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Shorter, Faster And More Relevant

Muck Rack is leading the movement to end PR spam by putting journalists in control of their inbox. On Muck Rack it's easy to find the right journalist, see what they do and don’t cover, and send them pitches that they'll want to see.

Making pitching fast, easy and painless
Choose A Specific Topic
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Be Relevant
Pitch In Less Than 300 Words

Pitch Features

Muck Rack’s features make sure your pitches are on point. Do not send a pitch unless you are sure the story relates to the journalist's beat. Just to be sure you can always check out their profile page. Still want to spam journalists? Click here


Pitches are no more than 300 characters long.


Journalists decide whether they would like to be pitched to on their public profiles.


Pitches are required to be relevant to topics you cover and list on your profile.


Muck Rack will kick off users if they are spammers.


Pitches are sent to a custom muckrack.com email that we provide.


Respond to pitches in one click from your email.

Hear What Pros Are Saying

 I never knew about the pitches feature of Muck Rack (until having received one today). Neat. I especially like how there's the option to say 'spam' or 'not my beat' right there in the email. 
Adrienne LaFrance
Adrienne LaFrance
Nieman Journalism Lab
 Muck Rack's reporter database gives us the opportunity to craft relevant and thoughtful pitches targeted at the right influencer in efforts to avoid spamming their inbox. 
Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper
Account Executive, Access Communications
 If pitching a reporter is the equivalent of going on a blind date, then Muck Rack is the equivalent of match.com. It gives you all of the information you need to make an informed and relevant pitch. 
Pallavi Kumar
Pallavi Kumar
American University

Still want to spam journalists? Click here