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Parasites & Parasitoids - Alex Wild Photography

alexanderwild.com — Life on earth is so abundant that a surprising proportion of our planet's diversity thrives as parasites, deriving sustenance from the bodies of other species, or from the shared resources of social species. This gallery contains photographs of both parasites (which generally do not kill their hosts), and parasitoids (which usually do).

Termites - Alex Wild Photography

alexanderwild.com — Termites These ubiquitous wood-feeding insects are social descendants of cockroaches. Colonies are composed of reproductive males and females, sterile soldiers, and immature stages that perform as workers. Below are images of termites from around the world.

Halloween Print Sale - Alex Wild Photography

alexanderwild.com — All prints in this gallery are 70% off regular fine art pricing until November 1, 2014, starting at $3.99 for a 5x7". Happy Halloween!To order, click on the green "buy" button to select the size, paper type, and various optional mounting/framing options. I do ship internationally.

Bugging out: How rampant online piracy squashed one insect photographer

arstechnica.com — Here is a true story about how copyright infringement costs my small photography business thousands of dollars every year. Or, maybe it isn't. It could also be a true story of how copyright infringement earns me thousands of dollars every year. I can't be sure.

About Alex - Alex Wild Photography

alexanderwild.com — Alex Wild Photography

Eciton - Alex Wild Photography

alexanderwild.com — Eciton is a large, conspicuous army ant endemic to the neotropics. Most species have a soldier caste with mandibles modified into ice-tong shaped hooks for defense against vertebrates. One rain forest species, E. burchellii, is known for its expansive epigaeic swarm raids.

Cephalotes - Alex Wild Photography

alexanderwild.com — Cephalotes is a diverse genus of heavily-armored, tree-dwelling myrmicine ants found in forested regions of the new world tropics and subptropics. A number of rainforest canopy species show the unusual habit of controlled gliding flight when they are knocked from tree branches.

These Spider Fangs Aren’t Going to Photograph Themselves

petapixel.com — Here is a photograph of a Sydney funnel-web spider, Atrax robustus. I won't explain the biology of this delightful animal here - you may read about it at Wikipedia in greater arachnological detail. Instead, I want to show the process by which I arrived at this composition.

These Spider Fangs Aren’t Going To Photograph Themselves

blogs.scientificamerican.com — The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American. Email Print Alex Wild is an Illinois-based entomologist who studies the evolutionary history of ants. In 2003 he founded a photography business as an aesthetic complement to his scientific work, and his natural history photographs appear in numerous museums, books, and media outlets.

Pheidole - Alex Wild Photography

alexanderwild.com — Pheidole is the world's most species-rich ant genus. These myrmicine ants have a cosmopolitan distribution but are particularly diverse in the tropics, filling a number of niches from seed-harvesting to ant-plant symbionts. The genus is marked by a pronounced worker caste polymorphism; major workers are considerably larger than minors and have disproportionately large heads.
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Oct 20, 2014

The 14 year old in me just noticed that the oldest known vertebrate with a penis is named "dicki". bbc.com/news/science-e… Anyway. Carry on.

Oct 20, 2014

@edyong209 @sirosenbaum Just what we need. Overenthusiastic superheros with poor silk control and sharp teeth.

Oct 20, 2014

An actual puppy spider would play fetch. With kittens.

Oct 20, 2014

If you haven't listened to The Age of Discovery podcast, you should. aodpod.com Interviews with biologists about their origins.

Oct 20, 2014

Nice work, humans. cnn.com/2014/10/20/wor… Only 6 northern white rhinos left.

Oct 20, 2014

@robcruickshank @edyong209 Truth is, @naskrecki's so much of a dog person that he'd think a cat comparison demeaning to the spider.

Oct 20, 2014

Yesterday I posted a new gallery of parasites and parasitoids. alexanderwild.com/Insects/Storie… (Photo: ant-decapitating fly) pic.twitter.com/4Ce6erwSJ7

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