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7 Secret Rules Customers Wish Salespeople Knew — In my experience, customers have strong feelings about sales emails but seldom communicate those feelings to the salespeople who email them. With that in mind, I'm teaching two free webinars on that very subject. On September 17 th at 11:00 am Eastern, I'll join Tom Sant (the world's top expert on sales proposals) to share techniques for Creating Messages People Actually Read.
Sep 02, 2015

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Where to Sit at a Conference Table — In medieval times, where you sat at the table defined your relative importance and nobility. Arguments over who belonged where often erupted into swordfights, which is why formal dinners even today use place-tags. Business meetings sometimes have place-tags, but more often it's left up to the participants to sort out where to sit.
Aug 31, 2015

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57 Ways To Motivate Your Inner Entrepreneur — Over the past three years, I've been investigating and writing about the thoughts and ideas that motivate great entrepreneurs. Here's what I've learned in a nutshell: Accept your limitations but strive to overcome them. Avoid negative people who drain your emotional energy. Be surprised and amused by the unexpected and unusual.

How to Handle ‘It Costs Too Much!’ — If your job involves selling, chances are you're going to hear one of these objections: "It costs too much!" or "The price is too high." The next time you do, try this simple five-step process to handle this all-too-common objection: 1. Preempt price objections.

5 Questions Every Customer Asks — Whenever confronted with somebody who wants to sell them something, all customers ask five questions, in this order. If the answer to all of them is not a resounding "yes," a sale is not going to take place. Within two seconds after you meet a customer, that customer has probably decided whether he is willing to buy from you.

Give a Great Product Demo: 5 Rules — There is almost nothing more powerful than a great product demonstration. When done correctly, a demo allows the customer to see and feel how things will be better if they buy (and worse if they don't). Use these rules to make certain your product demos move the sale forward. 1.

Schools Aren’t Teaching this Crucial Life Skill — It's back to school time which for most college students that means running up big debt without much hope of a real job at graduation. Ironically, college-even liberal arts schools-could offer their graduates a fair chance at a real job, if they'd only make a single, small alteration in the curriculum.
Aug 28, 2015

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Why Your Employees Are Lying to You — Most bosses hope that their employees truly believe that "honesty is the best policy." However, there are 10 situations in which, rightly or wrongly, employees will probably lie to you. Here are the 10 times your employees may be lying to you-along with suggested ways to change the situation so that the lie no longer becomes necessary.

17 Ways to Mismanage Your Sales Team — Want to make sure that everyone on your sales team is ready to jump ship for your competition? Implement one of these all-too-common sales management "strategies." 1. Keep them uninformed. Update your website without telling the sales team, so that the customers can tell them what's new in your product set.

Marketing Makeover: Fix This Email Pitch — One of the weirdest phenomenons I see: otherwise articulate people who lapse into biz-blab and jargon as soon they try to write an email pitch. For example, I recently received a reader request to rewrite her email pitches.
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