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What Would You Pay To Save Your Life? — If someone offered you a drug that would save your life, what would you be willing to pay for it? Could you even put a number on it? Let's start at $750 per pill. It's a large number, but when you consider its benefit - your health - it certainly seems manageable.

Pharma Company Backs Off 5,000-Percent Price Hike Amid Backlash — In a move that reflects just how powerful viral news can be, a pharmaceutical company is now re-lowering the price of a drug used to treat a common parasitic infection. The 5,000-percent price increase is gone, but the manufacturer, Turing Pharmaceuticals, has not updated the official price tag.

Gallery: Up Close With BigDog and Other Robots of War — DARPA brought some bizarre and awesome ideas to its "Wait, What?" tech conference last week, but it also brought some hardware. DARPA-funded projects like the Legged Squad Support System, otherwise known as BigDog, were on display in a convention center in downtown St. Louis.

Wait, What? The Most Amazing Ideas From DARPA's Tech Conference

Sep 15, 2015

The Robo Cafe, just one of many strange and awesome things at DARPA's “Wait, What?” conference: @rboyle31 for @PopSci

DARPA Taps Into the Brain To Give Patients Robo-Touch and Better Memory

Are We Alone? Have We Always Been? How Do We Know?

We Can Edit Genomes, Create Synthetic Life, and Remake the World. But Should We?

Welcome to the Strangest Tech Conference You've Never Heard Of: Wait, What?

How Zombie Spiders Are Enslaved As Wasp Nursery Builders — Parasitic wasps are horrible things. They inject their quarry with chemicals that turn them into zombies, forcing the host animal to do their bidding. A new study has some insight into how a species of spider is forced to build a nursery for tiny wasp babies, ensuring their survival after the spider is killed.

Aliens Exist, and We Should Avoid Them At All Costs, Says Stephen Hawking — Stephen Hawking believes we should fear aliens, which would probably come to Earth in search of resources and bent on our destruction. The venerated cosmologist says in a new Discovery Channel series that he thinks aliens exist, but we should do everything we can to avoid meeting them.
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Sep 28, 2015

RT @alexwitze: .@SciAstro: We just started a mission to Europa which we know has an undersea ocean. #MarsAnnouncement

Sep 25, 2015

RT @JPMajor: "Few—if any—of us expected such an alien, remote, and hostile place to look so familiar in twilight." — @Alex_Parker…

Sep 10, 2015

This robot arm will work in geosynchronous space garages, fixing broken satellites & reducing space junk #waitwhat15

Sep 10, 2015

DARPA's SHARK - submarine hold at risk - autonomously hunts submarines #waitwhat15

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