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Prince: memories of U

theguardian.com — Singer and presenter Singer and presenter I went to a Prince show when I was 18 and he called me up on stage to sing. I had only just released My One Temptation - how he knew who I was is a complete mystery to me.

The week in radio: The Reunion; Scenes from Student Life; The Business of Music

theguardian.com — The Reunion: Euro 96 (Radio 4) | iPlayer Scenes from Student Life (Radio 4) | iPlayer The Business of Music With Matt Everitt (Radio 4) | iPlayer The past. When you reach an age where you have more past than you have future, the past isn't somewhere that you like to dwell.

The week in radio: The Modern Mann, Lament, Radio 2 50s

theguardian.com — The Modern Mann | podcastLament Radio 4 | iPlayerRadio 2 50s Radio 2 DAB |iPlayer Olly Mann is a nice chap, with a great track record as a podcaster. He and Helen Zaltzman started Answer Me This! back in years of yore, when podcasting wasn't even for hipsters, but tech nerds and audio boffs.

My virtual-reality headset: ‘VR has the potential to educate and connect people’

theguardian.com — Stef owns a variety of virtual reality headsets and is currently developing a VR game called Pixel Ripped. "It says I'm a big gamer, but my eyes have been opened to the potential of VR for education and to connect people. Unfortunately the headsets are still pretty dorky-looking."

My phone box: ‘I hate it when quality things go to waste’

theguardian.com — Paul has spent nearly a decade restoring this old phone box at the bottom of his garden in south London. "It says that I hate it when quality things go to waste. I enjoy repurposing old objects, like old gas lamps and railway sleepers. I find it very satisfying."

The week in radio: The Archers; The Documentary: Where Are You Going?; Iain Lee

theguardian.com — The Archers (Radio 4) | iPlayerThe Documentary: Where Are You Going? (BBC World Service) | iPlayerIain Lee (TalkRadio) | TalkRadio I don't know, you go away for one week... Catching up on The Archers palavers in one fell swoop made me realise that I am not a genuine fan.

My unicorn handbag: ‘You’re as young as you want to be’

theguardian.com — Shady's plush unicorn handbag is called Percy, and she bought it online a few years ago after a phase of watching My Little Pony. "It's sort of childish, but you're as young as you want to be. I love kawaii style; a lot of bloggers are quite plain and boring."

The week in radio: The Women Who Wrote Rock; Backlisted; Radio Dead

theguardian.com — The Women Who Wrote Rock (Radio 4) | iPlayer Backlisted podcast| iTunes Writers and writing, this week. On Tuesday rock journalist Kate Mossman brought us The Women Who Wrote Rock , a revealing and beguiling programme about the female music writers of the 60s; young women who hung out with the Beatles and the Stones, with Eric Clapton, Cat Stevens, Scott Walker, and then wrote about who these new stars were and what they had to say.

My statue: ‘Wagner is my biggest hero. I’m obsessed’

theguardian.com — "Wagner is my biggest hero. I'm obsessed. His work has such philosophical depth. I want a marble one - that'll take a few pay cheques yet." "Wagner is my biggest hero. I'm obsessed. His work has such philosophical depth. I want a marble one - that'll take a few pay cheques yet."

The week in radio: The Archers; Alice Isn’t Dead - review

theguardian.com — The Archers (Radio 4) iPlayerAlice Isn't Dead (podcast Shall we talk drama? Let's smash some cups (great sound effect) and get dramatic. Plays on the radio have had a bad press - some of it from me - and it's not always the plays' fault.
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Apr 30, 2016

@schmerg @CodeClub A lot depends on the group, is your code club in a school, do you get the same kids each week? Do you have a keen helper

Apr 29, 2016

@schmerg @CodeClub Yes managing expectations can be tricky at beginning

Apr 29, 2016

RT @HuffingtonPost: "Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls" trades princesses for real women who changed the world huff.to/1TanzOI httpic.twitter.com/ZqrNpLoeaQs://t.co/ZqrNpLoeaQ

Apr 29, 2016

@SCCMentor @ben_nuttall @winstanleywords you are a proper dude Paul. Ages ago I did a piece on RPi and wanted to know how 2 make light blink

Apr 29, 2016

@exitthelemming @ianbrice @CodeClub @CCBrixton I am so chuffed it's ridiculous. I don't even play computer games but I love doing this club

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