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In football, America loves a winner - and a runner-up

washingtonpost.com — You'll forgive us a slight digression from all-politics-all-the-time, given that this weekend is America's greatest secular holiday: St. Pigskin's Day. (I guess that isn't secular, but whatever.) While your humble author is more of a college football fan than pro (having gone to the undisputed national champion Ohio State University), it's impossible not to pay at least some attention to what's going on in the NFL.

The new Air Force One is one is, well, slightly different than the first presidential airplane

washingtonpost.com — There are few aircraft that carry the mystique of Air Force One, the White-House-in-the-sky that has jetted presidents from Dwight Eisenhower (apparently the first to use the term) to Harrison Ford to Barack Obama around the world.

The distinct life stories of the 2016 contenders, visualized

washingtonpost.com — I'll admit a certain fascination with the back stories of the people that lead our country. It's weird to think that, right now, some future headline-grabbing senator is working at a bank in Kansas, or just tweeted a link to some news story, or just got home from an elementary school in Orange County.

The most generous counties in presidential politics, 1980 to 2012

washingtonpost.com — Since 1980, there are two ZIP codes that have been among the most generous in the country for the presidential candidate of each party every four years. You might be able to guess where they are. If not, we'll give it away: New York City.

How big is Mitt Romney’s California house? Here, compare it to yours.

washingtonpost.com — One of the great things about having Mitt Romney back in the news is that we get to relive some of the more fun parts of the 2012 campaign, up to and including discussion of his houses. If I say to you, "car elevator," what comes to mind?

David Vitter’s $1,000-a-head Popeye’s fundraiser could buy this much fast-food chicken

washingtonpost.com — On Wednsday night, Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) will host his state's new junior senator, Bill Cassidy (R), at a fundraiser benefitting Vitter's gubernatorial run this year. The invitation trumpets an unusual aspect of the event: It will be catered by Popeye's, the fast-food chicken franchise that trumpets its Louisiana roots and which, apparently, does catering.

In light of his mention of Romney 2012, let’s revisit some of Rupert Murdoch’s past predictions

washingtonpost.com — "Let's be clear," News Corp kingpin Rupert Murdoch tweeted on Tuesday. "Know and like Mitt Romney as a very nice person. But he had his chance and seemed to lack big vision for this country."

It’s going to be hard to out-gimmick the Rand Paul “Snapchat interview”

washingtonpost.com — All bad media ideas centered on "hip" technology and gadgets share the same two features. First, they are generally conceived of by people who do not use those technologies and gadgets (or, as a corollary, they are pitched to people who do not use them by people who do).

If popular kids’ names are any guide, look for a Jim Webb versus Mike Huckabee in 2016

washingtonpost.com — I mean, polling is fine, I guess, if you're into statistically valid methodologies that have a proven track record of predictive success. But this is America, a nation which has evolved a culture that is not only friendly to but actively embraces and throws money at astrology and fortune-telling and homeopathy and which insists on hearing both sides between "things that are real" and "things that are laughably not."

The CBO’s deficit projections have settled into a post-Obamacare new normal

washingtonpost.com — A decade ago the Congressional Budget Office, the non-partisan agency tasked with providing economic analysis to Congress, was bullish on the future of the federal deficit. By now, it figured, we'd be about $141 billion in the black, having eliminated the deficit in 2012. Then, the economy imploded.
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@margarita why would I go to the website of america's second best newspaper

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