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Energy, Politics and Putin: Russia's Gas Power Play Traps Europe — NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Over the past two decades, as Russia grew to provide more than one-third of the European Union's natural gas, state-controlled OAO Gazprom has assembled a network of holding companies, ownership stakes in energy and finance firms, and the support of friendly politicians across both continents that has allowed President Vladimir Putin to use the mammoth energy company's web of influence as a tool of Russian statecraft.

Austria's Case Against Holocaust Survivor's Son Over Restitution Claim Falls Apart — Austria's efforts to jail the son of a Jewish Holocaust survivor for trying to reclaim family property seized by the Nazis appear to have fallen apart, after a senior government official said the Austrian state has no claim against the man, Stephan Templ, a 54-year-old journalist and architectural h...

Offshore Wind Turbines Could Tame Hurricanes — Could an armada of giant windmills reduce damage from the next big hurricane? A study by scientists at Stanford University and the University of Delaware suggests that U.S. coastal cities could be spared by installing tens of thousands of gigantic wind turbines offshore in arrays up to 20 miles long.

Art Glass Offers Clear Advantages to Collectors — There was a time when glass was a craft. But in recent years it has become something more: an established art form, and an attractive-and affordable-investment. "Art glass is a great way to begin collecting art because there is so much available at so many price points," says Carina Villinger, head of 20th century decorative art and design at Christie's.

Alicia Glen + Bill de Blasio: House + Home in New York — In the big, green deep Alicia Glen has a habit of swimming with sharks and surviving. As head of Goldman Sachs' Urban Investing Group for more than a decade, she piloted the notoriously hard-nosed financial group into projects with a social impact - and solid cash returns.

How to Own a Vacation Home-With Someone Else — Figuring out how to share a vacation home is no day at the beach. But it may be the only way to have a day at the beach at all. That's because the price of second homes is rising, and few people have enough cash to buy one on their own, let alone enough vacation time to justify the purchase.

Health Savings Accounts Can Double as Shadow IRAs

3-D Printing's Promise-and Limits — Manufacturers are finding that a revolutionary technology has its limits. According to enthusiasts, 3-D printing was supposed to rewrite the rules of how things get built. Forget building new factories, or outsourcing production to China. The compact devices would launch a manufacturing renaissance centered in people's living rooms and garages.

Where Whale Oil Once Reigned, a Town Looks to Renewable Energy — Whale oil made New Bedford, Mass., America's energy capital in the early 19th century. Now the gritty fishing port is once again linking its future to energy-this time renewable. Not only is the city of 95,000 expanding its docks to supply wind farms off the Massachusetts coast, it's also becoming a major generator of solar power.

Is Chris Lilley too funny to be called racist? — TV is sometimes an unforgiving medium. Partly this is because as a society we're pretty harsh in our judgment of people who appear on it. So when Gerard Healy's brain explodes during AFL pre-game coverage or when Eddie McGuire's brain explodes during AFL post-game coverage, we mock, even condemn their actions as unprofessional.
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Oct 30, 2014

@PutinRF_Eng Putin and the tentacles of #Gazprom in Europe. Great story by @petergreennews @TheStreet

Oct 30, 2014

Tweeps: Vladimir Putin is now following me (on Twitter). Should I be concerned?

Oct 30, 2014

RT @CarltonTSC: Putin and the tentacles of #Gazprom in Europe. Great story by @petergreennews @TheStreet

Sep 23, 2014

Go hear Chris Stephen, one of the great foreign correspondents of our generation… #libya #muckreads

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