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60 Minutes' Africa 'problem'

cjr.org — The media's narrative in Africa typically falls into at least one of three narrow categories, according to Columbia Journalism School associate professor Howard French: Immense Catastrophe, White Protagonists, or Wildlife. CBS' 60 Minutes hit on all three in recent months, prompting French-previously a New York Times west and central Africa correspondent-to send 60 Minutes' executive producer Jeff Fager a letter Wednesday criticizing the show's coverage.

The huge FCC fine against a Virginia station is a sign we need to rethink broadcast indecency rules

cjr.org — "The stroking of an erect penis on a broadcast [news] program is shocking." Count those among the words I didn't expect to type this week. They appear in a written notice released Monday by the FCC.

Gazette publisher in Colorado defends controversial marijuana series

cjr.org — Since I've been here, and that includes the Pulitzer Prize, I haven't received so many positive emails from so many different states around the country. Newspaper editorial writers publishing a days-long series on a big issue isn't anything new.

How to cover Medicaid during campaign season

cjr.org — Amid the abundance of presidential campaign coverage, stories that examine what type of a president a candidate might be-what he or she might do, policy-wise-are often hard to come by. The horse race dominates, but there is much more to cover and the super-charged topic of healthcare and the Affordable Care Act is a compelling place to start.

What happens when platforms turn into publishers?

cjr.org — If you're a publisher, Facebook holds a lot of power. The social media giant is already responsible for directing up to 40 percent of some sites' traffic, and 75 percent of BuzzFeed's. Now, according to a report in The New York Times on Tuesday, Facebook is negotiating with a number of publishers to be more than a funnel that directs users to content on news sites.

How Chicago's press corps is dealing with 'Washington Rahm'

cjr.org — For four years now, Mary Ann Ahern has been chasing Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel, a three-term Illinois congressman and former White House chief of staff who became Chicago's mayor in 2011, has ducked out back doors while Ahern, a veteran TV reporter, has been waiting to talk to him, she said.

The New York Times can't abandon print--yet

cjr.org — Everyone in the news business feels a sense of urgency these days, as well they should. But there's urgency, and then there's panic. The Times' innovation report, which made a splash when it was leaked during the controversy surrounding Jill Abramson ouster, at times overstates the precariousness of the Times ' digital position and smacks of the latter.

Why digital media and identity issues are a match

cjr.org — Today's digital outlets have made identity issues-on race, gender, and sexuality-core to their reporting. BuzzFeed has a robust LGBT section, a Latino coverage editor, and hosted a recent Black History Month series. Fusion is a joint venture between Disney-ABC and Spanish language network Univision, which the site says targets a "young, diverse, and inclusive millennial generation," and has a 'justice' vertical focused on these topics.

Virginian-Pilot journalists: Corporate management pressure is stifling coverage

cjr.org — Things are not as they should be these days at The Virginian-Pilot, the largest newspaper in Virginia. In the fall, the paper produced an important investigation of municipal government, one that has sparked an official inquiry, led to policy changes at a local bank, and prompted the mayor of Virginia Beach to resign his lucrative private-sector job.

Can Tony Haile save journalism by changing the metric?

cjr.org — The company that wants to deliver journalism from a decade of digital bloodletting is perched like a physical metaphor in an office six stories above the Strand -a century-old monument to paper. Housed in the airy, light-filled remnants of a yoga studio, Chartbeat, a Web analytics company, bears the usual startup trappings.
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Mar 30, 2015

I turn on the internets and learn that a young comedian has said some un-PC things. Heavens!

Mar 30, 2015

RT @AuerbachKeller: Interesting piece from @ikahloon also posits bad faith at the center of social justice callouts: thecrimson.com/column/words-w…

Mar 30, 2015

RT @seattletimes: Ivar's is raising wages of its sit-down restaurant workers to $15 right away -- and eliminating customer tipping: seati.ms/1EUELkr

Mar 30, 2015

In the new world of on-demand everything, you’re either pampered, isolated royalty—or you’re a 21st century servant medium.com/matter/the-shu…

Mar 30, 2015

RT @johnjcook: DOJ didn’t return our calls asking about Sid Blumenthal’s failure to register contacts with foreign powers pic.twitter.com/h3UbN2I8u9

Mar 30, 2015

RT @Gawker: Did Hillary Clinton's backdoor advisor illegally lobby for Putin's pal? gaw.kr/5K1fBSC

Mar 30, 2015

RT @eisingerj: I'm a member of the loose fraternity of journalists obsessed with the tawdry story of $OSTK & its hangers on: http://t.co/I…

Mar 30, 2015

RT @DrZhana: Decidedly CONSENSUAL drunk sex you regret the next day is NOT sexual assault. via @EsquireMag ow.ly/KSNA2 #SexPanic

Mar 29, 2015

How to keep aliens from hating/killing us if they detect us: "We could transmit the contents of the internet" mobile.nytimes.com/2015/03/28/opi… doomed!

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