Professional speaker, award-winning sales blogger, and author of Business Without the Bullsh*t and How To Say It: B2B Selling.

No, The Customer Isn’t Always Right — I've frequently heard "The Customer is Always Right" quoted as if it were undeniably and always true. However, while the maxim expresses the general right attitude towards customers, sometimes customers are dead wrong. Here are three common situations where this is the case: Being a customer does not free you from the obligation to show courtesy to people who are not being intentionally disrespectful to you.

Create Your Life; Don’t React to Events — A couple of days ago, I posted my opinion that undertipping food servers shows a lack of character. While I expected some disagreement, I was surprised at how many people insisted on punishing servers (with low tips) who didn't make them happy.

You’ve Got One Life So Make It Good — Regular readers of this column know that I almost never write about my personal life. I figure this column isn't about me; it's about making readers more successful. However, my editor asked me to write about what made me passionate about my job, so here goes.

How You Tip Defines Your Character — Earlier this week, the big viral video showed the employees at used car lot abusing a pizza delivery guy. It's on YouTube but here's a SWF version. Apparently, the delivery guy thought it was a "keep the change" situation when the employees handed him two twenties and two fives for a $42 delivery.

Forget Silicon Valley: 7 Better Cities for Startups — Maybe it's just me, but I've always found Silicon Valley (with the exception of San Francisco) to be rather depressing. Culturally, it reminds me of the boring parts of Los Angeles: dull offices, tract homes, strip malls, chain restaurants and gas stations. Yuck.

5 Brand Disasters That Will Happen in 2015 — A month ago, I summarized the brand disasters that took place in 2014. This post contains my predictions for brands that, IMHO, are destined to be seriously clobbered in the coming year. Since joining the company in June 2012, CEO Marissa Mayer has tried, but failed, to turn Yahoo from a decline search-engine into, well, something else.

Case Closed: Women Do Make Teams Smarter. — Last year, several high tech firms released the percentage of their employees who are female. Not surprisingly to anybody who has watches the industry knows, high tech companies are male-dominated and often actively hostile to women. Google is a case in point.

Geoffrey James | — Geoffrey James: Contributing Editor at Professional speaker, award-winning sales blogger, and author of Business Without the Bullsh*t and How To Say It: B2B Selling.

7 Secret Rules for Powerful Sales Emails — Now that the combination of voice mail and call screening has made cold calling next to impossible, most companies are relying more heavily on email marketing (a.k.a. "selling by email") to get new customers.

5 Ways to Put Your Team in a Winning Mood — Management consultants talk a lot about corporate culture, which is a shared set of beliefs about what's important and which strategies and tactics make sense. Start-ups, however, don't have enough people to constitute a "culture" and haven't been around long enough to develop one anyway.
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Jan 26, 2015

RT @Inc: 7 secret rules for powerful sales emails @sales_source

Jan 25, 2015

@Timberry Good point, but where in SV can you fire machine guns without a license?

Jan 25, 2015

@DougSrock Agreed. Some people quote it as chapter & verse, tho

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