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journalist. working on HSBC #SwissLeaks project for @ICIJorg. contributing editor, @CJR. co-editor, Best Business Writing series: t.co/zcVO0fiUBn

The Journal Just Loves This Obama Flip-Flop

cjr.org — You know something's up when The Wall Street Journal editorial board gives President Obama "three cheers" for anything. You really know something's up when it praises him for lying to voters during the campaign. But Gigot & Co. are willing to overlook a little cynical manipulation by Democrats-when it works in favor of the the page's globalist/corporatist agenda.

The huge FCC fine against a Virginia station is a sign we need to rethink broadcast indecency rules

cjr.org — "The stroking of an erect penis on a broadcast [news] program is shocking." Count those among the words I didn't expect to type this week. They appear in a written notice released Monday by the FCC.

How to cover Medicaid during campaign season

cjr.org — Amid the abundance of presidential campaign coverage, stories that examine what type of a president a candidate might be-what he or she might do, policy-wise-are often hard to come by. The horse race dominates, but there is much more to cover and the super-charged topic of healthcare and the Affordable Care Act is a compelling place to start.

What happens when platforms turn into publishers?

cjr.org — If you're a publisher, Facebook holds a lot of power. The social media giant is already responsible for directing up to 40 percent of some sites' traffic, and 75 percent of BuzzFeed's. Now, according to a report in The New York Times on Tuesday, Facebook is negotiating with a number of publishers to be more than a funnel that directs users to content on news sites.

The New York Times can't abandon print--yet

cjr.org — Everyone in the news business feels a sense of urgency these days, as well they should. But there's urgency, and then there's panic. The Times' innovation report, which made a splash when it was leaked during the controversy surrounding Jill Abramson ouster, at times overstates the precariousness of the Times ' digital position and smacks of the latter.

Why digital media and identity issues are a match

cjr.org — Today's digital outlets have made identity issues-on race, gender, and sexuality-core to their reporting. BuzzFeed has a robust LGBT section, a Latino coverage editor, and hosted a recent Black History Month series. Fusion is a joint venture between Disney-ABC and Spanish language network Univision, which the site says targets a "young, diverse, and inclusive millennial generation," and has a 'justice' vertical focused on these topics.

Failure can be fun

cjr.org — For sports fans, rooting for a team having a bad year is like watching Season 6 of a TV show that hasn't been good since Season 1: After each episode (or game), you shake your head and wonder why you waste your time. For sports reporters, covering such a team can be similarly excruciating.

Print ads go up at The New York Times

cjr.org — The New York Times just had a quarter reminiscent of the days before the Great Newspaper Crash. The Times paywall hit 799,000 subscribers, for one. More importantly, the paper grew ad revenue by 3.4 percent in the first quarter, an increase led, shockingly enough, by print , which was up 3.7 percent from a year ago.

Newspapers continue to sink

cjr.org — The newspaper industry continued to sink last year, shedding 2.6 percent of its revenue on heavy print ad declines, according to the Newspaper Association of America. Dog bites man, you say. But while we've become numb to the collapse of the newspaper industry's fortunes, it's worth stepping back and looking at how bad it's been for what is still far...

Columbia Journalism Review

cjr.org — Columbia's Bill Grueskin tries to explain why the Pulitzer board dismissed The New York Times 's "Invisible Child" series about Dasani Coates, the 11-year-old homeless girl whose life was so vividly captured by Andrea Elliott in December. The Audit (Dean Starkman and I) is among those who were baffled that the series wasn't even a Pulitzer finalist, much less a winner,...
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May 22, 2015

RT @tomgara: These are the 2015 grads of Columbia's masters degree in statistics: pic.twitter.com/4BJU1tJZOg

May 22, 2015

And when I talk about the promise of Salon, I'm talking a long time ago obvs. It's all peril now

May 22, 2015

Hard to think of a site that illustrates the promise and peril of last 20 yrs of online publishing better than Salon twitter.com/tomgara/status…

May 22, 2015

RT @ChristophLawton: Glad I read this -- RG is one of my childhood favs. 30 Yrs Later, Real Genius, Geek Solidarity Film for Nerd Culture tor.com/2015/05/21/30-…

May 21, 2015

RT @yarotrof: Glad to see that ISIS properly credits WSJ when stealing its graphics for Dabiq magazine. Wonder if they subscribe. pic.twitter.com/wpI2s19aL6

May 21, 2015

RT @LosFelizDayCare: Elliot-Smith (3) started his own subscription monthly box service. Contents: half-crayons, a button, smiley sticker, small batch vegan soap

May 21, 2015

RT @thehill: Bernie Sanders' made $2K from paid speeches last year, and gave it all to charity: hill.cm/5UZXoJg pic.twitter.com/XkCJpqXTb8

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