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A Separate Peace — It is not so hard and can be a pleasure to tell people what you see. It's harder to speak of what you think you see, what you think is going on and can't prove or defend with data or numbers. That can get tricky. It involves hunches. But here goes.

How to Stage a Revolution — I saw "Hamilton" the other day. It is a masterpiece. It's good news for America, too. There is nothing like it on the New York stage, and never has been. I got choked up so often I started counting how many times I tried not to weep.

Misplaying America’s Hand With Iran — Barack Obama, six years into his presidency, does not have a foreign-policy legacy-or, rather, he does and it's bad. He has a visceral and understandable reluctance to extend and overextend U.S. power, but where that power has been absent, violence and instability have filled the void.

The Too-Smooth Cruz — And so it begins. Ted Cruz announced Monday, the first major Republican to declare for the presidency. More will soon follow. I am happy because I suffer from a deep, bizarre and pretty American aberration: I love politics. Politics is serious, earnest, crucial, necessary-the venue in which we decide much of our country's future.

Both Parties Are Nervous About 2016 — The 2016 presidential campaign is here, pushed up prematurely by the Hillary Clinton email controversy. When a major candidate of a major party has major trouble, the election moves more sharply into focus. Apart from Mrs. Clinton, small stories have begun to shoot up like flares. Wisconsin Gov.

Hillary Seems Tired, Not Hungry — Maybe we're not stuck in Scandal Land. For a while I've assumed Hillary Clinton would run for her party's nomination and be a formidable candidate in the general election. After Tuesday's news conference I'm not so sure. Did she seem to you a happy, hungry warrior?

Stuck in Scandal Land — Doesn't the latest Hillary Clinton scandal make you want to throw up your hands and say: Do we really have to do this again? Do we have to go back there? People assume she is our next president. We are defining political deviancy down.

Sorry, Jeb, the Race Is Wide Open — Thoughts on the 2016 presidential primaries: No one expects anything from the Democrats. They will back, accept or acquiesce in a coronation. This will not be called passive but disciplined. But when you think about it-one of our two major parties, in a time of considerable national peril, will settle its presidential nomination without vigorous...

An Administration Adrift on Denial — Great essays tell big truths. A deeply reported piece in next month's Atlantic magazine does precisely that, and in a way devastating to the Obama administration's thinking on ISIS. "What ISIS Really Wants," by contributing editor Graeme Wood, is going to change the debate. (It ought to become a book.)

An Honest Reporter, and His Antithesis — I was at dinner at the home of a friend, a journalist, when the phone rang. I heard her say, "Oh no, no," and saw her face: Something terrible had happened, not to her personally but in the world. She got off and told us that Bob Simon, the CBS News correspondent, had died.
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Apr 22, 2015

Fifteen years ago today, the sound of real political anger. "Why Did They Do It?"

Apr 20, 2015

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Apr 18, 2015


Apr 17, 2015

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH HIM. George Lucas wants to build affordable housing on his land.

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