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It's Official: You No Longer Have An Excuse To Avoid Exercise — I get it. You're busy. I'm busy, too. Like you, I find it hard to carve out 30 or 40 minutes a day to exercise. When I don't, I feel shortsighted because I know working out is good for my health, reduces my stress level and ultimately gives me more energy.

The History of the Web in a Single Infographic — In previous posts, I've provided infographics for how to be a better manager, how to get your emails opened and how to find the right amount of stress to be productive. Today, I'm posting something a bit more lighthearted. The infographic below identifies many of the "major firsts" that created the Internet that we know and love (and loath) today.

5 Foolproof Ways to Start Any Presentation — Over the past two decades, I've heard and reviewed hundreds of business presentations. Almost all of them open with an overview of the presenter's company and its offerings. Unfortunately, such openings are boring and predictable and thus signal to the audience that the presenter is unworthy of attention.

Exclusive Sneak Peak of Jennifer Lawrence on the JOY BluRay — I recently named the 2015 film JOY one of the 7 most motivational movies for entrepreneurs and suggested (when the Star Wars reboot came out) that entrepreneurs should go see JOY instead. So, yeah, I'm a fan of this movie.

Get Coached by Four and a Half Sales Gurus — If you read the Sales Source column regularly, you know that I like to highlight the very best ideas in sales and marketing. So when an opportunity comes along to connect you with four of the smartest people in sales and marketing, I'm not going to pass it up.

This Incredibly Useful Sales Tool is Totally Free — Here's something really valuable: a free tool that can help you get a meeting when you're cold-calling or having any initial phone conversation with a potential client. It's based upon materials from my friend and mentor Barry Rhein, who helps companies increase sales with his Selling Through Curiosity system.

Exclusive Interview with Bill Campbell — Some years ago, I had a long discussion with the late Bill Campbell about Steve Jobs, Apple, and how to manage effectively. While a few short excerpts from this interview appeared in one of my books, the entire interview has never been published.

5 Words Smart Entrepreneurs Never Use — Words are not just their definitions; words carry emotional baggage. As I've helped clients and the readers of my free weekly newsletter hone their sales messages and marketing emails, I've discovered five words that really turn customers off: Example: "Over the next hour, I will teach you..."

7 Easy but Scientific Ways to Become Smarter — A while back, I posted a column describing five scientific ways to become smarter. Since then, I've been reading more about neuroscience, hoping to find additional easy techniques to improve brain performance. The list below is the result of that research.

10 "TED Talks" Every Entrepreneur Should Watch — I recently posted 21 short videos worth more than an MBA and the 13 most inspirational videos of all time and the 7 most motivational feature films of all time. However, to quote another great motivational speaker in a famous feature film: "Why so serious?" Enough of the serious.
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