Hurricanes, droughts, wars, oysters, tax cheats, revolutions, foreign policy, NYC and the business of water. #waterinc #businessofwater

Terminal Condition: Privative Manhattan’s Worst Transportation Hub — Each weekday, The Port Authority Bus Terminal Accomodates some 230,000 passengers. But the featureless, filthy and poorly signed terminal can barely cope with the traffic. The PA says it needs to tear down and replace the buildings to serve a projected 337,000 individual trips a day by 2040.
Aug 10, 2015

Why a $10b publicly funded bus terminal? My latest in NY Observer Privatize Manhattan’s Worst Transit Hub #PA #MTA

Short on Sleep? Eat More Spinach and Peanut Butter to Improve Your Memory — Women who are short on sleep may perform better the next day if they eat more peanut butter and spinach, according to a University of Pennsylvania study that shows Vitamin E and antioxidants can improve spatial memory in the sleep-deprived.

Hoarders Can't Hoard Sleep, Study Shows — All that stuff hoarders keep in their bedrooms may be keeping them from sleeping properly, aggravating the problems that fuel their hoarding in the first place. This makes it harder for those afflicted to function during the day, according to a new study, although sleep researchers caution it's hard to separate cause from effect.

Hoarders Can't Hoard Sleep, Study Shows

The Life of a Plastic Water Bottle — The plastic containers water comes in accumulate each year in such volume that they litter beaches, foul seas and carpet landfills
Feb 28, 2015

RT @YIbukun: #Nigerian "bottle masonry", one of many global innovations tackling the toxic problem of plastic bottles… #pollution

Trading game: how to fix The Newsroom with The West Wing’s cast — Mobility of talent is one of the best things about sport. It provides endless reassurance that no matter how terrible or disappointing your team was this year, with the right changes to the line up you'll be right back where you deserve to be by the end of next season.
Jan 08, 2015

Food for thought: How to fix Aaron Sorkin's "The Newsroom" by using the cast from "The West Wing": @crikey_news

Vladimir Putin's Natural Gas Deal Weakens Russia's Hand in Ukraine — KiEV, Ukraine ( TheStreet) -- Falling global energy prices have turned Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine from an imperial Russian triumph into a potentially significant setback for his country's economy. Hard currency reserves are evaporating while western financial sanctions sap the ruble and Ukraine's government continues to turn the country away from Russia and toward Western Europe.

Liberia Braces for Next National Crisis: A Crude Oil Boom — NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Forget Ebola. The next big thing to come out of Liberia may be crude oil. Since 2010, the government has awarded exploration rights for eight offshore blocks to bidders including Exxon Mobil , Chevron and Anadarko Petroleum . In addition, four new blocks are scheduled to conclude bidding this week.

The Poems of Catullus: A Bilingual Edition (9780520253865): Gaius Valerius Catullus, Peter Green: Books

Nov 06, 2014

How you know I'm a nerd - my paycheck treat is a book of Catullus's Carminae en face. #nerd #LatinAward #agricolasum…

Grandparents Can Make Early ‘529’ Gifts — So you just threw your daughter a big wedding. Now comes the not-so-obvious next step: setting up "529" plans for the future grandchildren. If that seems like rushing things, think again. With the average four-year price of a private college nearing $165,000 and rising 3.7% a year, anxious families are looking at lots of strategies for helping future grandchildren get a college education.
Nov 03, 2014

Now, grandparents set up ‘529’ college plans before a baby is born via @WSJ

Nov 03, 2014

Think your parents are pressuring you to procreate? If they haven't set up a 529 yet, you have no complaints.

Nov 03, 2014

RT @carriemelago: Think your parents are pressuring you to procreate? If they haven't set up a 529 yet, you have no complaints.

Nov 03, 2014

RT @carriemelago: Think your parents are pressuring you to procreate? If they haven't set up a 529 yet, you have no complaints.

Nov 04, 2014

Conceive of this: Grandparents set up ‘529’ college plans before a baby is even born via @WSJ

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Sep 01, 2015

@petersterne @jaredbkeller no one ever said that. news arm once had comprehensive ambitions. 90% of revenue is from terminal. not a news co

Sep 01, 2015

@petersterne no, it's a co. that provides services to finance industry. services include data, trading platforms, compliance, backend & news

Sep 01, 2015… wow, Bloomberg hits some of its moat talented people. A real shame.

Aug 24, 2015

@asmalenyt nice piece- reminds me this book that michael wise published recently:…

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