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Catholic Church Argues It Doesn't Have to Show Up in Court Because Religious Freedom — When Emily Herx first took time off work for in vitro fertilization treatment, her boss offered what sounded like words of support: "You are in my prayers." Soon those words took on a more sinister meaning. The Indiana grade school where Herx was teaching English was Catholic.

Tennessee Voters Just Made It Easier To Restrict Abortion-And the GOP Isn't Wasting Any Time. — For years, as lawmakers in other conservative states passed onerous restrictions designed to limit abortion access, deep-red Tennessee stood out as an exception-because the state's constitution forbade many of the harshest anti-abortion measures. But that changed on Election Day.

The Fight for Abortion Rights Just Got a Whole Lot Harder — The GOP wave didn't just crash into the US Senate. It flooded state legislatures, as well. By Wednesday evening, Republicans were in control of 67 of the nation's 99 state legislative chambers-up from 57 before the election. It's still unclear which party will control two other chambers.

Republican David Perdue Wins Georgia Senate Race — There weren't many bright spots on the map for Democrats this year. But in Georgia, the party was hoping that Senate candidate Michelle Nunn might harness the state's changing demographics for an upset against GOP nominee David Perdue. The state's growing black population, however, and a mammoth effort by Democrats to register these new voters, weren't enough to boost Nunn to victory.

Mitch McConell Wins Reelection — We have entered the McConnellsance. After 18 months, this YouTube video, and a staggering $73 million in campaign and outside spending, Mitch McConnell, a senator who was sometimes more despised in his deep-red home state than President Barack Obama, has won reelection against Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Today's Biggest Showdown Over Guns Is in Washington State — The most closely watched battle over gun regulations this Election Day is in Washington state, where voters will weigh in on two opposing ballot measures: Initiative 594, which would expand background checks for gun buyers, including those purchasing firearms at a gun show or online; and Initiative 591, which would forbid any background checks beyond the limited regime required by federal law.

North Dakota Pro-Lifers: Don't Call Our Personhood Amendment a "Personhood Amendment" — North Dakota is poised to become the first state in the country to recognize a fertilized egg as a person. At least, that's what opponents say about a controversial ballot measure to amend state's constitution. Supporters say that's total bunk.

GOP Senate Hopeful: "Less Than 2,000" Women Sued My Company For Pay Discrimination — David Perdue, a former CEO and the Republican nominee for Senate in Georgia, has a lady problem-at least according to recent polls, which show Democrat Michelle Nunn ahead with women voters in this toss-up election.

Former GOP Staffer: Senate Candidate Joni Ernst "Did and Said Nothing" to Stop Sexual Harassment — A lawsuit filed last week by a former GOP staffer in the Iowa state Senate claims that US Senate candidate Joni Ernst, a Republican, saw male colleagues sexually harass a female employee when Ernst served in the state Senate and "did and said" nothing to stop the abuse.

Lawsuits: Alabama Jailers Allowed 3 Inmates to Die of 19th-Century Ailments — On August 6, 2013, officers at the Madison County jail in Huntsville, Alabama, moved an inmate named Duendrez Woods to a medical watch cell. Woods, 19, was suffering from an open wound on his foot and had begun hallucinating. But the jail didn't provide him with any medical treatment.
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