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Rob Pegoraro tries to make sense of computers, consumer electronics, telecom services, the Internet, software and other things that beep or blink through reporting, reviewing and analysis–from 1999 to 2011 as the Washington Post’s tech columnist, now for a variety of online and print outlets. He may be the only person to have written for both Reader's Digest and Boing Boing.

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Have you ever used a typewriter?

The first keyboard I used was on a manual typewriter, and now I own one myself... largely for ironic purposes.

How is social media changing news?

The conversation with readers about a story no longer starts after you publish that piece; it's now a continuum.

What does it mean to be a journalist?

You're curious, you're in perpetual beta, and your first instinct when something's wrong is to reach for a keyboard (or touchscreen).

Superfish and the Sordid History of Selling Customers' Online Privacy Out From Under Them — About the nicest thing you can say about Lenovo shipping some of its computers with Superfish adware that fatally compromised its online security is this: It wasn't the first. And it won't be the last. Here's a look at how other companies have tried to goose their revenues by selling customer behavior data on products that customers had already paid for.

Watch out for an extremely annoying new Gmail bug — Be very careful when you're using Gmail because a new bug could lead you to send your messages to the wrong recipients. Business Insider details that many Gmail users have been complaining recently that Google's automatically generated contact suggestions have been bringing up people whom they infrequently contact.

How to cut back Google Calendars notifications — Q. I don't need Google to e-mail me and pop up a notification on all my devices when an event's happening in 10 minutes. Can Google Calendar please pipe down? A. Yes, but you'll probably need to tell Google's scheduling service more than once that you don't need to be reminded so often about upcoming appointments.

Bad Wi-Fi performance? Try channel surfing — Q. How can I see what channels my neighbors are using for WiFi, so I can set my router to use a less congested channel? A. Like over-the-air television, WiFi runs over a limited series of channels -- but unlike TV stations, WiFi routers are free to use any of them.

The Best Wi-Fi Hotspot — After more than 60 hours of testing, we found that the best hotspot is Verizon's Jetpack MiFi 6620L. Its battery lasts about 16 hours (an hour longer than the next-best option), it can connect to 15 devices simultaneously (compared to the typical 10), and it's the only hotspot we tested that can be used as a backup battery for your phone in a pinch.

No, Your TV Doesn’t Care What You Say — We all talk back to our TVs. Most of the time, they don't bother to listen. It would be terrible, actually, if our TVs were actually tuned in to us, if they listened to what we said and uploaded our conversations to the Internet. After yesterday's news, you may think some TVs do just that.

Sling TV, with ESPN and AMC for $20/Month, Launches Today. Here's Our Review. — On Monday, Dish Network announced the launch of its Sling TV service. It features everything below, plus the surprise addition of AMC. Here is Rob Pegoraro's review of the service from January 26th of this year. *** Finally, you're going to be able to watch ESPN online without paying your cable company for a hundred bizzaro channels you don't care about.

Verizon password pains go unexplained — Q. I tried to log into my Verizon account and was told that the password that worked a week ago didn't match -- and when I reset my password, the new one didn't work either. What's going on? A. I don't know.

How to Stop Worrying and Learn To Love Drones — It's been a rough week for flying robots. Drone anxiety is spreading. A survey last year by the Pew Research Center and Smithsonian magazine found that 63 percent of Americans thought it would be a change for the worse if "personal and commercial drones are given permission to fly through most U.S.

Meet the Software Developer Responsible for One of the Super Bowl's Most Memorable Tweets — Jared Smith, a software developer in Charleston, S.C., said the idea for this TV screen capture and caption, called simply "Welp" in the tweet he sent it out in, came from a mix of anger over Nationwide's dead-kid ad (video below) and amazement at Seattle blowing its chance to win the Super Bowl on Sunday with an inexplicable, quickly-intercepted slant pass.
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Feb 26, 2015

After eight hours of solo parenting, my daughter has massively disrupted the floor-of-Daddy's-office space.

Feb 26, 2015

@bergmayer @haroldfeld @YahooTech As penance, I will throw in a reference to Proverbs in my next column.

Feb 26, 2015

@JZdziarski @VerizonWireless VZW PR's Debra Lewis advised me last week that the ETA for an opt-out was "weeks, not months." So 7 weeks tops!

Feb 26, 2015

@Moeferd So anyway, I want to ask Comcast about this. Can you e-mail me the details of your situation?

Feb 26, 2015

@Moeferd @zpower @comcast They're never going to be able to ding you $7 a month for a cable modem if they keep the signup cost that high!

Feb 26, 2015

@Moeferd @zpower @comcast @ATT Ugh. Like lead paint, that sort of thing should be disclosed before a real-estate transaction.

Feb 26, 2015

Can't read this Verizon post over my Verizon connection. If only Verizon could still pay Verizon for faster delivery!

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