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That Amazing Cancer-Killing "Gene Editing" — ​This is the future of medicine: A baby with an aggressive form of leukemia has been whisked from death's door by genetic engineering. When neither aggressive chemotherapy nor a bone marrow transplant could save Layla Richards, doctors made a last-ditch attempt to cure her with a donor's immune cells that were genetically modified to fight her cancer.
Nov 06, 2015

.@rboyle31 explains everything you need to know about that amazing cancer-beating gene-editing…

Nov 06, 2015

RT @Agmoseman: .@rboyle31 explains everything you need to know about that amazing cancer-beating gene-editing…

How Bats Find Their Way Through The Clutter — There's this scene in one of the greatest movies of the 80s, "The Blues Brothers," that makes me laugh and cringe every time I see it. Jake and Elwood are careening through Chicago, sunglasses on, at 120 MPH, fleeing every representative of Illinois' law enforcement community.

New Corpse-Detection System Finds Where the Bodies Are Buried — Cops searching for hidden graves usually rely on dogs or ground-penetrating radar. Now they have another tool in their arsenal -- a corpsefinder probe, slightly thicker than a human hair, that can quickly and easily detect decaying flesh. Before they go tearing up the ground in search of a body, authorities often want to be sure about what lies beneath.

What Would You Pay To Save Your Life? — If someone offered you a drug that would save your life, what would you be willing to pay for it? Could you even put a number on it? Let's start at $750 per pill. It's a large number, but when you consider its benefit - your health - it certainly seems manageable.

Pharma Company Backs Off 5,000-Percent Price Hike Amid Backlash — In a move that reflects just how powerful viral news can be, a pharmaceutical company is now re-lowering the price of a drug used to treat a common parasitic infection. The 5,000-percent price increase is gone, but the manufacturer, Turing Pharmaceuticals, has not updated the official price tag.

Gallery: Up Close With BigDog and Other Robots of War — DARPA brought some bizarre and awesome ideas to its "Wait, What?" tech conference last week, but it also brought some hardware. DARPA-funded projects like the Legged Squad Support System, otherwise known as BigDog, were on display in a convention center in downtown St. Louis.

Wait, What? The Most Amazing Ideas From DARPA's Tech Conference

Sep 15, 2015

The Robo Cafe, just one of many strange and awesome things at DARPA's “Wait, What?” conference: @rboyle31 for @PopSci

DARPA Taps Into the Brain To Give Patients Robo-Touch and Better Memory

Are We Alone? Have We Always Been? How Do We Know?

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Nov 14, 2015

@Uverse how long will this #STL outage last? Rebooted our dvr & lost saved shows, and now I see it's not our router but outage in region?

Nov 12, 2015

RT @RPappalardo: Kevin Hand's @Alienoceans results irradiating KCl salts suggest there could be a purple icy moon out there somewhere. #DPS15

Nov 06, 2015

RT @Agmoseman: .@rboyle31 explains everything you need to know about that amazing cancer-beating gene-editing…

Oct 20, 2015

RT @AstroKatie: When it all gets to be too much: 1) Follow @CassiniSaturn 2) Go to 3) Bask in the glory of the Outer Solar System

Oct 11, 2015

@ejwillingham haha! Well maybe I'm just dating my old newspaper, est 1778, which stopped using plates not long before I started ... In 2002!

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