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Teachers’ Unions Reasserting Themselves With Push Against Standardized Testing — In Florida, the teachers' union has lobbied to limit the use of standardized tests, and the governor last week signed a bill that limits the number of hours students can spend taking them. The union in New Jersey financed an advertising campaign in which a grim-faced father talks about his son crying because of tests.

Where Are the Teachers of Color? — GROWING up in the 1970s and '80s in the Chicago suburb of Blue Island, Ill., Gladys Marquez, the daughter of Mexican immigrants, never once had a Hispanic teacher. Sometimes, when trying to explain to her parents her plans for college - or even why she wanted to play softball or try out for the cheerleading team - she wished she had a mentor who shared her background.

Senators Propose Bipartisan Bill to Revise No Child Left Behind Law — A bipartisan Senate bill revising the No Child Left Behind law was announced on Tuesday. It eliminates many of the most punitive elements of the law, the signature education achievement of the George W. Bush administration.

Schools Wait to See What Becomes of No Child Left Behind Law — CLEVELAND - Ginn Academy, the first and only public high school in Ohio just for boys, was conceived to help at-risk students make it through school - experimenting with small classes, a tough discipline code and life coaches around the clock.

Obama Education Policy Draws Some Skeptics — With an agenda that Arne Duncan, the secretary of education, has described as a "quiet revolution," the Obama administration has pushed rigorous new standards for a majority of the nation's public schools as well as requirements that states and districts evaluate not just schools but individual teachers, in part by assessing their ability to improve student scores on standardized tests.

Education Overhaul Faces a Test of Partisanship — On the day that President George W. Bush signed No Child Left Behind into law in early 2002, he flew to a high school in Hamilton, Ohio, the home district of Representative John A. Boehner, a leading Republican supporter of the bill.

Standards Are at Stake in a Fight Over Schools — PHOENIX - Diane M. Douglas, a Republican, was elected state schools superintendent in Arizona after vowing to repeal the Common Core, a set of reading and math standards intended to guide teachers from kindergarten through high school graduation.

Billionaire Suspends Prize Given to Schools — Eli Broad, the Los Angeles-based billionaire philanthropist, has suspended a prize his foundation has given annually to an urban school district for more than a decade, saying he cannot find school districts doing enough good work to merit the award.

Fewer Top Graduates Want to Join Teach for America — Teach for America, the education powerhouse that has sent thousands of handpicked college graduates to teach in some of the nation's most troubled schools, is suddenly having recruitment problems. For the second year in a row, applicants for the elite program have dropped, breaking a 15-year growth trend.

States Move to Make Citizenship Exams a Classroom Aid — Like high school civics students around the country, the juniors and seniors in Darcy White's government class here will have to take a final exam. But these students - and all others in Arizona - will soon face an extra hurdle: To graduate, they will have to pass the test that is given to immigrants who want to become U.S.
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May 05, 2015

"Arguments provoked by contact with former partners, sending secret messages & posting of ‘inappropriate’ pics."

May 04, 2015

for-profit colleges produce a disproportionate share — almost half — of students who default on loans. @Tamarnyt…

May 04, 2015

"Our faces have twitched as our colleagues pretend they’ve understood a speaker’s academese."…

May 04, 2015

Among nation’s 100 largest counties, children face the worst odds of escaping poverty in the city of Baltimore…

May 03, 2015

Hey, writers, don't riff raff in Economy deserve your prose? United 1st class mag becomes literary journal @xanalter

May 02, 2015

"too many anxious parents & their addled children believe in an exacting unforgiving script for success" @FrankBruni

May 02, 2015

Parents flee "to these anesthetized retreats because of America’s failure to acknowledge children actually exist."…

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