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Polly Toynbee is a Guardian columnist, formerly BBC social affairs editor. Her latest book, with David Walker is The Verdict - Did Labour Change Britain?

A&E helped us through a miscarriage. Then we got a feedback text

theguardian.com — The NHS wants your feedback. I know this because they ask for it. On a cold evening in October last year, my wife Jane and I had to make a sudden, desperately unwanted trip to our nearest A&E department. Jane was 12 weeks' pregnant, and we were concerned she might be having a miscarriage.

Yes, the NHS has been weaponised, but it was the Tories who primed the guns

theguardian.com — Ed Miliband has no need to "weaponise" the NHS. It's a sidewinder missile all on its own, headed straight at Conservative Central Office, guided there by themselves.

Polly Toynbee on David Cameron: Don't underestimate him, he's a ruthless man - video

theguardian.com — That modernising, hoodie-hugging, all-in-it-together politician who took office five years ago has implemented some of the most savage cuts of recent times, says Polly Toynbee. A good government should protect the weakest. Instead children, young people and the poor have borne the brunt. If Cameron's party win again, they plan £48bn more cuts.

Cameron’s five-year legacy: has he finished what Thatcher started?

theguardian.com — On 12 May 2010, in the sunlit rose garden of No 10, David Cameron and Nick Clegg announced the creation of Britain's new coalition government. In a flawlessly stage-managed performance, Cameron proclaimed the birth of a "new politics". His coalition government would, he said, be underpinned by the principles of "freedom, fairness and responsibility".

Germany will relent on Greek debt - and Europe will suffer

theguardian.com — So Alex the Greek won, and the euro lost. Not quite. In fact, the bulk of euroland - the "Club Med" countries plus the mainstream left - are quietly triumphant. The southern tier and Europe's social democratic parties never liked the diktat of the Germans, who have been cracking the whip of fiscal discipline and market-oriented reforms since the great crash of 2008.

In social policy there’s no escaping the big generational divide

theguardian.com — 'Class", it was written in the 1960s, "is the basis of British politics; all else is embellishment and detail". As nationalism, Euroscepticism and Greenery shake up the kaleidoscope, few would take that view about party politics in 2015. But what about social policy?

Health, housing, poverty: the coalition's social policy record audited

theguardian.com — The government's performance over the past five years across a range of key social policy areas, from health to housing, has been comprehensively audited in an authoritative academic study.

What Greek politics teaches the Labour party: there is an alternative

theguardian.com — As I write this, some of the best-paid brains in Europe are puzzling over what happens when the inevitable suddenly becomes impossible. For the past half-decade, Greece was run by machine politicians who took orders from their northern European creditors and stamped on their own voters - slashing their pensions, selling their national assets and wrecking their economy.

Cameron cuts, and the money is recycled to the rich

theguardian.com — David Cameron spread out a fabulous feast of bribes. Outlining his party's tax plans in a speech yesterday, the prime minister made clear that lavish tax cuts for the better off will be the £7bn prize for returning him to Downing Street.

Poorest hit hardest by coalition changes, says report

theguardian.com — The coalition's changes to benefits and direct taxes have hit families with children under five harder than any other group and hurt the poorest more than the better off, according to the most comprehensive evaluation yet of the government's social policy record.
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Jan 30, 2015

"Where's justice in Tory plans to slash housing ben for young while giving tax cuts to well-off?"Clegg on LBC -but he voted for same often!

Jan 30, 2015

RT @sage_gateshead: .@pollytoynbee on David Cameron: Don't underestimate him, he's a ruthless man: goo.gl/5CWzQe Discussion: goo.gl/lpgiDR

Jan 30, 2015

RT @lizzieviz: @RannMax @pollytoynbee @David_Cameron yes yes yes miliband nothing wrong with weaponise - use it don't be scared of it!!

Jan 30, 2015

@MichelleLGa @Exauditor77 BTCare!!!!No phone, no TV, after switching from rubbish Virgin.#BTevenworse

Jan 30, 2015

Know anyone wasting a vote/risk of letting a Tory into their seat?Get them Cameron'sCoup bookshop.theguardian.com/cameron-s-coup… Video bit.ly/1CyRWK8

Jan 30, 2015

RT @phoebewonderlan: “@Bob__Hudson: 'Only the brave and powerful dare speak out' says @pollytoynbee on Cameron's Pravda NHS gu.com/p/45azv

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