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Are pension advances just shady schemes? Senate committee takes a look — By For those who haven't heard of them, pension advances are financial products in which retirees are provided a lump-sum payment in exchange for turning over all or some of their future pension payments. And the Senate Special Committee on Aging is giving them a very close look.

Investments for retirement — By John Hancock Investments has made its first move into the exchange-traded-fund business by rolling out six equity funds using smart-beta strategies. The large-cap, midcap, consumer-discretionary, financials, health care and technology ETFs track indexes developed and managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors, which bases stock-picking strategies on the research of economists Kenneth French and Eugene Fama.

Retirement news: The week in review — By From PlanSponsor: 1. Research indicates that close to 100% of Americans could lack critical information about how to get the most from their Social Security benefits.

Retirement news: The week in review — By Thirty million Americans used money from their retirement savings to account for an emergency in the past year, according to Millennials were the least likely to tap into their retirement accounts. Which demographic group was most likely to have done so in the past year?

Retirement Q&A: Best strategy to maximize Social Security benefit — By Question: I am 58 and my wife is 53. As we contemplate Social Security claiming strategies (and assuming all those strategies remain unchanged from today), when we are 62 or full retirement age (FRA) or 70, what might be the best strategy for us to maximize/optimize our household's benefit?

Investments for retirement — By Vanguard has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission for approval of two exchange-traded funds that would take different approaches to delivering dividends to investors. The Vanguard International High Dividend Yield Index Fund would target companies with track records of steadily paying high dividends, while the Vanguard International Dividend Appreciation Index Fund would buy equities of companies that are increasing dividends.

How does your 401(k) contribution translate into retirement income? — By Want to save more for retirement? It might be easier than you think. All you need to do is to become aware of the biases that are holding you back. What are these biases?
Sep 19, 2015

How does your 401(k) contribution translate into #retirement income? #RetirementWeekly via @marketwatch

Retirement news: The week in review — By In an update to its December 2013 analysis of retirement-age defined contribution (DC) plan participant distribution decisions, Vanguard found more than two-thirds of participants take steps to preserve assets, and nine in 10 plan dollars are preserved for retirement.

Investments for retirement — By Direxion Investments has brought to NYSE Arca two 200%-leveraged exchange-traded funds that let investors choose between profiting from a rise or fall in prices of cybersecurity stocks. Direxion Daily Cyber Security Bull 2X Shares and Direxion Daily Cyber Security Bear 2X Shares are linked to the performance of the ISE Cyber Security Index.

What fiduciary rules could mean for retirement investors — By If - and it's a big if at the moment - the Labor Department's currently proposed conflict-of-interest rules become a reality as they are currently written, investors saving for retirement stand to benefit greatly in some ways and not in others, according to experts who were part of a panel discussion hosted by MarketWatch recently.
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