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Republicans Making Gains Among Men, Women, Maybe the Intersexed — A new AP-GfK poll shows that among women who are likely to vote, Republican congressional candidates lead 44-42 percent. Among male likely voters, they lead 50-36. The findings are similar to the exit polls in the last midterm elections elections, in 2010, when Republicans narrowly won women (49-48 percent) and men were 6 points more likely to back the Republican candidates.

Sorry, Obamacare Is Still Unfixable — For the most part, the political debate over President Barack Obama's health-care overhaul has become a duel between vague slogans: Republicans say they want to "replace" the Affordable Care Act but generally don't say with what. Democrats say they want to "fix" it but usually don't say how.

Benchmarking Utopia | National Review Online — In the Washington Times, think tanker Curtis Dubay offers a tough critique (the headline is misleadingly conciliatory) of the Lee-Rubio tax reform. I don't think that critique holds up.

Ernst and Personhood | National Review Online — Joni Ernst, the Republican Senate candidate in Iowa, has been criticized both for backing a proposed amendment to the state constitution on personhood and for backtracking on it. In the past she has suggested that the amendment would have protected unborn life.

A Personhood Puzzle | National Review Online — Last week I noted a contradiction in the treatment of life issues by liberal journalists: They simultaneously claim that the belief that some contraceptives may cause human embryos to die is a superstition and that laws recognizing human embryos as persons would cause these contraceptives to be outlawed.

Fed Should Target Spending, Not Inflation — The idea that what this economy needs is more inflation will sound odd to most ears, but a lot of smart people are voicing it. They're right that we need looser money, but wrong about why. The Federal Reserve has interpreted its mandate to promote "stable prices" to mean that it should shoot for an inflation rate of roughly 2 percent per year.

The Fed's Inflation Jedi Mind Trick — Inflation expectations have been falling for months, and that has some people worried. They say that the Federal Reserve should raise those expectations, which would bring real interest rates down and encourage people and businesses to spend money.

November 3, 2014 | National Review Online

Slate Does Catholicism | National Review Online — Slate's William Saletan tries to instruct Archbishop Charles Chaput on Catholic teaching, who is supposedly "trying to have it both ways" by insisting that he opposes the death penalty but that faithful Catholic politicians can support it. Chaput, Saletan complains, has "allowed no such ambivalence about abortion."

Ponnuru: Why immigration reform is still dead — Would a Republican takeover of the Senate improve the prospects that an immigration bill will get to President Barack Obama's desk? That theory is making the rounds - and some of the people who oppose the dominant approach to immigration reform are starting to worry about it.
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Oct 23, 2014

@SethAMandel I think @charlescwcooke's point is that you don't/shouldn't have to be a fan to favor decency toward her family.

Oct 23, 2014

RT @jamespoulos: "As a 'new breed of candidate,' what's your position on marriage?" "Well, I've evolved" [Skin splits open, huge tentacles lash crowd]

Oct 23, 2014

RT @JohnAvlon: Fascinating look at Rand Paul's big foreign policy speech tonight - hitting Obama from the left - by @olivianuzzi…

Oct 23, 2014

RT @baseballcrank: One of the few candidates the national Democrats can root for has just been endorsed by...Sarah Palin

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