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Oecophylla - Alex Wild Photography — Oecophylla is a genus of large arboreal ants of the African, Asian, and Australian tropics. These conspicuous insects are weaver ants, creating nests by pulling living tree leaves together and securing them with silk produced by the ants' larvae. Colonies are territorial, covering several trees and containing dozens of nests.

Parasites & Parasitoids - Alex Wild Photography — Life on earth is so abundant that a surprising proportion of our planet's diversity thrives as parasites, deriving sustenance from the bodies of other species, or from the shared resources of social species. This gallery contains photographs of both parasites (which generally do not kill their hosts), and parasitoids (which usually do).

These Spider Fangs Aren’t Going To Photograph Themselves — Here is a photograph of a Sydney funnel-web spider, Atrax robustus: I won't explain the biology of this delightful animal here - you may read about it at Wikipedia in greater arachnological detail. Instead, I want to show the process by which I arrived at this composition.

These are a few of my favorite stings… — Since I photograph insects for a living, people frequently ask how often I get stung. The answer is, probably not as much as you'd think. Most arthropods are harmless or even beneficial towards our species. Plus, a perk of being an entomologist is learning the skills to recognize and avoid trouble from dangerous insects.

Paratrechina - Alex Wild Photography — Paratrechina is a small formicine genus containing only two species. One is a rarely seen African ant, while the other is the the black crazy ant Paratrechina longicornis , a common pest in warmer regions worldwide.

Monomorium - Alex Wild Photography — Monomorium is a sprawling, heterogenous genus of small myrmicine ants with a worldwide distribution. The group is particularly diverse in the old world tropics. Some species, including M. floricola and M. pharaonis pictured below, have spread extensively with human commerce.
Jul 13, 2015

A diversity of Monomorium.… If such a thing were possible, that is.

StingFest 2015 - Alex Wild Photography

Jul 08, 2015

In which a bunch of crazy people volunteered to get stung by the infamous bullet ant in front of a camera.…

Jul 08, 2015

RT @hormiga: Some volunteers, getting stung by Paraponera for the sake of art, are my students. My heart swells with pride.…

Aug 20, 2015

StingFest 2015: Biologists volunteer to be photographed while being stung by bullet ants.… ICYMI

Beetles - Alex Wild Photography

Critical Use Is Fair Use — Over at the Carbon Brief climate blog, Christian Hunt shares a series of climate reporting images so overused he never wants to see them again. For example: Hunt's bestiary of clichéd imagery (Polar bears on ice? London underwater?) is worth a visit. But that's not why I mention it.

Harpegnathos - Alex Wild Photography — Harpegnathos is a south Asian genus of slender, large-eyed ponerine ants. These charismatic insects are capable of jumping several times their body length. Both workers and gynes can mate and lay fertilized eggs, leading to internal power struggles within the nest that are an active subject of research.
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Aug 31, 2015

Few MYN contributors have a portfolio as weird and wonderful as Gil Wizen's:…

Aug 31, 2015

Hymenoptera- the wasps, sawflies, and bees- are among our planet's greatest productions.…

Aug 31, 2015

RT @ejwillingham: With The Death Of Oliver Sacks, Neurology Has Lost Its Heart @forbes

Aug 30, 2015

RT @IowaPrairieMan: 3rd unique tagged monarch I've seen in my garden this week. Love to know where they were tagged.

Aug 30, 2015

@j_timmer @scalzi @GlennF Best as I can tell, the cartoonist is "BostonDanceParty" on DeviantArt and the original is…

Aug 30, 2015

Fascinating guide to assessing donated insect specimens for tax purposes:…(Add $5 if insects are copulating!)

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