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The days of the year when Americans are most drunk, visualized

washingtonpost.com — In this marvelous, modern age, even outlets you hadn't considered offer bits of data. Like the manufacturer of the BACtrack breathalyzer, which plugs into your phone and tells you just how drunk you are. Granted, if you have a portable breathalyzer that you bring with you wherever you go, you probably drink more than the average person.

Fact-checking Obama’s press conference jobs claims

washingtonpost.com — In his end-of-the-year press conference, President Obama started out by doing a sort of good-news-from-2014 recap. He highlighted successes on the policy and economic front, and catastrophes avoided internationally -- and domestically, on Ebola. He also made three easily check-able claims about the economy, which we decided to check.

Government is shrinking - but it’s shrinking faster in blue states

washingtonpost.com — A core tenet of modern Republicanism is that government is too big. It's the drown-it-in-the-bathtub argument: smaller is better. But since President Obama took office, states that voted more heavily Republican have actually added jobs on net -- while more Democratic states have lost them. This isn't a function of politics, though.

It’s a holiday miracle! The 113th Congress (probably) wasn’t the least productive ever!

washingtonpost.com — A lesson you should only need to learn once in writing online is to only say that something will absolutely not happen if there is actually no chance it will happen. When I wrote on Monday that there was "zero chance" that the Congress which just ended would not be the least productive Congress in history, I broke that rule.

Everything the 113th Congress did (and didn’t do), in two amazing charts

washingtonpost.com — Again, our congratulations to the 113th Congress, which is now headed home for the holidays secure in the knowledge that no Congress in 40 years did less than it. If you think about it like golf, the 113th Congress was America's Tiger Woods, complete with that meltdown. But the 113th did do something.

The year news notifications need to grow up

niemanlab.org — We were driving from Pittsburgh back to Manhattan in a rental car when something remarkable happened: We hit traffic because of an accident. The remarkable thing was not hitting traffic on the turnpike. The remarkable thing was that Waze, miraculous app that it is, knew it was an accident, and how far ahead it was (not very) and when it first occurred.

House races in 2014 cost an average of 64 times the household income of the people candidates wanted to represent

washingtonpost.com — That running for Congress is expensive is hardly a secret. In recent years, we've seen a flood of spending from campaigns and outside groups aimed at shifting the balance of power on Capitol Hill. As this has happened, though, the Americans those politicians represent have seen their own incomes stagnate or drop.

The 113th Congress reaches new lows. In everything.

washingtonpost.com — If you are an American, then we feel pretty comfortable in making the following assumption: You think Congress is not doing a good job. As of this week, about six out of every seven Americans agrees with that sentiment, according to Gallup; the others are presumably the blood relatives and paid staffers of Congress, as Sen.

From Lycos to Ask Jeeves to Facebook: Tracking the 20 most popular web sites every year since 1996

washingtonpost.com — Our goal is not to confuse or alarm you, but we must, as agents of the news media, speak the truth. And so we say, with all due solemnity, that if it were 16 years ago, you would right now be reading this article at Excite.com. That's really one of the best case scenarios.

The best years to be the president of the United States, ranked

washingtonpost.com — Below you will find each year of each presidency since Harry S. Truman, ranked. Before we get to that, we will answer any questions you might have. Why did you do this? Next question. What criteria did you use to assess the year?
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Dec 21, 2014

My wife, a native of Central California, re-learns every year that from December to February we have a second fridge called "outside."

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