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In your inbox. On the go.

Muck Rack Alerts are the easiest and fastest way to know anytime a journalist is mentioning your company, clients and competitors on social media. Instead of seeing news after it’s published, Muck Rack helps you decipher when journalists are looking for sources, what stories are being written and how you can get more press by engaging at the perfect time. You’ll know exactly when to build your relationship over social media when you get a Muck Rack Alert.

Plan your next initiative.

Add journalists to automatically updating media lists in two clicks to help you organize your upcoming campaigns. Get helpful hints linking back to the tweet, article or reason you added the journalist to the list. Add any notes and export the list to Excel to share with your team.



Reach out and get press.

Keep your pitch concise, personal and relevant. We’ll make sure it gets delivered directly to the journalist’s email inbox. Identify the correct beat, prepare your headline and make your pitch perfect. There’s no such thing as too much press.

Target the right journalist for your pitches.

Stop guessing who may be interested in covering your campaigns. Start searching for journalists that have written on the subject, are constantly engaging in the space and have a personal interest in your stories.



We’re here to help.

Email, phone, live chat or coffee? Contact our team for help with any of your campaigns. Can’t find exactly who or what you’re looking for? Let our Muck Rack experts help! We’ll scan and scour Muck Rack in the most effective ways to help with whatever you’re working on.

You can reach us at (855) MUCK-RACK,, or in the chatbox to the right.
If we’re ever in the area, we’d love to grab coffee.

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 With Muck Rack Pro you can build the right relationships with journalists the right way - by identifying their needs and providing real value. I'm more excited about the possibilities for this tool than everything else I've seen this year. 
Laura Fitton, HUBSPOT
Laura Fitton
Nicky Yates
Liz Snow
Chris Prouty
Sandy Pell
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Terri Thornton