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Pray, The Sequel — Apple's Q2 2016 The bullet points: 51.2 million iPhones. Not enough. 10.3 million iPads. Too few. 4 million Macs. Why bother? Apple Watches, iPods, iTunes, etc. Who even knows? $50.6 billion in revenue. $10.5 billion in profit. $233 billion in the bank. Shut. It. Down. Give the money back to the shareholders.

Drinking the Web Through A Straw

A Flop Unlike Any Other… — The amazingly underwhelming Apple Watch Last year, Rolex did $4.5 billion in sales. A solid year for the premium watchmaker. Of course, it was no Apple Watch. That business did roughly $6 billion in sales, if industry estimates are accurate.

Not Buying It - 500ish Words — The quest for a latest-and-greatest-itis cure... I buy way too many gadgets. That in and of itself may be a problem, but it's compounded by the fact that once I have a new gadget in my life, I tend to always need that latest version of that gadget.

Worth Less to Worthless — When I was a teenager I spent some obscene percentage of any money I made on CDs and later, DVDs. I'd estimate that I bought 300 CDs and maybe 150 DVDs. On average, let's say those CDs were $15 a pop and the DVDs were $20.¹ That's $4,500 on CDs and $3,000 on DVDs.

A Chicken In Every Bot — Yes, the rise of the bots has been fast and furious in startup land. I think there are two main factors converging that are leading to this. One is the increasing importance of messaging services and their extension into being platforms. This is both on the consumer side with services like Facebook Messenger and on the enterprise side with services like Slack.

If You Build It, They Will Come — Tesla's Model 3 pre-orders are both insane and not insane This headline says it all: Pre-sales of Tesla's Model 3 topped first-year projections in less than 24 hours. Impossible to overstate how crazy that is. And yet, it gets crazier. At the time that headline was written, pre-sales stood at 232,000.

The Q Quotient - 500ish Words - Medium — GV's investment in Managed by Q A little over a year ago, I was in London, helping to find and set up new office space. I had done this before for GV in San Francisco, so I figured: no big deal. I was wrong. Huge pain.

Teenage Wasteland — A spooky, musical, emo correlation? The other day I tweeted out a screenshot of a great playlist Apple had placed in the "For You" area of Apple Music. "Rock Hits: 1994" is my jam - quite literally.¹ Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Beastie Boys, Smashing Pumpkins, Live, Weezer -yes, even Candlebox.

Getting Called Up *from* the Big Leagues — Alright, so I had the wrong Ev Williams-founded startup in mind when thinking out loud where Bill Simmons might land last May. While I still think Twitter would have been an interesting move, bringing The Ringer to Medium makes for a much more seamless transition.
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