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i'm a food critic & data guy for eater. i also run href="http://www.thepricehike.com" title="http://www.thepricehike.com" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">www.thepricehike.com and href="http://www.thebaddeal.com" title="http://www.thebaddeal.com" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">www.thebaddeal.com. Message me at sutton@eater.com

Details: Critical Eye : Details

details.com — Chris Jaeckle was roaming the aisles of a Duane Reade drugstore a few years ago when he had an epiphany about sushi. No, not that it was available there in the first place, or that, as Jaeckle puts it, "it all sucked."

Hometown Is New York's Best Barbecue Restaurant

ny.eater.com — The not quite two year-old restaurant, located in a part of the city that cab drivers claim not to be able to find, can attract 45 minute lines and sell out of lamb belly by 8 pm on a Thursday. The grass-fed flesh, served on butcher's paper with no accoutrements, shreds like pork shoulder and drips with liquefied fat.

Famed Sushi Chef Masato Shimizu Is Leaving 15 East

ny.eater.com — One of New York's most popular and best-reviewed sushi spots is losing its marquee chef. Masato "Masa" Shimizu, who opened 15 East with Marco Moreira and Joann Makovitzky in 2006, will leave the Michelin-starred restaurant this summer and move to Bangkok with his wife, who is Thai.

Chinatown's Fung Tu Finally Comes Into Its Own

ny.eater.com — As luck would have it, that backyard in Yonkers belongs to the family of chef Jonathan Wu. The Bronx-born Per Se-alum harvests the toon leaves himself and serves them at Fung Tu, his envelope-pushing year-and-a-half-old restaurant on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Chinese cooks traditionally stir fry the leaves with eggs.

Rosanjin's Glowing Toad, Varietal's Mushroom Sweets: Food Buzz

bloomberg.com — Dec. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Rosanjin, a museumlike restaurant in Manhattan's Tribeca district, is dedicated to recreating the elaborate kaiseki cuisine of Kyoto, Japan. It also serves fish you've only seen on the Discovery Channel. Ever run into a sea toad? Maybe if you drive a submarine.

What to Eat at Dominique Ansel Kitchen Right Now

ny.eater.com — Don't worry. This is a safe space, for messes, for indulgences. No matter how overwhelming this vegetable-heavy, animal protein-lite era can feel to our carnivorous colleagues, bakeries show little sign of giving up their chief weapons of choice: butter, flour, cream, eggs, and sugar.

Keens $45 Mutton Chop Best Eaten With Hands, ’93 Islay Scotch

bloomberg.com — March 31 (Bloomberg) -- When I'm at a fancy French restaurant like Daniel, I drink red wine with my red meat. When at an American steakhouse like Prime Meats, I opt for a gin martini. But at a hundred-plus-year-old spot like Keens, I hold the steak in my hands, gnaw it off the bone and pair it with Scotch.

Atera Goes Service-Included, Tipping No Longer Necessary

ny.eater.com — As New York State prepares to reopens raise the lowest base rate of pay for waiters and other tipped workers to $7.50/hour, bringing that wage closer to the higher full-minimum earned by cooks and dishwashers , another high profile restaurant is taking steps to make such distinctions virtually irrelevant by eliminating the need to tip.

James Beard Awards 2015 Winners: You Can Take the Beards Out of New York...

eater.com — The celebration of American food known as the James Beard Foundation Awards, hosted for the first time in Chicago this evening, showed itself to be a celebration of New York food, as five of the eleven top national awards went to individuals or institutions from the Empire State.

Uncle Boons Continues to Wow Nolita With Spicy, Affordable Thai Fare

ny.eater.com — Redding and Dezner, who are married, aren't about promoting and reinventing. They're about cooking, consistently and well. And so you shouldn't be surprised when I tell you that what makes Uncle Boons somewhat of an outlier is the extent to which it hasn't changed since its 2013 debut.
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May 23, 2015

RT @tomgara: Pro tip for Newsweek: Don't combine a cover telling everyone they're wrong with a correction like this. pic.twitter.com/jYZrYP1sLw

May 23, 2015

RT @Amartinez28R: @qualityrye holy hell. one upside of living in ghana. even 3d movies are less than $6.25. downside, selection limited

May 23, 2015

Walked into AMC 25 for Mad Max, saw $20.99 ticket price, walked out. Biked to Yakitori Totto. Ordered 3 chicken skewers + beer for $20.89.

May 23, 2015

A car wash-strength blowdryer that humans walk through upon leaving the bakery to more efficiently remove crumbs from clothing & face.

May 23, 2015

Four stars for "regional Canadian tasting menus" (60th Parallel food!!!) at Canoe in Toronto: theglobeandmail.com/life/food-and-… (nice read, @cnutsmith)

May 22, 2015

Not a single empty bar seat at 23:30 EST at Yakitori Totto in Midtown. Impressive.

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