Newspaperman on leave from @washingtonpost to write a book on nukes for @BlueRiderPress. Buffalo boy. The circus is either in town, or it isn't.

D.C. developer David von Storch is pumped to take fitness centers to a new level

By Dan Zak — Navy suits and crisp oxfords occupy every seat except his. With the jacket fringed in fur, the red high-top Nikes with electric blue laces, the polo shirt whose slim-fit sleeves permit the right amount of biceps bulge, David von Storch is a very Logan Circle presence in this very Georgetown meeti...

Movie Review: Cary Joji Fukunaga's 'Sin Nombre'

By Dan Zak — "Sin Nombre" is pure filmmaking: a great story told in beautiful images. And it's amazing it exists in the first place. A 31-year-old rookie American director went to Mexico and Central America to make a movie about two lives ripped apart by gang warfare and illegal immigration.

Good News Gets a Warm Welcome at These Web Sites

By Dan Zak — As bad news hails from the heavens, as headlines thunder about DEBT and RAGE and DISASTER, as television narrates the crumbling of society with stunning graphics and Wagnerian music, as all manner of calamity gets the front-page top-of-the-hour treatment, know this: Good news has a safe house.

Oprah says goodbye after 25 years, enters her next phase

By Dan Zak — "The adversity of her childhood somehow gave her a sense of confidence, a sense of empowerment and a desire to help, and that's part of her basic persona," says Barbara Walters, who has interviewed Winfrey, 57, on multiple occasions. "I think Oprah is a superb performer. . . .

Has Clarendon had one too many? (Bar crawls, that is.)

By Dan Zak — "ANNA WHERE ARE YOU GOING." Anna forded Wilson Boulevard like the Delaware, holding out a bright yellow plastic cup as if it lit the way to a constitutional republic. Anna was wearing dog tags. Ten friends followed her through traffic, around the landscaped obstacles of suburbia, up to the door of Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill.

Michael Cunningham and a new generation of writers transcend 'gay literature'

By Dan Zak — NEW YORK -- He sneaks a cigarette in the stairwell, through an emergency exit whose alarm does not sound. He sits on the eighth step, places a porcelain ashtray to the side of his bare feet and lights an American Spirit. He watches a curl of smoke creep toward the chicken-wired skylight in the roof...

Free WiFi is a selling point in NoMa, but why isn’t the Internet free wherever we’d want it?

By Dan Zak — But the livelier, whinier point of contention is this: Why, more than a decade into the proliferation of WiFi networks, is free wireless Internet not available everywhere all the time, especially in the capital of the free world?

Michelle Pfeiffer Has a Mature Outlook on Fame, Age, Beauty and Her Long Career

By Dan Zak — NEW YORK -- The list of things Michelle Pfeiffer doesn't want to hear includes this sentence: "The way I see it, your golden age was 1987 to 1993." And yet some of us are idiots, and say it anyway. She responds to this declaration with silence. The hotel room freezes over.

At Creech Air Force Base, drones land, protesters chant, and one man waves a flag

By Dan Zak — "Thanks for keeping us safe," Phil said toward the driver of a white Ford F-150.

Pocahontas and John Rolfe on their wedding day, 400 years since the first one

By Dan Zak — A Virginian in a navy sportcoat and khaki pants says, "Your sister is quite lovely" as he shakes the hand of the bride's brother, who is wearing moccasins, leggings and fox pelts. "1, 2, 3, smile."
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Oct 22, 2014

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Reporting 101: Always get the name of the dog.

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It's not realness if it's real. I thought we covered this.

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Oh, a billionaire who controls the world learned a foreign language? How novel.

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It's 5 o'clock, pig. Time for a white wine and a cigarette.

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If we're still talking faces, let's talk Warren's too! Didja know he used to look like this?!:…

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"Jan deserved a big movie career. Certainly as big as Rob Schneider's fucking career."…

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