NJ’s Attorney General closes case of fraudulent memorabilia

pix11.com — BERGEN COUNTY, N.J. (PIX11) - Got to hand it to the New Jersey Attorney General's Division of Criminal Justice. It's accomplished something novel. It's pulled off an investigation so secret that there's no evidence it even happened. Last November we revealed that the Bergen County Prosecutor's office made false statements in an official document.

Teen who claims pot brownie partially paralyzed her gets rehab

pix11.com — BROOKLYN (PIX11) - Allison Buchanan is still worried about her 17-year-old Daneile. Daniele ingested part of a marijuana brownie back on Feb. 27. She's been partially paralyzed since, just now making some progress by walking with assistance. Howard: "Did your daughter have any pre-existing conditions?" Allison Buchanan: "No."

Teen who says she’s partially paralyzed due to pot brownie battles with insurance company for treatment

pix11.com — BROOKLYN (PIX11) - It has been a tough few weeks for Allison Buchanan of Brooklyn. Her daughter unknowningly injested a marijuana brownie from a classmate back in February. Danieel Buchanan, 17, has been partially paralyzed ever since! She's been transefered to three different hospitals. Doctors are at a loss to determine what caused the paralysis.

Howard helps bride get wedding dress fixed

pix11.com — GARFIELD, N.J. (PIX11) -- Every bride has a vision of a picture perfect wedding. But for Christy Meizinger, her upcoming wedding last year looked like an awful picture. She hated the alterations on her wedding dress. She says Sisters Bridal in Garfield couldn't get it right.

City snow plow hits woman’s car in Queens, causes $3K in damage

pix11.com — REGO PARK, Queens (PIX11) -- This is a winter Allyson Healy would like to forget. But she probably won't. Back on Jan. 24, while the school speech therapist slept in her Rego Park apartment, it was snowing outside. New York City snowplows were out clearing the streets.

Brooklyn mom says daughter is now partially paralyzed because of pot brownie

pix11.com — BROOKLYN (PIX11) - The push is on to legalize pot. You hear people say things like, "It's just marijuana, no big deal." Don't say that to Allison Buchanan. What she's living is enough to terrify any parent. She says her 17-year-old daughter, Danieel, bought what she thought was just a brownie from another student at Benjamin Banneker High School on Feb.

Howard gets woman’s money back for illegal apartment

pix11.com — THE BRONX (PIX11)- Shanee Walker of the Bronx is like a lot of New Yorkers. She had a housing problem. "Being that I was going through a realty company I figured everything was legit, " Shanee told me. "I paid them a $1,000 brokers fee." Turns out, the apartment was an illegal sublet.

Howard makes parking lot pay up for damaged car

pix11.com — MANHATTAN (PIX11) -- Andre Gliaschera started a home audio/video installation service called Pro Audio Visual. Back in January he went downtown to do a job, parking in a lot on Jane and West streets. He told me what happened next. "I came back down, I forgot a tool.

Brooklyn apartment scammer finally busted

pix11.com — BROOKLYN (PIX11) - If you've been watching my stories for a while you may recall this character Nathan Smith. I was chasing him since back in 2013. He was pulling an apartment scam in Brooklyn,luring people with ads on Craigslist. They'd make deals to rent nice apartments then get hit for unspoken charges.

After serving 48 years for murder, Bronx man tells Howard he didn’t do it

pix11.com — THE BRONX (PIX11) - We've heard plenty of stories lately about wrongful convictions. But nothing like this one. Frank Dudley of the Bronx did 48 years for murder. A murder he now says he didn't commit. He did time in just about every prison in New York trying to fight his conviction legally.
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Mar 23, 2015

Allison Buchanan claims her 17-year-old daughter became partially paralyzed after eating part of a pot brownie.... fb.me/4QUzJpu4g

Mar 23, 2015

Today on PIX 11 NEWS at 5. A Help Me Howard follow up. !7 year old Brooklyn teen eats a pot brownie and ends up... fb.me/43P6bW66E

Mar 21, 2015

Howard needs help! I lost my ring at the Met today. I was clapping after the second act and my ring flew off! I... fb.me/6lxuyuMFS

Mar 20, 2015

Monday on the PIX 11 NEWS at 5. "Bad Brownie" Update! The Brooklyn teen who unkowningly injested a pot brownie... fb.me/7OmcOR6tO

Mar 17, 2015

Many HMH fans have been wondering why I'm not on the 10 O'clock news anymore?...I'm on the 5 now! HMH Monday & Wednesday @5

Mar 12, 2015

My thoughts on the Macdonald's attack:This insantity will stop when children stop having children out of wed-lock... fb.me/73VOx8PVv

Mar 12, 2015

Hello HMH People... If you can,Please help Natalie...Thank you very much Howard fb.me/1YMIlUGw3

Mar 11, 2015

A Brooklyn mom told Help Me Howard that her daughter lays in a hospital, partially paralyzed, after eating a... fb.me/7ad1v5WPx

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