Peggy Noonan is a columnist for the Wall Street Journal and the author of eight books on American politics and culture.

The Trigger-Happy Generation — Readers know of the phenomenon at college campuses regarding charges of "microaggressions" and "triggers." It's been going on for a while and is part of a growing censorship movement in which professors, administrators and others are accused of racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, gender bias and ethnocentric thinking, among other things.

Marco Rubio’s Problematic Pillar — Hillary Clinton continues her silent glide toward the White House. The Republican candidates make themselves available almost every day, get pressed, grilled and occasionally cuffed around. Since announcing a month ago Mrs. Clinton has not had a single news conference or formal interview. NPR's Tamara Keith counted 13 questions to which she has responded in that time.

How the Clintons Get Away With It — I have read the Peter Schweizer book "Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich." It is something. Because it is heavily researched and reported and soberly analyzed, it is a highly effective takedown.

What I Saw at the Revolution: A Political Life in the Reagan Era — On the hundredth anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth comes the twentieth-anniversary edition of Peggy Noonan's critically acclaimed bestseller What I Saw at the Revolution, for which she provides a new Preface that demonstrates this book's timeless relevance. As a special assistant to the president, Noonan worked with Ronald Reagan-and with Vice President George H.

A Separate Peace — It is not so hard and can be a pleasure to tell people what you see. It's harder to speak of what you think you see, what you think is going on and can't prove or defend with data or numbers. That can get tricky. It involves hunches. But here goes.

How to Stage a Revolution — I saw "Hamilton" the other day. It is a masterpiece. It's good news for America, too. There is nothing like it on the New York stage, and never has been. I got choked up so often I started counting how many times I tried not to weep.

Misplaying America’s Hand With Iran — Barack Obama, six years into his presidency, does not have a foreign-policy legacy-or, rather, he does and it's bad. He has a visceral and understandable reluctance to extend and overextend U.S. power, but where that power has been absent, violence and instability have filled the void.

The Too-Smooth Cruz — And so it begins. Ted Cruz announced Monday, the first major Republican to declare for the presidency. More will soon follow. I am happy because I suffer from a deep, bizarre and pretty American aberration: I love politics. Politics is serious, earnest, crucial, necessary-the venue in which we decide much of our country's future.

Both Parties Are Nervous About 2016 — The 2016 presidential campaign is here, pushed up prematurely by the Hillary Clinton email controversy. When a major candidate of a major party has major trouble, the election moves more sharply into focus. Apart from Mrs. Clinton, small stories have begun to shoot up like flares. Wisconsin Gov.

Hillary Seems Tired, Not Hungry — Maybe we're not stuck in Scandal Land. For a while I've assumed Hillary Clinton would run for her party's nomination and be a formidable candidate in the general election. After Tuesday's news conference I'm not so sure. Did she seem to you a happy, hungry warrior?
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