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The Europe-in-Rubble Excuse — Whenever I point out how well America did with strong unions and highly progressive taxation after World War II, I can count on conservatives trying to resolve their cognitive dissonance by saying "but it was easy then - all our competitors were in ruins!" You can see this all over the comments on today's column.

Amazon’s Monopsony Is Not O.K. —, the giant online retailer, has too much power, and it uses that power in ways that hurt America. O.K., I know that was kind of abrupt. But I wanted to get the central point out there right away, because discussions of Amazon tend, all too often, to get lost in side issues.

This Age of Derp — I gather that some readers were puzzled by my use of the term "derp" with regard to peddlers of inflation paranoia, even though I've used it quite a lot. So maybe it's time to revisit the concept; among other things, once you understand the problem of derpitude, you understand why I write the way I do (and why the Asnesses of this world whine so much.)

Friday Night Music, Saturday Night Followup — Last week I highlighted the Sarah Jarosz/Milk Carton Kids matchup; just saw them live, and it was better than I could have imagined - the chemistry among the musicians was amazing, and they're lovely people too. So catch them if you can ...

What do markets really need? — Originally published Saturday, October 18, 2014 at 4:04 PM How have policy crusaders responded to the failure of their dire predictions? Mainly with denial, occasionally with exasperation, writes syndicated columnist Paul Krugman. Syndicated columnist In the Middle Ages, the call for a crusade to conquer the Holy Land was met with cries of "Deus vult!"

Why To Worry About Deflation — David Wessel has a very nice explainer in the WSJ - although I wonder how the editor allowed his citation of a particular expert under point #2 to slip through.

The Civility Whine — At this point in the great inflation-deflation debate, a lot of what the inflationistas have to say takes the form of whining about the rudeness of their critics - of course, me in particular. I would say that this is a de facto confession that they've run out of substantive defenses for their position - although I guess I would say that, wouldn't I?

Friday Night Music: Lucius Covers the Kinks — Can there be too much Lucius? Not to my taste. And the band does want people to know that they have released a special enhanced version of their album, with a bunch of bonus tracks including live performances (which is where they really shine).

Inflation Derp Abides — Via Business Insider, Zero Hedge directed its readers to an "excellent interview" in which Jim Rogers declared that "we are all going to pay a terrible price for all this money-printing and debt." And I asked the obvious question: How long has Rogers been predicting a printing-press-and-deficits disaster?

La Vie En (Charlie) Rose — My head and part of my torso talk.
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Oct 16, 2014

RT @sewellchan: How "hidden" fees—phone, cable, credit cards, mortgages, student loans—squeeze working Americans: @Devin_Fergus:

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