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GP @GoogleVentures. On the road with @msquinn. A man of few words. Except when writing.

Disney’s $4 Billion Steal — The force awakens, indeed. Bob Iger is on one hell of a run. Since he became CEO of Disney in 2005, shareholder returns are more than 3x that of the S&P 500. Last year was the company's fourth consecutive year of record revenues. The numbers go on.
Aug 18, 2015

Dumbfounded that Disney was able to buy Lucasfilm/Star Wars for $4B… @mgsiegler on why it'll earn that back instantly

Aug 20, 2015

You know, Iger does seem to have a knack for deals… (assuming we're not at peak superhero)

Avoid the Feature — It's right there, like a glittering lure in a dark sea. An email from Apple. They want to feature your app when it launches in the App Store. This is it. Fortune will follow fame. You're set. No, you're not.
Aug 15, 2015

"Avoid being featured by Apple in the App Store when you first launch your app at all costs" says @mgsiegler >…

Aug 16, 2015

Critical for app developers: don't get featured in the App Store too early… @mgsiegler on why you need natural growth

Crossing the iPad Rubicon — As I've noted many times before, I much prefer using my tablet versus my laptop. The new MacBook is fantastic; without question, the best laptop ever made (even those who at first disagree, come around). But it's still a laptop. It's a form-factor that is 30-40 years old.

Wrong Positions, Strongly Held — It is often said that many of the best thinkers/doers/leaders in history have one thing in common: they have strong positions, that are weakly held. That is, they feel strongly about the "right" way to do things, yet they're malleable to change this stance on what they feel is "right," if persuaded otherwise.

The New Television Bundle — Netflix. HBO. Amazon. Hulu. ESPN. Etc. I tweeted about this earlier, but I think it warrants a bit more discussion: with Amazon signing the former Top Gear crew to do a new show for Prime streaming, it sure seems like it will now be another key content destination.
Jul 31, 2015

“The New Television Bundle” by @mgsiegler "this is how it should be. You pay for what you actually want to watch."

Jul 31, 2015

Some extended thoughts on my tweets about the unbundling/rebundling of television from yesterday…

Making Hulu A Must-Have — Two words: live sports While it has been years since I cancelled my cable television subscription, I've never felt the urge to subscribe to Hulu's premium option. One big reason is the very same reason I hate cable: they want me to pay for a service and yet still be served advertising?
Jul 30, 2015

As previously noted, Hulu's premium service *if* they were to add live sports. Someone will (beyond ESPN).…

Apple Watch: Three Months In — I think this collection largely hits on most of what I would say about Apple Watch. I don't agree with everything, but directionally, it seems correct: Apple Watch is a mixed bag. I'm almost exactly three months into wearing the device. Yes, I've worn it every day in that span, which is clearly a good sign.
Jul 27, 2015

TL;DR Notifications and straps are great, all else seems pretty meh: @mgsiegler Apple Watch, Three Months In

Jul 30, 2015

"I almost never explicitly tap an app to open it on the Apple Watch." Yep. App launchers don't work on smartwatches.…

Marvel, Indeed - 500ish Words - Medium — This past weekend marked the 12th consecutive film that Marvel has released which has reached number one at the box office on its opening weekend.

The 9 Bullet Points of Doom for ESPN — A company nears a tipping point... In trying to explain why ESPN would cut ties with Keith Olbermann (and, previously, Bill Simmons - and soon, perhaps many other high-profile personalities), The Wall Street Journal dug up some fascinating numbers. Standing alone, such numbers are perhaps easy to gloss over.

A Human Jukebox - 500ish Words - Medium

Jul 09, 2015

“But it is weird. And part of the reason why it’s weird is *because it’s weird*.”…

Jul 09, 2015

Wild. @mgsiegler's been a VC longer than he was a blogger… "Challenge yourself", to do something new OR hone a craft

Jul 09, 2015

Some good advice from @mgsiegler, who has now been a VC longer than he was a blogger.…

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