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Neuroscience: Women Outperform Men Under Stress — Neuroscience and neurobiology prove that women make better decision under stress, which means most of the time in the business world. A couple of months ago, I posted two curious financial facts: 1) hedge funds managed by women perform 3 times better than those managed by men, and 2) companies with female CEOs outperform those with male CEOs by 50%.

9 Magic Words That Reduce Stress — Neuroscience is fascinating but the folk wisdom of this award-winning salesperson is just as valuable, in my view. Neuroscience in past five years has revealed many startling facts about stress, such as that even light exercise alleviates it and that you can detoxify stressful memories.

The 2 Phrases That Bosses Hate — A recently-published list of employee remarks that bosses hate completely missed the two worst offenders. recently published the following list of employee remarks that, according to the article, will cause a boss to "hate" the employee: "That's not how we did it at my old job." "So-and-so isn't doing his work."

Rewire Your Brain and Become a Better Leader — The latest neuroscience research explains exactly how to inspire people to follow where you lead. Almost theories of leadership boil down to a single question: "How can I get people to willingly follow me?" The question is almost always answered: "Use this combination of carrots and sticks."

7 Sentences That Ruin Companies — The appearance of these sentences inside a company means that it's headed for epic failure. After a few decades of watching companies rise and fall, I've observed when any one of seven concepts pop up inside a company, it almost always mean that the company is on the fast track to failure.

The Neuroscience of Selling — Until recently selling has remained an art. Now it's about to become a science. Until recently, there really hasn't been a " science of selling" because selling behavior is too complex to measure. For instance, it's a statistical fact that 20% of the salespeople make 80% of the revenue, but nobody knows why that 20% are so much more effective.

Why Introverts Make the Best Recruiters — I'll start this post with a personal story. A few years back I was recruited for two similar jobs by two different recruiters. The first recruiter was a classic extravert, a go-getter determined to get a 'yes!' The second was more laid back, very much an introvert.

The Best Sales Pitches Don’t Sell Anything — The sales pitches that result in the most sales in the least amount of time are the ones that don't try to sell anything to anyone. I've critiqued and rewritten well over a hundred sales messages in my free weekly newsletter.

All Customers Have These 7 Secret Desires — Customers don't just want to do business with you; they want you to meet these seven basic human needs. Ask most businesspeople what customers want and you'll probably hear something like "quality products, best value and great customer service."

49 Dumb Things Bosses Really Said — A definitive collection of monumentally silly things allegedly said by real-life bosses. I've posted some of these management gems previously but I've been adding to the list. I can't provide sources for all of them (some came from forum comments) but, based upon the big company bosses I've known, they all sound like real-life remarks: "Am I the only one around here with half a brain?!"
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Oct 21, 2014

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Oct 20, 2014

RT @Inc: Neuroscience proves (and explains why) women in business outperform men under stress @Sales_Source

Oct 20, 2014

@BenOuveer Single men comprised 51% of the homeless population and single women comprised 17% (U.S. Conference of Mayors, 2005).

Oct 20, 2014

I wanted to call this "Neuroscience: Women Smarter Than Men" but that was poor decision-making on my part.

Oct 19, 2014

RT @ContractRSSA: 9 truly magical words that reduce stress and make you happier and more effective. @Sales_Source… via @Inc

Oct 18, 2014

RT @Inc: The very best sales pitches don't try to sell you anything. @Sales_Source

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