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I'm managing editor @NewScientist. PhD in evolutionary biology. Former Tokyoite & entomologist. Columnist for @japantimes. すごい!

How grandma drives human evolution — Speak to professionals from various disciplines and you will notice something funny: Even when they are off duty, they tend to view the world through the lens of their professional background. For example, a psychiatrist at a dinner party might pause to think a bit about the possible neuroses of the guests.
Sep 20, 2015

An explanation for mate-guarding in humans - involving grandmothers #evolution

Psychology is where real radiation risks lie — Misinformation breeds discrimination. As if it wasn't enough to experience the trauma of a nuclear bomb, many hibakusha (atomic bomb survivors) also faced appalling discrimination. It appears their children and grandchildren still do - as do those who were caught up in the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear disaster in 2011.

A-bomb gene 'shadow' may be fading — One of the strongest memories I have of a trip to Hiroshima that I made a few years ago is of the shadow on the steps of the Sumitomo Bank. Someone had been sitting on those steps, probably waiting for the bank to open, when at 8.15 a.m. on Aug.

Surfing the waves between two worlds — In a Tokyo lab, a remarkable experiment is exploring the meeting of worlds. This is not a boring old metaphor for a meeting between East and West, it's a description of the interface between the world we live in and the frankly insane world of quantum objects. Quantum physics is famously difficult.
Jul 18, 2015

...But Soseki did have some interesting things to say

Medaka: the fish that helps us understand gender — The diminutive medaka (Japanese rice fish) have been kept as pets since the Edo Period (1603-1868). They are hardy animals, an important quality for a pet, and they naturally occur in a variety of colors, including gold. They have distinctive, some say attractive, eyes (for a fish) - indeed, medaka in Japanese means "with high eyes."
Jun 21, 2015

Putting aside the astronaut rumours, this is the first vertebrate to have sex in space

I, robot, am looking forward to a very bright future

May 13, 2015

@silkwormslumber sure. mentioned that here: but at first I thought the Aibo thing was a "isn't Japan weird" story

On the pleasing violence of fairy tales — Traditional fairy tales are so steeped in blood it's astonishing that children didn't all grow up to become deranged in days gone by. Take, for example, the popular Japanese fable "Shita-kiri Suzume" (literally, "Tongue-Cut Sparrow"), which tells the tale of a kind old man, his avaricious wife and an injured sparrow.

When nature evolves to be awesome — A few years ago, an anthropologist told me an amazing story about a wild chimpanzee she had observed in Senegal. A bushfire had ignited in the summer heat, and she saw a chimp stand upright on its hind legs, face the fire and perform "a really exaggerated slow-motion display."
Mar 15, 2015

RT @m_m_campbell: This is awesome. Literally. On the evolution of awe *and* awesomeness. Wonderful:… #nature #evolution by @rowhoop

Mar 29, 2015

Awesome: NYT mag does its impression of @rowhoop's story on the power of awe

Japanese are quick to embrace robots — "H ello and welcome. I can tell you about money exchange, ATMs, opening a bank account or overseas remittance. Which one would you like?" This greeting is not uttered by a human employee but, instead, a diminutive robot named Nao.
Feb 16, 2015

By me! RT @japantimes: Will it be long before Japan’s robots are dreaming of electric sheep and more?

Polonium, peacocks -- and a dead spy — It's one of the biggest stories of the year - and certainly the most unusual. I'm talking about the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian spy living in London who was poisoned with a radioactive isotope last month. Nothing like this has been seen for nearly 20 years, back when the Cold War was raging.
Jan 27, 2015

Could a Darwinian detective agency solve the Litvinenko murder? #r4today

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Oct 09, 2015

Inside China’s plan to give *every* citizen a character score incredible story by @halhod

Oct 09, 2015

India has a frightening carbon emissions potential - but lots of ways to cut too v @EconAsia

Oct 09, 2015

(Ive not read Alexievich but it reminds me of Studs Terkel) #nobelprize #literature

Oct 09, 2015

Svetlana Alexievich invented a new kind of literary genre: “a history of emotions - a history of the soul.” #nobelprize #literature

Oct 08, 2015

But *eventually* it could lead to a digital model of the entire human brain.

Oct 08, 2015

The digital rat brain recreates a piece of tissue about one third of a millimetre cubed

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