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Please Stand By, I Will Return After A Short Break

huffingtonpost.com — I can almost pinpoint the moment I decided to take a leave of absence from my job. The date isn't stuck in my mind, but the feeling I had in that moment is. The leave is temporary.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' And 'Other Space' Take Off As Comedy's Center Of Gravity Shifts

huffingtonpost.com — It's hard not to feel both concerned and excited about the state of comedy on TV right now. Comedy Central alone boasts a murderer's row of sterling comedies with a wide range of viewpoints and attitudes.

The 'Mad Men' Finale, Coke And Don's Quest For Enlightenment

huffingtonpost.com — Two days after the " Mad Men " finale aired, what more is there to say? So many critics have weighed in with thoughtful and insightful essays; even when I don't particularly agree with another writer's opinion, I've been floored by how eloquent and intelligent the post-finale commentary has been.

'Mad Men' Finale: What Was Awesome, What Was Frustrating And Why It's Hard To Let Go

huffingtonpost.com — "People just come and go and no one says goodbye." - Don Draper/Dick Whitman Well. It's hard to write about series finales, because whatever I say here might be taken as the final word regarding my assessment of the show in question. So let me say up front: I absolutely love "Mad Men."

'Wayward Pines,' David Duchovny's 'Aquarius' And New Dramas To Watch (And Avoid)

huffingtonpost.com — There are a bunch of mystery-laden dramas premiering in the next few weeks, and rather than burden you with individual reviews of each one, I thought I'd rate them roundup-style. It's warm out, you don't have time for too much TV blathering, so here are brief thoughts on each drama, so you know which to check out and which to skip.

That 'Jane The Virgin' Finale: Eight Ways It Was Awesome

huffingtonpost.com — Where to begin with the " Jane the Virgin " Season 1 finale? How about with a phrase frequently uttered by its narrator: "Let's do this!" Just over a year ago, members of the media began getting copies of the pilot for "Jane the Virgin."

'Mad Men' Shocker: Nobody Saw This Coming

10 Shows That Changed The Way We Look At TV

17 Things 'Mad Men' Should And Shouldn't Do Before It Ends

huffingtonpost.com — " Mad Men " ends forever May 17, and there are some things it'd be lovely to get from it before it goes. Now, let's just acknowledge at the outset that we all know it's never a good idea to put any demands on Don Draper.

'Mad Men' Activates Rage, Nostalgia And A Classic Draper Move

huffingtonpost.com — Well, that was entirely too much fun. I don't want to give all my money to lawyers in order to find out for sure, but tonight's " Mad Men " episode might have supplied an illegal quantity of enjoyment. That's not to say there weren't serious moments in the episode - there certainly were.
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Jul 03, 2015

@JakesAlterEgo no worries! I decided to hold off until I'm done with the book. But thanks for your concern! :)

Jul 02, 2015

@mattzollerseitz @zhandlen ohhh I am about 100 pgs into the Stand for 1st time. Shd I wait to read until done?

Jul 02, 2015

@jennatar I get it! I know too much about TV & not as much as I shd about evthing else. Anyway, welcome back to writing about what u love!

Jul 01, 2015

@jennatar well, if you ever want to write about TV, I’d be first in line to read your stuff! Can’t wait to read your thoughts on games.

Jul 01, 2015

@conradical1 I think a more diverse staff, led well, leads to more well-rounded characters. Don't know composition of DM staff. I hope it's

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