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A New Study Tries To Determine What a 'Tolerant' City Looks Like — Are cities really bastions of tolerance? My own work has found that members of the creative class prefer quasi-anonymous lives, giving cities an advantage in attracting a wider range of talented people across social and demographic groups. But as recent events in Baltimore and beyond remind us, cities have also seen eruptions of intolerance, violence and hate.

One Reason It’s so Hard to Become a 'Creative Superstar City' — The new economy is a creative one, with knowledge workers increasingly powering innovation and growth. And while creativity is theoretically a limitless resource, a new study finds that a relatively narrow group of metros have emerged as winners in America's creative economy-and discovers how much ground other metros must gain to catch up with them.

Black Residents of San Francisco Are Far Less Likely to Live in Walkable Neighborhoods — Walkability is not only good for you: It's a highly desired characteristic of housing and neighborhoods. I've written before about the connection between walkable neighborhoods and higher housing values, reduced rates of violent crime, obesity, premature death and long-term memory loss, as well as higher levels of creativity and civic engagement.

What a Creative Neighborhood Looks Like — This piece, cross-posted from CityLab with special permission, discusses the connection between the physical state of neighborhoods and what professions people who live in them have. 100RC engages in content partnerships with several organizations, and cross-posting does not indicate an endorsement or agreement.

America's Housing Affordability Crisis Isn't Actually New — It's getting harder and harder for recent college graduates to afford a place to live in the booming U.S. cities where the most diverse pool of jobs can be found. In the tech hub of San Francisco, new grads need to make more than $137,000 a year to comfortably afford that city's median rent, but their median salary is just $41,000, according to a new analysis by Trulia.

The Urban Housing Crunch Costs the U.S. Economy About $1.6 Trillion a Year — The dearth of affordable housing options in superstar cities like New York, San Francisco and San Jose (home of Silicon Valley) costs the U.S. economy about $1.6 trillion a year in lost wages and productivity, according to a new analysis from economists Chang-Tai Hsieh of the University of Chicago and Enrico Moretti of the University of California at Berkeley.

What a Creative Neighborhood Looks Like — Innovation and creativity are the basic engines of economic development in cities, regions and nations. But what makes some places more innovative than others? How do certain neighborhoods come to specialize in different types of creativity?

A New Report Shows Where Americans Have the Best and Worst Credit Access — We very much take access to credit for granted in affluent societies. But it is a key-and neglected-aspect of America's mounting socio-economic inequality. Without access to credit, we cannot afford so many of the things we need in life, from our cars and our homes to the education that shapes our earning power.

There Are Plenty More Baltimores — To get to Sandtown-Winchester, Freddie Gray's neighborhood and the neighborhood where he was killed, you'll need to exit the highway and travel west on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Soon you will pass the gleaming football and baseball stadiums, million dollar monuments to the Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles.

Since the Recession, Far Fewer Americans Identify as Middle Class — The experts tell us inequality is increasing and the middle class is in decline. A new poll shows that ordinary Americans feel that way, too. According to the results of a Gallup survey released this week, just slightly more than half of Americans identified themselves as middle class (upper-middle and middle class in Gallup's terminology).
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May 30, 2015

@MickiMaynard Yep. My take is "institutional prestige" continues to matter quite a bit ...

May 30, 2015

@MickiMaynard yep. I tend to agree. Talent needs other Talent + Institution to thrive & sustain ...

May 30, 2015

"Robert Shiller: Unlike 1929 This Time Everything - Stocks, Bonds And Housing - Is Overvalued" - via ZeroHedge -…""

May 29, 2015

RT @katenelischer: New study in Journal of Urban Affairs says big cities are more "tolerant" & inclusive, via @Richard_Florida…

May 29, 2015

Council for Canadian Urbanism supports removal of the Gardiner in open letter to Toronto's Mayor & City Council.…

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