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Freelance writer/editor/journalist. Feed is part opinion on investing, wages, employment and part unqualified bias in bball, fball and soccer. Formerly @Money

Thoughts On Finishing My First Novel | Ryan Derousseau

California's multi-million dollar online education flop is another blow for MOOCs

hechingerreport.org — "Reinvent." That was the giddy catchword of a plan by the University of California to create an all-digital "campus" that would revolutionize higher education by providing courses online for students shut out of the system's brick-and-mortar classrooms at a time of high demand but falling budgets.

How millennials can play salary catch-up

fortune.com — Now that millennials have started to land jobs after being thrown into labor market purgatory due to the economic crisis, it's time for them to play salary catch-up. And fast. The typical earner can expect to see her wages grow the most between the ages of 25 and 35, by an average 38%.

I Almost Died A Year Ago Today. What Should I Do About It?

ryanderousseau.com — A year ago today, I nearly died. I don't mean I had one of those near-death experiences where a truck almost hit me or a falling piano almost crushed my unsuspecting self as I walked below. No. I mean my body gave out. It twisted in a way that without modern medicine, I would not have survived.

5 signs your company wants you to quit

fortune.com — In a perfect world, you and your boss would get along swimmingly, with a free exchange of ideas that leads to promotions, all while your company continues to grow and thrive. But let's face it, that's a rare situation.

Is technology actually making higher education less efficient?

hechingerreport.org — After a full day of teaching at Boston College, Karen Arnold had to find time to read her students' contributions to an online discussion board. Each was required to write at least one post, and, as usual, they seemed to have waited to do it until the night before the deadline.

5 Great Places for Your Fantasy Football Draft

time.com — Starting this weekend, fantasy footballers across the country will be gathering to draft their teams. Here are 5 great places to go for the annual ritual, and ways to have (more) fun after you've picked your players. The arrival of August may mark the middle of summer, but for many people it can mean only one thing: the start of fantasy football draft.

Young investors are hoarding cash

money.cnn.com — People in their early to mid-thirties, with money to invest, are keeping nearly half -- 42% -- under the mattress, in cash. According to investment adviser UBS, people in their early to mid-thirties with at least $100,000 to invest keep 42% of their money in cash. UBS concludes young savers are unusually conservative.

McDonald's seeks to supersize its growth

money.cnn.com — McDonald's is struggling to add new menu items that sell well enough to boost same-store sales. The Golden Arches haven't shone for investors lately. Over the past 12 months, McDonald's stock has returned less than 3%. That compares with an average 21% return for restaurant stocks.

Top stock picks from top pros

money.cnn.com — The Hague-based energy conglomerate explores for, extracts, and refines oil, and Shell stations retail gasoline. That integration, and the steady income it generates, let RDS borrow relatively little to fund exploration. (Its debt-to-asset ratio is half that of its competitors, Ketterer says.) Shares took a hit recently after RDS missed earnings projections.
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