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Loading up on stocks - after you retire — By Should you invest more in stocks as you age? Conventional wisdom would have you reduce the percentage of your nest egg you invest in stocks over the course of your retirement. The old rule of thumb went something like this: Subtract your age from 100 and that's what percent to invest in stocks.

Is your retirement ‘fully funded’? — By If you want to get a sense how best to generate income in retirement, consider doing what corporate pension plans do. Determine the "funded status" of your personal retirement plan. How would you do that?

Keep your retirement accounts safe from cyberattacks — By You may think your retirement assets are protected from cyberattack or identity thieves, but what about all the information you give your financial adviser? How well do they protect you and your money? Consider: The SEC is starting to look at the security measures that financial advisers use to protect clients' accounts from cyberattacks.

Year-end retirement plan to-do list — February might be the cruelest month, but December is a close second. Or at least it is if you have IRAs, 401(k)s, and the like. Why so cruel? Well, you've got to keep track of all sorts of year-end deadline dates for contributions to and distributions from your various retirement accounts.

Why American husbands retire when they do — By Why do American husbands retire when they do? Does it have anything to do with their spouses, who have employer-provided health insurance? That's the question Joshua Congdon-Hohman, an assistant professor of economics at the College of the Holy Cross, sought to answer in his just-published paper, Love, Toil, and Health Insurance: Why American Husbands Retire When They Do.

IRS announces transition rule for 2015 IRA rollovers — By The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) this week issued guidance clarifying the impact a 2014 individual retirement arrangement (IRA) rollover has on the one-per-year limit imposed by the Internal Revenue Code on tax-free rollovers between IRAs. According to a news release, the clarification relates to a change, announced earlier this year, in the way the statutory one-per-year limit applies to rollovers between IRAs.

Personal Finance: Should I put whole 401(k) in S&P 500? — Veteran personal finance journalist Robert Powell answers your questions for USA WEEKEND. Veteran personal finance journalist Robert Powell answers your questions for USA WEEKEND. Almost all the investment options in our company's 401(k) plan, with the exception of the money market fund, dropped in value significantly during the economic downturn.

Personal Finance: Yes, you can suspend Social Security — Veteran personal finance journalist Robert Powell answers your questions for USA WEEKEND. Based on an article (you wrote) about stopping and starting Social Security payments to earn delayed retirement credits, I spent an hour at the local Social Security office only to find out that it can't be done without paying back all the payments received to date.

Retirement planning for an even longer life — It's hard enough planning for retirement, and now we have to add another two years of life to our calculations. You read right: The average U.S. 65-year-old man is now expected to live to 88.8 years, up from 86.4 in 2000, according to new mortality estimates released by the Society of Actuaries, a professional organization for actuaries based in Schaumburg, Ill.

New and noteworthy investments for retirement — By First Trust has brought to Nasdaq an exchange-traded fund that buys emerging-market bonds denominated in the local currency. The First Trust Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond ETF is actively managed. (SmartBrief/ Cambria Investment Management has brought to NYSE Arca an exchange-traded fund that buys ETFs with a 12-month history of growth momentum.
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