I look at innovation and its effect on society. I also am interested in business as an expression of human creativity.

Michael Fitzgerald's Biography

Michael Fitzgerald writes stories about the people and ideas that shape our world. Along the way he’s played speed chess against an 11-year old national champion, interviewed Bill Gates at an armadillo race, pondered artificial life with a Nobel Prize-winning physicist and been the first person to rent a hydrogen-powered car.

His writing appears in the Boston Globe Magazine, The Economist, Fast Company, Inc. and the New York Times ...

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Nieman Journalism Fellow

2011 - Fellowship
The Nieman Fellowship program is the oldest and best-known study program for journalists in the world. More than 1,300 journalists from 91 countries and territories around the world have come to Harvard for a year of learning, exploration and fellowship.

American Society of Journalists and Authors

2011 - Outstanding Business and Technology
The American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) annual writing awards honor outstanding nonfiction work produced on a freelance basis during the past year.

What was your first job as a journalist?

Working half-time as a staff writer at a small technology monthly in Chicago.

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Yes, an electric Olympia. I still keep a manual typewriter around, in case of apocalypse.

How is social media changing news?

Making us spend more time on our personal brands than is good for our work. Improving our ability to find sources. Amplifying our work. Etc.

Analytics Meets Mother Goose

sloanreview.mit.edu — Want to get your point across about data? You'd better learn to tell stories.advertisement Analytics is not just about data. In fact, getting too caught up in the data can obscure what the data means. And what it means is what matters in business. But data scientists often get more involved in the data.

11 Futuristic Ways to Improve Our Cities, From Robotic Rats to Talking Trash Cans

wired.com — City Hall. It's traditionally the place where technology gets stuffed into a drawer and forgotten. But as budgets recover from the Great Recession and smartphone-toting citizens prod municipal officials, cities are now more Boston Dynamics than Boss Tweed. Soon the pols will be promising sensor-driven pots that cook the chicken for you, just the way you like it.

The Man Who Convinced BMW To Rethink Social Media

fastcompany.com — Steven Althaus's moment of digital truth came this past spring. BMW's global director of brand management stood in front of top management, telling them the automaker was about to use a drift mob to help market their new car, the M325i.

Coming Soon: Doctors As Data Analysts

sloanreview.mit.edu — A healthcare system that is fully data-driven is not that far off, says Kaiser's John Mattison.advertisement Uber and Airbnb let you rate your driver or your stay. But many users don't know that your driver or your host can rate you, too.

Predictive Analytics Are a Traveler’s Best Friend

sloanreview.mit.edu — Amadeus uses analytics to help customers avoid the headaches of air travel.advertisement "Travel intelligence" may seem an oxymoron when flying today's cramped, choked, and often cheeseparing skies. But Amadeus, one of the largest vendors of travel and technology services, thinks intelligence is something the travel industry wants more of - and will pay for.

At Amadeus, Finding Data Science Talent Is Just the Beginning

sloanreview.mit.edu — Amadeus works hard to integrate data science into its teams.advertisement Amadeus is one of the world's largest travel technology services, with thousands of clients in the travel industry. In 2013, it stepped up its game by creating an analytics-based travel intelligence unit that has hired more than 40 data scientists - a brand new position at the company.

Top CIOs Start the Journey to the 'Digital Enterprise'

cio.com — Back in 1980, the woman who now runs the data center at State Street Bank started her career there by pricing a mutual fund in a ledger book. That process would get automated as the bank became a computerized enterprise.

Do brain games work?

bostonglobe.com — This article is featured in the Oct. 12 issue of the Magazine. The Brain Fit Club looks like any other gym: Hardwood floors gleam under bright lights, a big flat-screen television monitor hangs on the back wall. But some things are different: There are no towels and no mirrors, for instance, and computers perch expectantly on ledges along the wall.

Training the Next Generation of Business Analytics Professionals

sloanreview.mit.edu — North Carolina State's Institute for Advanced Analytics offers a new, data-focused set of skills for business.advertisement When Michael Rappa first suggested that North Carolina State University develop a business-oriented master's degree program in analytics back in 1999, based on the rise of data and what he was seeing from companies like eBay and Amazon, he encountered one key obstacle: it was too early.

Flag From 9/11 Lost in Memorial Fire

theepochtimes.com — SHANKSVILLE, Pa.-A flag that flew over the U.S. Capitol on Sept. 11, 2001, was consumed in a fire at the Flight 93 National Memorial in Pennsylvania, the National Park Service said Saturday. Friday's fire in Shanksville destroyed the park's headquarters complex.
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Nov 21, 2014

RT @crampell: Female economists are out-publishing their more numerous male peers, and not getting the credit they deserve. bv.ms/11Lwqnj

Nov 21, 2014

RT @kpoulsen: @riparian @csoghoian @bartongellman Pfft. I'm still the only one who keeps a SecureDrop server in the basement next to the old paint cans

Nov 21, 2014

Lov twitter for factchecking! RT @csoghoian: @riparian @kpoulsen I don't think that is true. @bartongellman has one too.

Nov 21, 2014

The #roadahead panel on data suggests that there's a party trick aspect to #bigdata (i.e., Uber) & it's creating a backlash.

Nov 21, 2014

What does it mean that societies are splitting into data rich and data poor? Q from Katja Schechtner, Asian Development bank. #roadahead

Nov 21, 2014

gutcheck on #bigdata #developingworld: If smartphone costs=$40K, driver makes $20K/yr, how much Uber will you use? #roadahead

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