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Print ads go up at The New York Times

cjr.org — The New York Times just had a quarter reminiscent of the days before the Great Newspaper Crash. The Times paywall hit 799,000 subscribers, for one. More importantly, the paper grew ad revenue by 3.4 percent in the first quarter, an increase led, shockingly enough, by print , which was up 3.7 percent from a year ago.

Newspapers continue to sink

cjr.org — The newspaper industry continued to sink last year, shedding 2.6 percent of its revenue on heavy print ad declines, according to the Newspaper Association of America. Dog bites man, you say. But while we've become numb to the collapse of the newspaper industry's fortunes, it's worth stepping back and looking at how bad it's been for what is still far...

Columbia Journalism Review

cjr.org — Columbia's Bill Grueskin tries to explain why the Pulitzer board dismissed The New York Times 's "Invisible Child" series about Dasani Coates, the 11-year-old homeless girl whose life was so vividly captured by Andrea Elliott in December. The Audit (Dean Starkman and I) is among those who were baffled that the series wasn't even a Pulitzer finalist, much less a winner,...

Columbia Journalism Review

cjr.org — What happens when America's Newspaper tries to go Business Insider? Something like this: That's the America's Markets section of USA Today 's website, which puts business journalism on the Hamster Wheel-I counted 12 bylines in one day from one reporter-with predictably poor results. Like this headline: Is a 1987-type market crash 37 days away?

Columbia Journalism Review

cjr.org — Having accurately predicted that Lachlan Murdoch would return to his dad's company, Michael Wolff, in his exhilaration, made this crack recently: ...and I thought I was kind of making this stuff up: http://t.co/8O0ZhTQ8PU- Michael Wolff (@MichaelWolffNYC) March 27, 2014 Good one.

The press and the tech bubble

cjr.org — How the groundwork might be laid for another Big One Here's a headline you don't like to see if you're worried about a possible social-media/tech bubble: Slate wrote this toward the end of March: Candy Crush's Terrible Market Debut Shows We're Not in a Tech Bubble The stock performance of one company among thousands doesn't show much of anything, much less that tech valuations are reasonable.

Native ads: Advertorial for the digital age

cjr.org — The native-ad wars have flared up again, this time over Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo, the longtime standard bearer for serious, digital-first, for-profit news. TPM has signed up Phrma, the drug-industry lobby, to sponsor its Idealab Impact section, a deal that includes running Phrma-written pieces as native ads.

Newspaper Turnaround Stories

cjr.org — David Carr takes a look today at the fortunes of the Minneapolis Star Tribune , which have stopped plummeting at least temporarily. It's nice to read some good news for a change about newspapers, especially ones that have bumped circulation, returned to profitability, and even sent profit-sharing checks to the newsroom.

WSJ's Obamacare frame, undercover, too big to fail : Columbia Journalism Review

cjr.org — Contrast how The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal frame the Obamacare news on their front pages: The Times gets it just right: Health Care Signups Reach Frenzy in Final Day to Enroll Volume on the Website Causes More Snags The Journal , though, slants its headline to focus entirely on the bugs the website had yesterday: New Technical...

Straw men fail to advance future-of-news debate, as usual

cjr.org — Ben Thompson writes a three-part series about newspapers and the future of news over at his blog Stratechery. Since the posts are basically a response to a piece I wrote criticizing Marc Andreessen's assertion that the news business will grow exponentially over the next 20 years, and since I get to play the straw man in all three of Thompson's...
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