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3 Meetings You Can Safely Avoid — Most companies, even small ones, have far too many meetings. While some meetings (planning sessions, brainstorming, etc.) are worth the effort, there are three generic types of meeting that are best to avoid if possible: These take place when marketers try to decide upon the buzzwords that they'll use to characterize the company's product inside the company's marketing materials.

Live Each Day As If It Were Your Last — Three days ago, I was standing in the surf when the lifeguards pulled his limp body from the water. It was about two in the afternoon. The day was warm, the water chill, the sky and sea blue as parrot feathers. The air smelled of coconut sun block.

Entrepreneurs Must Defend Intellectual Property Rights — For more than a decade, the slogan "information wants to be free" has been a rallying cry for technology activists to attack intellectual property rights. Their plan is to force all information--including your trade secrets--into the public domain.

The Last Ditch Effort When Selling Via Email — Earlier this month, I explained how to write follow-up emails that you send if your intial sales emails fails to get a reply or response. In this post, I'll explain about the "Hail Mary" email, which is your last ditch effort to get the potential customer to reply.

9 Easy Ways to Hone Your Lead Scoring Today — Every salesperson wants hot leads that are easy to develop and easy to close. Many companies develop lead scoring formulas to identify leads as "hot" or "not" using the BANT (Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe) model.

If a Customer Won’t Respond, Try This — In a previous post I explained how to structure an email sales campaign. Because the initial email is the most important part of any email campaign, I've written several posts describing how to structure and hone initial emails. This post describes the follow-up emails that you send if your initial email does not get a reply from the prospect.

How to Win The Game of Phones (Infographic) — There's no question that smartphones are changing the way we do business. Unfortunately, the new technology doesn't just empower us to do more, it empowers us to make more mistakes. This infographic from the company Workfront that help you avoid the worst offenses.

11 Secrets to Win When Cold Calling — Cold calling is a labor-intensive way to get sales leads into your pipeline. In addition, people don't like to be cold called, so you're at a disadvantage from square one. If you can, build your business with referrals. Even sales emails are preferable.

Racism in the workplace — A few years ago, my wife and I adopted two beautiful children. They're both black (my wife and I are white), but when we adopted, diversity wasn't on our radar. We wanted children, and these children badly needed parents. 'Nuff said, far as I'm concerned.

Great Salespeople Follow These 2 Rules — What creates sales success? Some people say it's personality; successful salespeople are outgoing and friendly. Some people say it's expertise; successful salespeople understand problems and find solutions. While those things are no doubt important, I've met successful salespeople who are quiet and introverted.
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Mar 04, 2015

RT @Inc: We hereby give you permission to skip meetings that fall into these categories @sales_source

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