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The Ideas That Led Calgary to Choose a 'Wonkish, Dorky' Mayor — Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi's 2010 rookie foray into politics branded him as a unique non-partisan voice in Canada. His so-called "Purple Revolution"-a campaign strategy named for its official color but also the broad demographic to which he hoped to appeal-caught the attention of not only Calgary but all of Canada.

The New Global Start-Up Cities — Author's note: Start-up companies are a driving force in high-tech innovation and economic growth. Venture capital-backed companies like Intel, Apple, Genentech, Facebook, Google, and Twitter have powered the rise of whole new industries and shaped the way we live and work. Silicon Valley has long been the world's center for high-tech start-ups.

Is New York the New Model for Startup Cities? — New York's rise as a startup hub is a well-known (I've written about it a number of times). The Big Apple has gone from a place that had virtually no high-tech startups to one that hosts a sector attracting more than $3 billion per year, less than the San Francisco Bay Area but ahead of Boston and all other U.S.

Real Money with Ali Velshi & The Stream November 11, 2014 — Uploaded by Richard Florida on 2014-11-12.

The Fall and (Partial) Rise of the Rural Creative Class — Cities and metros power economic growth, and talented and skilled people flow to them. But what about this country's nonmetro areas, or its rural regions? How have they fended since the Great Recession? And what has been the role of the rural creative class in their economic recovery?

The New Geography of Super-Charged Startup Cities — The location of startup companies is a key indicator of innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth. But not all startups are created equal. What distinguishes leading-edge startup clusters is not just a large volume of companies, but a series of really successful startups like Apple, Google, Facebook or Twitter.

This Year's Minimum Wage Initiatives Fell Way Short — The pundits will tell you that yesterday's election signals a more conservative, redder America,as Republicans took control of both houses of Congress and picked up three governorships in traditionally blue states. But on one economic issue, the election results weresolidly progressive. New minimum wage laws passed in four out of the four states that had referendums on the ballot.

The Next Housing Crisis May Be Sooner Than You Think — When it comes to housing, sometimes it seems we never learn. Just when America appeared to be recovering from the last housing crisis-the trigger, in many ways, for 2008's grand financial meltdown and the beginning of a three-year recession-another one may be looming on the horizon. There are at several big red flags.

'The Rise of the Creative Class and How It�s Transforming Work, Leisure, Community and Everyday Life' by Richard Florida — 'The Rise of the Creative Class and How Its Transforming Work, Leisure, Community and Everyday Life' by Richard Florida To the creative belongs the prosperity Sunday, June 09, 2002 By Richard Goldman By Richard Florida Basic Books$27.50 Richard Floridas new book has, among a great many other things, a ranking of cities by their Creativity Index.

Where Does the Creative Class Move? — America's economic and social fabric has been remade over time through a series of great migrations: settlers heading west; farmers and new immigrants to great industrial centers; blacks from the rural South to the urban North; the middle class from the urban centers to the suburbs; and more recently, from an ongoing dual migration of the skilled and less skilled I dubbed " the means migration."
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Nov 22, 2014

@andredarmanin Here are a couple of Singer's pieces. Immigrants are increasingly suburban (or away from core) ...…

Nov 22, 2014

We did! "What I hope is that [Florida] & I collectively ... have changed the debate to be a debate about people ..."…

Nov 22, 2014

RT @mattgallowaycbc: The development industry, now concerned with social equity, questions the value of Toronto's Greenbelt.…

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