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Pod City: A Must-Hear ‘Radiolab’ and 7 More Standout Podcast Episodes — If you only listen to one podcast this month-if you only listen to one podcast this year-I'd recommend Radiolab's September 7 episode, " The Rhino Hunter." On it, producer Simon Adler interviews Corey Knowlton, a professional hunter who paid $350,000 to kill an endangered species in Namibia.

Pod City: ‘The Specialist,’ ‘Tom Green,’ and 8 More Recently Launched Podcasts — There's a podcast born every minute (or so it seems), and it doesn't take long before all the choices can become overwhelming. With that in mind, this week I share a few new shows that stand apart from the pack. Got your own ideas? Shout via Twitter or the comments.

Pod City: 14 Podcasts Your Kids Will Like (And Won’t Drive You Nuts) — I listen to podcasts mostly while driving-alone. When my toddler is in the car, she's guaranteed to either scream while I'm trying to hear Radiolab or pay a little too much attention to, say, WTF. This week, I round up a few podcasts that entertain the kids without grating on our nerves.
Sep 08, 2015

Honored to be on @whitneymatheson list of "14 Podcasts Your Kids Will like (And Won't Drive You Nuts)" Check it out!

Pod City: Popsicles, Kevin Bacon, and More Highlights from Recent Podcasts — From chop suey to Estonian customer service, I've learned so much from podcasts this week. I share some highlights below, and you should visit the archive for more recs: 1. AN 11-YEAR-OLD BOY INVENTED THE POPSICLE. Stuff You Missed in History Class, Aug.

Heads up: Read Comics in Public Day is coming — Two years ago Brian Heater and Sarah Morean of comics website The Daily Cross Hatch had an idea: Since there seems to be a holiday for everything else, why not start one for comics fans? Soon thereafter, Read Comics in Public Day kicked off.

Pod City: ‘The Disney Click,’ ‘Rerun,’ and More New Podcasts Worth Checking Out — Tired of commuting to work in silence? Today I'm sharing a few new podcasts that may make your ears tingle. They run the gamut from retro TV to true crime, so I hope you find something up your alley. For more podcast recs, visit the archive.

Pod City: 16 Podcasts to Help You Make Sense of the 2016 Elections — For the next 15 months or so, we'll all be inundated with news and chatter surrounding the 2016 presidential race. Whether you're hungry for in-depth analysis or just want to hear about the most buzzworthy stories, there's probably a podcast to suit your needs.

Pod City: The Science of Superman's Gas and More Highlights From Recent Podcasts — Fallen behind on podcasts lately? This week, I round up a few facts gleaned from recent shows. Feel free to listen to the full episodes or just memorize the highlights: JUDD APATOW AND BEN STILLER ONCE PITCHED A MOVIE TO THE ROLLING STONES. Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast, Aug.

Pod City: 19 Illuminating Science Podcasts — This week I dig in to some of my favorite podcasts about science. Note that several of these shows last less than 10 minutes, allowing us to learn a little something while we brush our teeth. Head to the archive for more podcast recommendations, and please share your own via the comments and Twitter!

Pod City: Porn Music, Fritos, and More of This Week’s Podcast Highlights — Looking for a tall, frothy podcast to pair with your commute and/or sunny vacation? This week I round up notable episodes featuring Stephen Colbert, Willie Nelson, and other fine folks. For more recommendations, visit the archive. In no particular order, enjoy these tidbits gleaned from recent podcasts: THE INVENTOR OF FRITOS WAS A HEALTH-OBSESSED VEGETARIAN.
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Oct 11, 2015

well dang, now I'm gonna have to start watching ... RT @THR: 'Gotham' Adds Paul Reubens as Penguin's Father

Oct 09, 2015

And it's oddly exciting to see Darius McCrary - aka Eddie Winslow from FAMILY MATTERS - on THE LEFTOVERS:

Oct 09, 2015

Catching up on THE LEFTOVERS - love the S2 theme! David Byrne & @NatalieMerchant covered it way back when:

Oct 08, 2015

SEX IN THE COMIX is a doc about just that. Artists who weigh in include R. Crumb & Aline Kominsky: (out 10/13)

Oct 08, 2015

"Holy crap, ______ is STILL on the air?" -- me (repeatedly), after glancing at the fall TV schedule

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