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The Bitter Abortion Fight in Texas Is Far From Over — The Supreme Court on Monday blocked a decision by the court of appeals in the country's most conservative circuit that would have closed two-thirds of the abortion clinics in Texas. The ruling comes as the court debates whether it will hear a challenge to a 2013 law, HB 2, that forces abortion facilities to comply with hospital-like standards and requires abortion clinic doctors to have admitting privileges with local hospitals.

The Nation's Most Conservative Court Just Shut Down Two-Thirds of Texas Abortion Clinics — Federal judges upheld a sweeping anti-abortion law on Tuesday in a decision that will shutter most abortion clinics in Texas. The ruling held that the law, HB 2, which requires abortion facilities to comply with hospital-like standards, does not pose an undue burden for the majority of women seeking abortion in Texas, millions of whom will now have to travel hundreds of miles for an abortion.

This Study Just Threw a Huge Curveball Into the Abortion Debate — On Thursday, the New York Times carried a front page story reporting new research that could have a profound impact on the nation's abortion debate: a study concluding that a small number of premature infants born at 22 weeks can survive with intensive treatment.

Top Chris Christie Crony Pleads Guilty for Role in Bridge Scandal, Two Others Indicted — A former ally of Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has pled guilty to federal charges for his role in causing a massive traffic jam as political payback against a small town mayor who refused to endorse the governor for reelection.

Want an Abortion This Year? Get Ready to Wait. — For women seeking an abortion, 2015 is shaping up to be the year of the long wait. Since the beginning of the year, six states have proposed or passed laws that would require a woman to wait days before she has an abortion-laws that critics say place an especially harsh burden on poor and rural women.

Democrats in Oregon of All Places Just Torpedoed a Bill to Expand Abortion Rights — Here's how quickly the prospect of expanding abortion rights can kill a piece of legislation: In February, a group of state lawmakers introduced a bill that would require insurers to cover the full spectrum of women's reproductive services at an affordable prices. Just two months later, the same lawmakers have killed the bill.

The Scary Law That Allowed Pharmacists to Deny This Woman the Drugs She Needed After Her Miscarriage — When Brittany Cartrett lost her pregnancy in March, her doctor prescribed Misoprostol to help her complete the miscarriage. The drug, which would allow her to avoid a more invasive surgical procedure, is the same one used to induce many abortions. Which is why, Cartrett suspects, two different pharmacies in central Georgia refused to fill her prescription.

Ted Cruz's Big Money Man Is A Hedge Funder With a $2 Million Train Set — Robert Mercer, a Long Island hedge fund magnate, has made some lavish investments over the years: There's his 203-foot super yacht, called the Sea Owl. There's the $2 million model train set he had custom-built in his mansion-and the lawsuit he filed against the builders, saying they'd overcharged him.

Arkansas Will Force Doctors To Tell Women Abortions Can Be "Reversed" — As conservative lawmakers pass a record number of anti-abortion laws, it is staggering to consider how many require doctors to tell patients information that has no basis in science. Five states now require abortion providers to inform women about a bogus link between abortion and breast cancer.

Texas Bill Would Name Judges Who Give Minors Permission to Have Abortions — The last time Texas lawmakers met in the state capitol, it was to pass the mammoth anti-abortion bill that was the target of state Sen. Wendy Davis' all-night filibuster. Now the Legislature is in session again after a year-and-a-half-long recess, and conservatives are pushing a slew of new measures that would make it harder for women to end pregnancies.
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Hi, I'm Molly, I'm a women's issues reporter who still can't spell the word "obstetricians" after all these years.

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