arabia in the 1980s, public executions would be announced at the very end of state media's newscasts. The anchor would read a statement from the Interior Ministry that included a verse from the Koran used to justify capital punishment along with the name of the person executed and the crime they supposedly committed.
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Mar 02, 2015

TwitterLand: I have wifi! Internet guy did it! He has been redeemed. My nerves are at peace. Thank you for the good wishes!

Mar 02, 2015

#Saudi Historian: U.S. Women Drive Because They Don't Care If They're Raped huffingtonpost.com/2015/02/09/sau… via @theworldpost h/t @777_ZEE_777

Mar 02, 2015

Oh man -Internet guy came back for another attempt to get wjfi to work. TwitterLand: pray for me, send positive thoughts, light candles, etc

Mar 02, 2015

RT @Scarleteen: The implications of inequalities in contraception and abortion fb.me/6jlrOASR5

Mar 02, 2015

To put it mildly RT @Gwillermau @HDNER @monaeltahawy @HDNER #Erdogan started well but has completely lost his mind of late

Mar 02, 2015

Why does what a 13yr old say on Facebook so troublesome to #Erdogan and the courts? hurriyetdailynews.com/Default.aspx?p… via @HDNER

Mar 02, 2015

@markbairden Oh ha! Don't spell out his name or he'll sue us for libel ;-)

Mar 02, 2015

Just got 1st part of Neapolitan trilogy: Paris Review - Art of Fiction No. 228, Elena Ferrante theparisreview.org/interviews/637… h/t @OmarWaraich

Mar 02, 2015

Absolutely. And politicians shld thicken skin RT @NickCohen4 @me The people should hold the politicians to account not the other way round

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