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Pursuing progress on a finite, fast-forward planet at @dotearth and The rest? Family, friends, nature - & songs:

Another Round: Conservation on a Human-Shaped Planet — Here's another round in what has become a heated, but ultimately productive, conversation on strategies for sustaining the planet's biological integrity as humanity's influence builds.

Study Finds Hurricanes Frequent in Some Cooler Periods — Over the last 5,000 years, the eastern Caribbean has experienced several periods, lasting centuries, in which strong hurricanes occurred frequently even though ocean temperatures were cooler than those measured today, according to a new study.
Jul 27, 2015

@RisetoClimate @dotearth 1) You're forgetting geographic variability, as per Donnelly:… 2) More on boulders shortly.

A Postcard From the Pleistocene — Multimedia Photos and audio from the Polaris Project in Siberia. I recently learned about the Polaris Project, a fascinating scientific and educational expedition under way on one of the more remote, unusual rivers on the planet, the Kolyma in eastern Siberia. It is the largest river in the world that is completely underlain by permafrost.

The New York Times — It's only natural for humans to try to sort things - as in the assignment of Hogwarts students to various houses in the Harry Potter books and films. There have been a lot of attempts to categorize the varied assemblage of people with strongly held positions on the scope of, and threat from, the building human influence on the climate system.

A Rocky First Review for a Climate Paper Warning of a Stormy Coastal Crisis — On Thursday, I wrote about the rocky rollout, prior to peer review, of " Ice Melt, Sea Level Rise and Superstorms: Evidence from Paleoclimate Data, Climate Modeling, and Modern Observations that 2°C Global Warming is Highly Dangerous."
Jul 26, 2015

Boulders in Hansen et al from a) Eemian superstorms b) Canary I. tsunami c) Neither? Answer:

Jul 25, 2015

Rocky First Review of Paper Warning of Coastal Crisis Non-stormy source of beached boulders?

Jul 25, 2015

Could @usgsJWP Center help forge new climate science paths without perils of open-review journals? Yes.

Jul 25, 2015

More on the headline-grabbing Hansen sea ice study and journalistic whiplash from @revkin

Jul 25, 2015

@olivertrophic More: A Rocky First Review for Climate Paper Warning of a Stormy Coastal Crisis

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Genes Reveal Africa's Elephants as 2 Separate Species — Africa's reclusive forest elephants and the herds that trundle across its savannas are as genetically distinct as leopards are from lions, and thus should be reclassified as separate species, geneticists say. The finding, described in the current issue of Science, could prompt a rethinking of elephant conservation strategies, which have long been premised on the idea that all the continent's pachyderms are one species.
Jul 24, 2015

Paper in '01 found forest & savanna elephants genetically as distinct as lions, leopards.……

Do Old Corals Hint at a Fast Sea Rise? — Paul Blanchon For the last several days, I've been learning a lot about what old coral formations, which reflect the height of seas at different times in the past, might say about future sea levels in a warming world.

Still love definition of climate crisis from... — Still love definition of climate crisis from Richard Somervile, winner of '15 #AGU communication award: As in section of my '07 AARP Mag. piece on @IQ2us climate debate:Richard C.J. Somerville, 66, a veteran University of California, San Diego, climatologist, attacks the "not a crisis" position. "[A crisis] does not mean catastrophe or alarmism," he says.
Jul 23, 2015

Still love definition of climate crisis from Richard Somervile, winner of ‘15 #AGU communication award:  As...

Whiplash Warning When Climate Science is Publicized Before Peer Review and Publication — Who wins when a scary, but edge-pushing new climate study led by one of the world's most prominent climate scientists makes headlines before it is either peer reviewed or published? Everybody, and nobody. Let me explain what I mean.
Jul 23, 2015

RT @dotearth: Whiplash Warning When Climate Science is Publicized Before Peer Review and Publication

Jul 23, 2015

Lots of stories about Hansen predicting multimeter sea-level rise "likely" by 2100. Quote wasn't even in final paper:…

Jul 23, 2015

@EricHolthaus Can you confirm what Revkin wrote about the para you blockquoted coming from a separate document?…

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The New York Times — A few days ago, I had the pleasure of taping a segment of this fall's season of Star Talk with the astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson (and the science-loving comedian Maeve Higgins) beneath the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History.
Jul 22, 2015

RT @NASA_EO: From a Million Miles Away, a New NASA ‘Blue Marble’ View of Earth From @dotearth

Jul 31, 2015

Background: From a Million Miles Away, a New NASA ‘Blue Marble’ View of Earth…

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Jul 31, 2015

RT @TPGArchitecture: Diana Revkin was featured in the New York Real Estate Journal Green Building Spotlight #LEED

Jul 31, 2015

Fine @eruptionsblog piece on risk communication needs around the "world's most dangerous volcano" Vesuvius.… @WIRED

Jul 31, 2015

RT @mtobis: Why was the new whole earth imagery so long in coming? My article on Medium:…

Jul 31, 2015

Background: From a Million Miles Away, a New NASA ‘Blue Marble’ View of Earth…

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