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Germany: Memories of a Nation; 21st-Century Mythologies - radio review

theguardian.com — Germany: Memories of a Nation (Radio 4) | iPlayer 21st-Century Mythologies (Radio 4) | iPlayer My favourite Radio 4 format is the 15-minute documentary serial: all the info, none of the faff, perfect for download/podcast listening.

Bob Geldof: 'We are a normal family. And one of us didn't make it'

theguardian.com — You can prepare for a Bob Geldof interview, but you cannot prepare for Bob Geldof himself. Not that he isn't how you imagine: he is, but more so. Taller, louder, funnier, better read, more sweary, more informed, more opinionated. More everything. He rarely draws breath.

5 Live Daily; Woman’s Hour; Today - radio review

theguardian.com — Oh dear, what were the producers doing when they booked Adrian Chiles's first 5 Live morning show? Chiles is a fine presenter, but he's used to interviewing pros: sportspeople, popstars, other journalists. His first interview for his brand-new show on 5 Live Daily was Amy, a woman who'd had four children taken off her by social services and then fled to Ireland to keep hold of her fifth.

The Essay: Trip Sheets; Afternoon Drama: The Electrical Venus; Between the Ears: More Than a Desert - radio review

theguardian.com — The Essay: Trip Sheets (Radio 3) | iPlayer Afternoon Drama: The Electrical Venus (Radio 4) | iPlayer Between The Ears: More Than A Desert (Radio 3) | iPlayer Every week I give thanks that I review radio programmes, as opposed to TV.

Last Day; The Life Scientific - radio review

theguardian.com — Last Day (Radio 4) | iPlayer The Life Scientific (Radio 4) | iPlayer Big ideas, massive egos: these are the foundation stones of documentary these days. The BBC loves a unifying theme, an epic tale, an exciting event for the whole country to get behind, with presenters to match.

Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review; Masters of Man Time With Just for Men; Phone Farage; Sam Walker - radio review

theguardian.com — Kermode and Mayo's Film Review (5 Live) Masters of Man Time with Just for Men ( Absolute Radio) The world is changing: politics, gender, religion, all breaking free of old habits, hellbent on changing their environment, from the locks to the wallpaper to the future. Good, I say.

Lives in a Landscape: The Roman Way; Taking the Edge Off; The Waiting - radio review

theguardian.com — Biggs, from the Lewsey Farm council estate in Luton, is a man of action. An intruder, a barger-in, an outlaw in a black hoodie and red bandana who takes events into his own hands. Biggs has decided to squat the Roman Way, the estate pub, now that landlord Declan has had enough and is going back to Ireland.

Home Front; The Educators; Prom 37 - radio review

theguardian.com — The Educators (Radio 4) | iPlayer The BBC, in its steady manner, has been continuing to mark 100 years since the start of the first world war with careful, relevant programmes.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show; Queens of Noise - Get It On; Little Lifetimes by Jenny Eclair - radio review

theguardian.com — The Chris Evans Breakfast Show (R2) | iPlayer 15 Minute Drama: Queens of Noise - Get It On (R4) | iPlayer Little Lifetimes by Jenny Eclair (R4) | iPlayer Unlike many, many others - around a sixth of the UK's entire population, in fact - I am not a Chris Evans devotee.

TomTom multisport watch review: a smartwatch fit to run with Mo Farah

theguardian.com — I have no goal. And that, apparently, is a problem. I started running last year, after eight years of doing no exercise other than drag small children round by their ears (good for the forearms, releases tension). I like running.
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Oct 21, 2014

@robertsonjustin ... like who I fancied, what was going on with my mates, meeting people, dancing, having a laff, you know. Not HISTORY

Oct 21, 2014

@robertsonjustin I love the way the interviewer is really jealous of that time...It was great but mostly I just remember all the other stuff

Oct 21, 2014

@robertsonjustin I just read your i/vw about Manchester just before acid house and it almost made me cry haha. The Gallery! I loved it there

Oct 20, 2014

@lostveteran ...and he's a communicator, that's what he does, so he wants to explain/articulate his emotions honestly. Not easy to do

Oct 20, 2014

@lostveteran I think he wanted to, tbh. He doesn't do anything he doesn't want to. He was v touched by people's reactions to her death...

Oct 20, 2014

@lostveteran Well this one's because he has a Boomtown Rats tour to promote and he talks about Peaches because I ask him about it

Oct 18, 2014

@amyoliver Oh God SORRY! I read it and did wonder if she'd written it or "written" it. Great piece xx

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