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Polly Toynbee is a Guardian columnist, formerly BBC social affairs editor. Her latest book, with David Walker is The Verdict - Did Labour Change Britain?

Russell Brand’s right about democracy - but wrong about how to change it

theguardian.com — What with all the harsh austerity cuts, impending environmental disaster and corporate tax avoidance, there's understandably a lot of chat about revolution these days. I'd like to get in on the action with a call to arms to 18 to 34 year-olds. I want you to stand up and revolt.

This war on windfarms is the Tories’ latest sop to Ukip

theguardian.com — In his campaign to stamp out onshore wind power, communities and local government secretary Eric Pickles has just halted his 50th onshore wind project. Accused by Labour and Lib Dems of exceeding his powers, he overrides local planning systems and inspectors, pulling 85% of wind energy capacity out of the standard process for purely political purposes.

The NHS is on life support. Can this plan revive it?

theguardian.com — For the new head of NHS England this was the first great test. Would he dare speak truth to power about the near-death state of NHS finances? Yesterday, he did. He said it loud and clear - £8bn is the minimum needed, no ifs, no buts.

Low pay is breaking Britain’s public finances: the evidence can’t be denied

theguardian.com — How much more evidence do we need? Saturday's Britain Needs a Pay Rise rally couldn't have had a better endorsement than the alarming official figures that emerged this week. Low pay is not just unjust, it's crippling the country's finances.

Death at sea: Syrian migrants film their perilous voyage to Europe - video

theguardian.com — This is the story of five friends - Moaaz, Majd, Rasha, Kinan and Khalid - who fled war-torn Syria to embark on a perilous trip to reach Europe. So far this year an estimated 3,000 migrants have died attempting this same journey.

How to be a confident girl

theguardian.com — Last Saturday was International Day of the Girl, and at the Southbank Centre Jude Kelly, rare female head of a large arts institution, assembled crowds of women from all kinds of occupations to do a couple of circuits in pods on the London Eye, mentoring groups of girls.

John Lydon on Russell Brand's call for revolution: 'The most idiotic thing I've ever heard' - video

theguardian.com — Former Sex Pistol John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, tells Polly Toynbee that comedian Russell Brand's call for people not to vote is ignorant, flippant and liable to 'make you all homeless'.

Johnny Rotten and I agree: neither of us wants Russell Brand’s ‘revolution’

theguardian.com — What better antidote to Russell Brand's nonsense than the man who sang Anarchy in the UK? "Bumhole" is what John Lydon calls Brand for telling young people not to vote. "It's the most idiotic thing I've ever heard." As I was interviewing him for a Guardian video, he gave that famous Johnny Rotten glare.

The strike is a symptom of an NHS in intensive care

theguardian.com — Nurses, midwives and others striking on Monday were making only a token gesture, designed to shock, not harm. But their work to rule will push up NHS debt, meaning expensive agency temps must be hired. Though nurses finally snapped after a five-year pay freeze that has meant a 15% cut, pay is only part of the story: the nursing shortage causes intense pressure.

Start telling the hard truth, Nick Clegg - there is no free lunch

theguardian.com — Can you forgive them? At 7% in the polls, voters are not in a forgiving mood. A Glasgow taxi driver, assuming I was a delegate, vented a tirade - liars, lackeys, lily-livered lickspittles - that sort of thing, but in pithier Glaswegian. Watching the Lib Dems try to writhe out of what they have done is sadly comical.
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Oct 28, 2014

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Oct 27, 2014

RT @Simplicitly: Despite excellent #Dispatches, we should not forget that @Channel4 are reinforcing #IDS rhetoric through #benefitsstreet from @loveprodhouse

Oct 27, 2014

RT @GarethThomasMP: Cameron's benefit changes 'unworkable, poorly designed & out of date' says leaked universal credit memo http://t.co/zJ…

Oct 27, 2014

RT @JaneAitken27: @pollytoynbee Shame on Ofsted who backtracked on previous reports to cover themselves, not the only time it has done that.

Oct 27, 2014

@1jamiefoster Balls and Cameron both,politically shameful. Cameron deliberately scoring cheap point=a bully.Balls back against wall=cowardly

Oct 27, 2014

RT @drkimholt: @CommunityCare Tim Donovan saved my job by accessing the Sibert report. Without that I could not have survived.

Oct 27, 2014

Baby P case, fine BBC report: shame on the Sun and media frenzy that pilloried social workers.No wonder so many everywhere quit afterwards.

Oct 27, 2014

RT @robfordmancs: @georgeeaton fair comment. But Lab had 7 pt plus lead a yr ago. Trend is ominous for them

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