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'Is That Allowed?' 'It Is Here.' — There's something Haley Barbour reminded me of called the Gate Rule. The former Mississippi governor said it's the first thing you should think of when you think about immigration. People are either lined up at the gate trying to get out of a country, or lined up trying to get in.

A Cold Man's Warm Words — The tenderest words in American political history were cut from the document they were to have graced. It was July 1, 2 ,3 and 4, 1776, in the State House in Philadelphia. America was being born.

The High Court’s Disunited State — Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark Supreme Court ruling against school segregation, was decided in a unanimous vote, 9-0. The court understood that in decisions that mandate significant societal and cultural change, and that will garner significant opposition, the fact of unanimity is in itself a kind of final argument.

Two Miracles in Charleston — A stunning demonstration of Christian faith helps resolve a bitter decades-long argument. I know there's a lot going on, but I think we witnessed two miracles this week, and public miracles are pretty rare and must be named. These two especially should be noted and remembered because they suggest a way out of the ongoing morass.

Hillary Will Glide Above It All — The Democrats can enforce party discipline. The Republican contest will be a free-for-all. Some observations on the announcements of Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, and on a looming problem for the Republican Party. Mrs. Clinton's announcement, last Saturday on Roosevelt Island, was first of all a concession that her April announcement, in a pretty, content-free video, didn't quite do the job.

Scenes From a Young Papacy — What kind of a pope is Francis? Charismatic, enigmatic, mysterious-it's complicated. Peggy Noonan reports from Rome.

A Day at the Beach — It was May 1944, and 22-year-old John Whitehead of Montclair, N.J., an ensign on the USS Thomas Jefferson, was placed in charge of five of the landing craft for the invasion of Europe. Each would ferry 25 soldiers from the TJ, as they called it, onto the shore of France.

Choosing a Path in the World Ahead — A strategic thinker considers three different futures for America. Presidential candidates have begun to nibble around the edges of the most important question of 2016, which is what approach we should take toward the world in the 21st century. This of course is not only an international-affairs question.

The Hillary Clinton Paradox — Writing in The Wall Street Journal about the Hillary Clinton paradox, Peggy Noonan asks: Is her victory inevitable or impossible?

The Hillary Clinton Paradox — Is her victory inevitable or impossible? On the matter of Hillary Clinton's candidacy I find myself holding opposite and irreconcilable views: "That can't possibly work," and "She's inevitable." Her candidacy can't work because of the deep, daily cascade of scandals that would disqualify anyone else.
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