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Polly Toynbee is a Guardian columnist, formerly BBC social affairs editor. Her latest book, with David Walker, is Cameron's Coup, following on from The Verdict

David Cameron abolishes poverty, just like that

theguardian.com — "We can make British poverty history, and we will make British poverty history," said David Cameron back in 2007 - and he's done it, just like that. Wave a magic wand, he and Iain Duncan Smith are abolishing child poverty as we know it.

The BBC is under threat because its success challenges market ideology

theguardian.com — Groping for British emblems to bind together an ever more diverse and fissiparous society, politicians struggle to find cultural and emotional social glue. Make your own list from the Queen to Glastonbury, but overwhelmingly people put the NHS and the BBC right up there near the top, deep-dyed into British DNA.

The Guardian auditions for Top Gear - video

theguardian.com — With new Top Gear host Chris Evans making an open call for audition tapes in his search for a presenting sidekick, Guardian columnists Owen Jones, Polly Toynbee, George Monbiot and Zoe Williams decided to apply to the revamped BBC show. Do any of them have what it takes to replace Clarkson, Hammond and May?

Tim Farron, child poverty and Conservatives for Britain - Politics Weekly podcast

theguardian.com — As ballot papers drop on to Liberal Democrat party members' doormats, Tom Clark talks to leadership hopeful Tim Farron about Charles Kennedy, religion and where it all went wrong for the Lib Dems. As David Cameron condemns the "merry-go-round" of benefits and tax credits for the working poor, George Osborne is sharpening his budget axe.

Working mothers are good for children - but the guilt trips will keep coming

theguardian.com — Working mothers are good for their children, says a Harvard Business School study. Data from 24 countries suggests that the daughters of working mothers have better careers, higher pay and more equal relationships than those whose mothers stayed at home.

In Labour’s leadership race, Yvette Cooper is the one to beat

theguardian.com — Tens of thousands joined anti-austerity rallies around the country last weekend, from mainstream Labour, Greens and Lib Dems to obscure splinter Trotskyites. I talked to nurses, teachers, students and a couple of Birmingham shopkeepers, as eloquent platform speakers rightly denied the need for the next round of cuts, deeper and more brutal than anything so far.

Tory vilification campaign against the poor is so clever

theguardian.com — Poverty is not about having no money. Pay no attention to poverty figures because they only measure money. People are poor because of their lifestyles; worklessness, family breakdown, bad parenting, drink and drug addiction, irresponsible debt, crime and lack of aspiration ...

David Cameron and Europe - Politics Weekly podcast

theguardian.com — In the week of Jurassic World, David Cameron clashed with the big beasts opposing him over Europe. Is he being smart or making too many concessions? And can he stop his European referendum bill being savaged in the Lords. Jim Murphy finally resigned as leader of the Scottish Labour party.

Cutting the onshore wind subsidy is perverse nimbyism

theguardian.com — Today, the government fulfils one of its most perverse manifesto pledges - to end the subsidy for onshore wind turbines a year early, in April 2016. This is cavalier and contrary policy-making, designed to please the nimbys in its shire heartlands, regardless of wider energy policy, regardless of climate change.

If Cameron wants to stay in the EU, he needs to stop appeasing his enemies

theguardian.com — The Kraken wakes! The great Europhobic beast at the heart of the Tory party was never asleep, just feigning a short shut-eye during the election. What a brief time it allowed David Cameron to relish his victory before roaring into life to show him what hell a 12-seat majority can be.
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Jul 03, 2015

RT @ProfCathHarper: @johntomsett @alicewoolley1 @pollytoynbee ...the dreadful persistent shame of poverty eats away kids' confidence and self worth.

Jul 03, 2015

RT @DebraClaridge: @pollytoynbee What about total lack of enforcement of NMW for care workers. I had to force HMRC to issue notice, took 27months. Paid £4.41hr

Jul 03, 2015

RT @CASE_LSE: @pollytoynbee:'to be poor from now on will mean to be in need of correction, not cash' bit.ly/1NyMaMx citing our @CASE_LSE research

Jul 03, 2015

RT @BarbicanCentre: The first of his #STSBarbican series of talks, artist, curator and teacher Richard Wentworth meets @Guardian journalist @PollyToynbee at 1pm

Jul 03, 2015

Steve Hilton misuses my book:good he wants a living wage but where's his protest V savagery of his govt's cuts? theguardian.com/commentisfree/…

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