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GP @GVteam. On the road with @msquinn. A man of few words. Except when writing.

Explain A TV Remote Control To Me Like I’m Five — While I haven't had cable television in quite some time, I still have a television. I simply use some combination of Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku to get the content I want on to the screen. And it's great because the only time I have to interact with the television remote is when I turn the TV on or want to adjust the volume.

Listen - 500ish Words - Medium — Have almost anything on your iPhone read *to* you Sometimes I feel like I hold a bit of a secret weapon. A " life hack" as it were. I not only read a lot on my iPhone/iPad, I listen to a lot. Podcasts, yes. Music, of course. Audiobooks, sometimes.
Jan 13, 2016

Reason No. 7,667 that accessibility features can benefit anyone: @mgsiegler on how he use Speak Selection on iPhone.…

Post-Post PC - 500ish Words - Medium — iPad-only? Maybe? A week into 2016, I find myself falling back into my old computing habits. Each day, as I head out, I make sure to have a laptop, a phone, and a tablet with me. Sometimes two tablets. Occasionally three. Sometimes two phones. Why? I don't know.
Jan 08, 2016

Where @mgsiegler says he only felt the need to use 3 incredibly advanced devices instead of 4 #thefutureisnow…

My 2015 Homescreen — Just as I did last year (and the year before), I thought I'd share the apps that are on my homescreen as of today, the first day of 2016. This is one of the questions I get asked most frequently, but to me the more interesting aspect is the trend of apps coming and going over time.
Jan 01, 2016

I agonize over homescreen apps so of course I loved this piece by @mgsiegler. Last graf is 💯.

350 Words - Ad - 150 Words — As you (hopefully) know, I try to write 500 (or so) words here on a regular basis. The topic isn't necessarily important (to you), I just write what's on my mind. The key is the 500 (or so) word threshold. Because I'm not sure that most people want to read more than that in one sitting.

The iPad I Left Behind — I've been asked a number of times for my thoughts on the iPad Pro. I have a lot, but honestly, they're probably not all that different from what you've already read. It's an iPad. A big, freakin iPad. A fast-as-hell iPad. I just really, really hope I never drop the thing.
Dec 13, 2015

I'm a little undecided #iPadPro (image from @designmilk) The iPad I Left Behind — 500ish W…

FIRST! - 500ish Words - Medium — What you're working on sucks, just give up now, they said. Yesterday, Square went public. Which is weird because six years ago, when Jack Dorsey was first unveiling the service to the public, I was told there was "nothing new here" and "this idea feels very stale."
Nov 22, 2015

RT @cdixon: "If you’re building a company, never read comments on the Internet."

One for Them, One for Us — Not every passion project should play in theaters, but Netflix... Last night, I saw the film ; it was okay. Not bad, not awful, just pure mediocrity. Bradley Cooper is good enough as the bad-boy chef gone clean, but he can't quite steer the plot through the many clichéd potholes.
Nov 02, 2015

Are Netflix and HBO the future for big screen "passion projects?"…

Team Playmobil - 500ish Words - Medium — Making up stories in the era of Big Lego The most vivid memory I have as a child is of a ship. Not a real one. A toy. Ostensibly a pirate ship, I would occasionally pretend it was a ship for the good guys as well. I loved that ship.
Oct 21, 2015

“Lego has reached new levels by piggybacking on the intellectual property of others.” by @mgsiegler…

Being Phoneless - 500ish Words - Medium — What if kids rebel against technology? I believe that I can honestly say that the last day in which I didn't use a smartphone was June 28, 2007. That is, the day before the iPhone launched. Since then, not only have I used the iPhone every single day, the amount of time I use it each day has undoubtedly increased.
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