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Polly Toynbee is a Guardian columnist, formerly BBC social affairs editor. Her latest book, with David Walker, is Cameron's Coup, following on from The Verdict

A red carpet of opportunity awaits shell-shocked Labour

theguardian.com — Where is the magic centre ground of British politics? British Social Attitudes has been monitoring it for some 30 years - and it shifts. Of course it does. This year's findings about interviews conducted in 2009 show, yet again, that there is no constant glade of hallowed winning turf in the middle of the political forest.

Look at the alternative Queen’s speech and wonder what might have been

theguardian.com — For months before the election, Lord Falconer, the shadow lord chancellor, was hard at work behind the scenes. He toiled away at drafting bills for Labour's first 100 days in power - ready in time for tomorrow's Queen's speech.

These children of Thatcher are free to cut, cut, cut - and they’re loving every minute

linkis.com — George Osborne and David Cameron have been waiting for this moment - to take us back to a pre-war, pre-welfare government

These children of Thatcher are free to cut, cut, cut - and they’re loving every minute

theguardian.com — Every new chancellor wants to set their own budget after an election. But George Osborne isn't a new chancellor. He inherits his own 2015-16 plan, and yet last night he told the Confederation of British Industry he will re-open it to cut more, tearing up every departmental and agency budget after contracts are signed half way through the year.

A tip for the next Labour leader - get yourself an interest outside politics

theguardian.com — What a strange time. As chair of the Brighton festival that opened on 2 May and runs until next Sunday, I have zig-zagged between politics and the arts, yo-yoing between two worlds that can seem utterly disconnected from each other. And yet are not - or shouldn't be.

The Tories have declared war on the trade unions - without public support

theguardian.com — One of the government's first bills will make striking virtually impossible. Sajid Javid, the new business secretary, will outlaw any strike not voted for by at least 40% of eligible union members. Turnouts must reach 50%. Current "scab" laws that ban employers from hiring temporary agency staff to fill in for strikers will be abolished.

Labour should forget ‘Blairism’ and reclaim Blair’s early radicalism

theguardian.com — Labour fires the starting pistol in the race to find its new leader on Wednesday, as the National Executive Committee (NEC) meets in London. The mood among the mourning and exhausted MPs doesn't suggest this will herald a joyous new dawn. Far from it. At present, the field looks thin.

Guardian live: election results special - video highlights

theguardian.com — Hosted by Jonathan Freedland with a rotating panel featuring Polly Toynbee, Hugh Muir and Owen Jones, Guardian political analysts take stock after a dramatic day for British politics - three political leaders resigned after the Conservative party won an overall majority in the general election.

Labour has failed but it’s the low-paid and hard-pressed who will suffer

theguardian.com — As Labour crumpled, Cameron promised to "bring our country together". If you think he brings balm, you probably believed Margaret Thatcher really meant to rule like St Francis with her prayer, "Where there is discord may we bring harmony". Ahead lies fracture and class division.

General election: Forget neck and neck, this was a terrible trouncing

theguardian.com — Oh how painfully familiar this is. Any Labour supporter of my generation has been here too often before, hopes raised and dashed on the night. A wash of blue sweeping the board is excruciatingly familiar. But all the same, for every poll to be so dreadfully wrong delivered a profound shock to a stunned Labour party.
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May 27, 2015

RT @stefanstern: @adamjlent @pollytoynbee "Look at the damage we caused" would certainly be an unexpected title for the next manifesto.

May 27, 2015

RT @stefanstern: @adamjlent @pollytoynbee @leobarasi I agree about credibility. Which is why a blanket "concede and move on" approach isn't right either.

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