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i'm a food critic & data guy for eater. i also run www.thepricehike.com and www.thebaddeal.com. Message me at sutton@eater.com

Daniel Patterson Won't Serve Foie Gras at Coi Because It's Not Local

sf.eater.com — The sale of foie gras is once again legal in California, a turn of events that's prompted some restaurants to celebrate the end of "prohibition" with foie gras tasting menus or foie gras-topped ramen. But Daniel Patterson, one of San Francisco's most prominent chefs, tells Eater he doesn't plan on using the delicacy at his two-Michelin-starred flagship, Coi.

Justin Smillie Brings Stephen Starr Cred at Upland

ny.eater.com — There are no steaks. Instead, there are are duck wings that rival the finest chicken wings. Smillie confits the drumettes for tenderness, deep fries them in duck fat for crispness, and then slathers them in yuzukosho, the aromatic citrus-chile paste that stands to become the next Sriracha.

The Bay's Michelin-Starred Chefs Are In No Hurry to Bring Back Foie Gras

sf.eater.com — Just a week or so after a federal judge overturned California's two-and-a-half-year-old ban on the sale of foie gras, a slew of San Francisco restaurants have already put it back on their menus. Certain venues, like La Toque and Dirty Habit, even managed to conjure up foie gras specials or foie gras tasting menus on the very night the law was overturned.

Ichimura Ups the Price of Its Omakase, But At Least You Get More Sushi

ny.eater.com — Ichimura, New York's third spendiest sushi spot after Kurumazushi ($300) and Masa ($450), just became a little bit spendier. The two Michelin-starred restaurant hiked the price of its omakase to $195 in 2015. That means dinner for two, after tax and tip, will now cost a cool $825.

Atelier Crenn Might Adopt Pre-Paid Dining!

sf.eater.com — Atelier Crenn , San Francisco's second most expensive restaurant after Saison, is doing away with many of the fine-dining traditions of yesteryear. Dominique Crenn's modernist French spot has already eliminated the need to tip, and is now weighing a switch to a ticketing system that requires guests to pay for dinner at the time of booking.

Suzume, Dropping Japanese-Hawaiian Flavor Bombs on Williamsburg

ny.eater.com — Upon casual inspection, there's not much evidence that an Asian restaurant inhabits 545 Lorimer Street in Williamsburg. Very little Japanese signage decorates the place and, if anything, Suzume looks cozy and weathered enough to qualify as a neighborhood stalwart that's been around for at least the last decade.

You Don't Have to Tip at Atelier Crenn Anymore

sf.eater.com — Atelier Crenn , one of San Francisco's most expensive and best-reviewed restaurants, has become the latest American culinary establishment to eliminate the need for tipping. Starting this week, the two-Michelin-starred venue will levy a 20 percent "guest experience" tax on all checks. Any additional gratuity will be optional, but not expected.

Bowery Meat Company Is Almost The Modern Steakhouse it Wants to Be

ny.eater.com — Sure enough, Hailey and her plus one appeared. Biebs flipped up his signature hoodie and the paparazzi cameras flashed like mortars shelling over a war-torn section of East 1st Street. I suppose I'll tell my grandchildren of this brief encounter with fame one day.

Your Friday-Night Saison Date Now Costs Over $1,000 Before Wine. Is It a Price Hike?

sf.eater.com — Until recently, Masa and Urasawa were the only two major American restaurants where dinner for two, before wine, would almost inevitably cost over $1,000. But now, it looks like another pricey is trying to join that club, on the weekends at least.

Here Are 10 Fun Facts From the Shake Shake IPO Filing

eater.com — Today, Shake Shack filed documents with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission detailing its plans for an $100 million initial public offering. In those documents, which detail the merits and risks of investing in the global burger chain, Shake Shack offers some juicy tidbits about the state of the company, including its aggressive growth strategy, potential quality-control issues in Russia, and a curious concept known as "fine casual."
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Jan 26, 2015

Imagine how many wingtips, semi-brogues, and full-brogues will be ruined by the salting of the NYC streets in the next 24 hours.

Jan 25, 2015

RT @GregMorabito: Mark Duplass was born to play Rene Redzepi. Hollywood, are you listening? Can you smell the $?

Jan 23, 2015

So @BillAddison is (rightly) seeing a TON of Middle Eastern regional fare & (sadly) not enough SOVIET food. Voila: eater.com/2015/1/23/7852…

Jan 22, 2015

RT @AlisonLeiby: They should measure Hershey Kiss serving sizes in how big the foil ball you create with the wrappers after is. Ideal amount: a basketball.

Jan 21, 2015

So Alinea 1) will close for SIX WEEKS this summer 2) pop-up in ny during the shutdown 3) pop-up on West Coast (maybe) chicago.eater.com/2015/1/21/7866…

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