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Rob Pegoraro tries to make sense of computers, consumer electronics, telecom services, the Internet, software and other things that beep or blink through reporting, reviewing and analysis–from 1999 to 2011 as the Washington Post’s tech columnist, now for a variety of online and print outlets. He may be the only person to have written for both Reader's Digest and Boing Boing.

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Have you ever used a typewriter?

The first keyboard I used was on a manual typewriter, and now I own one myself... largely for ironic purposes.

How is social media changing news?

The conversation with readers about a story no longer starts after you publish that piece; it's now a continuum.

What does it mean to be a journalist?

You're curious, you're in perpetual beta, and your first instinct when something's wrong is to reach for a keyboard (or touchscreen).

Now That It’s Growing, the Music Industry Finally Forgives the Internet — (Rob Pegoraro/Yahoo Tech) Good news, everyone! The recording industry no longer thinks the Internet will kill it. "The wholesale value of the American music business continues to grow - a 2% uptick this year," wrote Recording Industry Association of America chairman Cary Sherman in a March 18 blog post heralding the RIAA's sales and revenue data for 2014.

New home, no broadband? Prepare to negotiate — Q. I moved into a new house that I thought had broadband; instead, Comcast says I'll have to pay $2,000 to get service extended. Is that my only option? A. The agony of being outside an Internet provider's coverage has been in the news the past few days, thanks to Consumerist's tale of a man in a suburb of Seattle who discovered his new abode had zero broadband options.

Facebook users still more active than those of Twitter or Google+ — At the end of 2014, seven out of 10 internet users described themselves as social network users, according to a report published by GlobalWebIndex. Facebook emerged as the site these users visit most frequently during a given day, returning again and again to read and like their friends' latest posts.

Buying the 21 most expensive apps on the App Store will cost you over $12,000 — A lot of digital ink has been spilled over the price of the Apple Watch in recent weeks, but one list might help put things into perspective. Business Insider rounded up the top 21 most expensive apps on the App Store, and all told, it would cost $12,149.79 to buy all of them.

Facebook wants The New York Times, BuzzFeed, and National Geographic to publish their articles directly to its platform — (YouTube) Facebook is in talks with "at least half a dozen" media companies including The New York Times, BuzzFeed, and National Geographic to publish their content directly to the platform, according to The New York Times.

3 Tech Arguments that the Candidates for President will be Debating... Endlessly — With yesterday morning's speech by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) announcing his candidacy for president, the 2016 presidential campaign season has officially started. Get ready for endless hours of policy banter about what the government should do regarding a handful of longstanding tech-policy problems. Here's a quick cheat sheet about what you should expect to hear.

Basic cable switch on extra TVs not so simple — Q. I have four HDTVs, all with Charter cable boxes on them. We only watch basic cable on three of those; can I get rid of those boxes? A. With a different cable company, that might be possible. Or it might not -- and getting a straight answer might take more than one call.

Don’t Trust Humans, and Wear Fluffy Socks: Reality Checks From Google’s “Captain Moonshot” — AUSTIN-Google's first "Project Loon" wireless internet balloons were designed to explode. Astro Teller, the "Captain of Moonshots" at the five-year-old Google [x] research project, shared those tidbits during an hour-long "Moonshots and Reality" SXSW keynote that focused on the "bumps and scrapes" that those high-risk, high-reward projects endured, and what they taught the engineers involved.

20 Apple keyboard shortcuts business users need to know — One of the most useful tools in the quest for productivity in office work is the use of keyboard shortcuts. The proper shortcuts can turn your keyboard from a writing tool into a command center for your computer. For Apple users, the proprietary keys can be daunting at first, but they offer a host of great shortcuts to make your workday easier.

Kendrick Lamar album breaks Spotify record — Rapper Kendrick Lamar's latest album has broken the first-day record on Spotify after its surprise early release, the streaming service said Tuesday. "To Pimp a Butterfly" was streamed on Spotify more than 9.6 million times around the world Monday, according to the streaming site, which says it has some 60 million users.
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Apr 01, 2015

So I couldn't get an @OpenTable reservation to complete at OpenTable's own site, but it worked in the @foursquare app. Riiight.

Apr 01, 2015

For a story to work as an April Fool's joke, it can't be 110 percent possible. Try again, New Jersey politics:…

Apr 01, 2015

Off-target retargeting: After @OpenTable booking failed from an unspecified restaurant-connectivity issue, I'm deluged with OpenTable ads.

Apr 01, 2015

Update: Quitting Mail seems to have cleared up that graphics glitch. For now.

Apr 01, 2015

E-mail from @Sling PR: HBO is coming to Sling TV, at $15/mo. above the $20 core package, in time for 4/12 Game of Thrones season premiere.

Apr 01, 2015

OS X graphics-buffer meltdown? This rectangle is stuck on my screen, filled with random clippings from other windows.

Apr 01, 2015

Supercookie update: Vz's Debi Lewis e-mailed to say it may take a week or so for the "UIDH" to stop appearing. More:…

Apr 01, 2015

After you opt out of the supercookie tracking at VzW's site, see if it worked at - and let me know if it didn't.

Apr 01, 2015

Non-April Fool's tweet. If you use Verizon Wireless, opt out of its "supercookie" tracking now that you finally can:…

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