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Freelance writer, dog lover, Coloradan, fan of Mars. Chronicler of night & its inhabitants, from astronomers to bats. Blog:

Snazzy All-in-One "Vancouver Poles" to Replace Ugly Urban Forest of Cell Towers and Cables — Streetlamps, cell phone towers and parking meters lend a certain urban charm, but these unnatural forms can also get a little clunky, especially as they grow in number. To get rid of the clutter, the city of Vancouver is planning new all-purpose utility towers that will provide WiFi, cell phone service, parking, car charging and more - all wrapped up in a Candy Land-like stripey pole.

Massive Panama Canal Upgrade Could Transform Global Shipping--Again — Over the past 20 years or so, traffic on the world's oceans has quadrupled. Ships now carry 95 percent of the cargo imported to American shores. To move those goods more quickly and cheaply, cargo ships have grown nearly four times bigger--and many are now too large to fit through the Panama Canal.

Can I make my brain as plastic as a child’s? — Five years ago, in a new city and in search of a new hobby, I decided to try playing a musical instrument for the first time. I had never learned to read music; in my grade school, the optional orchestra class was offered at the same time as the optional robotics class, and I chose the latter.

How A Tiny Bat Might Interrupt A Massive Oil Pipeline — A bat that may soon be added to the Endangered Species List could interrupt plans for a new oil pipeline in the Midwest. The proposed Sandpiper oil pipeline, intended to carry crude oil from South Dakota to Wisconsin, is nowhere near as big or controversial as Keystone XL.

Students Engineer Help For Bats Fighting White Nose Syndrome — Kevin Keel would rather not infect bats on purpose. A veterinary pathologist at the University of California at Davis, he studies white nose syndrome, a disease that is decimating bat populations across the United States. To do it, he needs to take tissue samples from healthy bats and study them later in the lab.

Artificial Spider Silk Might Be Better, and Easier, Than Milking Spiders — Spider silk is amazing stuff. Its strength-to-weight ratio is second to none, and it's biodegradable to boot, making it a great material for a whole range of biomedical uses. But you have to get it from spiders, for the most part.

5 Ground Animals That Are Cooler Than Groundhogs — It's Groundhog Day! Why is this a holiday? (And why isn't it called Whistle-Pig Day instead?) We celebrate groundhogs in February in part because these squirrel relatives are still in deep hibernation at this point, living off their copious fat reserves until it's warm again.

Humans, Not Climate Change, Caused Caribbean Bat Extinctions — About 25,000 to 3,000 years ago, land mammals died out in massive numbers from the Arctic to the Caribbean, which scientists have attributed variously to climate change and human activity. Bats weren't as susceptible as their non-flying cousins - in the Caribbean, about 18 percent of bat species died out, compared to about 80 percent of land mammals - but still, several species disappeared from entire islands.

Bats Listen For Others' Snacking Sounds to Help Them Find Food — When the guy in the cubicle next to you microwaves his tikka masala or tears open a bag of chips, your nose and ears perk up - food. Your senses trigger your brain to, maybe, head for the break room searching for a snack of your own, or even steal some of his chips.

Evolution Didn't Rob Snakes of Their Limbs - Other Animals Gained Them — Snakes don't have necks, shoulders, arms, hips, legs or any other familiar vertebrate body parts - but that doesn't mean they are simple animals. They might have evolved in a completely different way than scientists thought, a new study says.
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Apr 30, 2015

RT @MESSENGER2011: Well I guess it is time to say goodbye to all my friends, family, support team. I will be making my final impact very soon.

Mar 25, 2015

RT @fcain: Here's a first peek at Matt Damon and his Mars rover from Ridley Scott's The Martian -…

Feb 27, 2015

My latest RT @aeonmag: Neuroscience tackles the possibility of reawakening our child brains

Feb 27, 2015

RT @marinab52: @rboyle31 envies the plasticity of the child's brain: can neuroscience help wind back the clock? in @aeonmag…

Feb 26, 2015

RT @trust4ci: Wednesday Commute Long Read: "The End of Night" by @rboyle31 on the health effects of light pollution…

Feb 06, 2015

RT @virginiahughes: I asked my mom why she didn't vaccinate me, and learned more from her about the debate than any scientist…

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