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Brooklyn, NY
Political Commentator and Columnist — CNN, Daily Beast
Covers:  grassroots campaigns, politics, public policy, social movements, travel, women's issues, occupy wall street, food and wine, culture, race, lgbt, parenting

At the intersection of politics and culture, making sarcastic jokes and eating popcorn. | @CNN Political Commentator | Columnist | Keynote Speaker | Mom | Human

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Sally Kohn is a writer, activist and television commentator. A progressive Fox News Contributor, Sally’s writing has appeared in the Washington Post, Salon, New York Magazine, More Magazine, the Daily Beast, Reuters, USA Today, Politico, Time and more.

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My Quest to Become Friends with Taylor Swift: Part 2 — Why do I want more? And, specifically, why do I think the answer is Taylor Swift? No disrespect to Taylor or anything, but there are plenty of cool people out there I could want to be friends with (ahemTyraBanksahem). Why Taylor in particular? What's her unique allure?
Oct 08, 2015

@sallykohn gets closer (and muses on fame): My Quest to Become Friends with Taylor Swift: Part 2… via @MarieClaire

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Bernie vs. Hillary: Who connects better with voters? — The underdog Sanders leads Clinton in the early primary state of New Hampshire and is within striking distance in Iowa, although he continues to trail the former secretary of state by double digits among Democrats nationally.

A Fighter for Women Who Enlists Men in the Cause — In early 2015, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio established a groundbreaking Commission on Gender Equity. Among the 17 new appointees, all with experience advocating for women and girls, one was a standout: Mallika Dutt, best known for her work in New York and globally, working not only with women but men.

That Lena Dunham Interview Didn’t Do Hillary Any Favors — There are many questions I would like to hear Hillary Clinton answer. Like how she squares her traditional allegiance to Wall Street with her recent stab at populist rhetoric. Or why she decided to use a private email server when she knew it would make the always-cagey Clintons look even less transparent.

Will we love Trevor Noah? — How'd he do? It's clear that most of what audiences have come to love about "The Daily Show" will remain the same-the acerbic wit, the disdain for political baloney and the propensity for thinly veiled penis jokes. But what's changed?

Is Empathy Carly Fiorina’s Favorite Word? — This week, surging Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina offered some praise of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. "She's smart, she's hardworking, she's giving it all she's got," Fiorina said of Clinton. "I feel empathy with every woman who is working really hard and giving it all they've got - and Hillary is."

How Republicans React — Is the modern Republican Party more conservative than...the pope? On the second day of his visit, Pope Francis addressed the full House and Senate. And the leader of the millennia-old religion that denies equal rights for women, calls homosexuality a sin, and opposes birth control made for a

The Pope Loves This Undocumented Kid — In July of this year, Jodie Evans-one of the founders of the activist group Code Pink-was invited by Bolivian President Evo Morales to an audience with Pope Francis. But Evans couldn't go, so she sent Felipe Sousa-Rodríguez in her place.

My Quest to Become Friends with Taylor Swift: Part 1 — I think Taylor Swift and I should be friends. So I'm determined to make it happen. Herein, I will outline my reasons as well as my proposed process. Yes, I'm approaching this like a nerd. Which I am. Which is merely one of the many reasons Taylor and I would get along.
Sep 22, 2015

@sallykohn, I know you can do it: My Quest to Become Friends with Taylor Swift: Part 1… via @MarieClaire

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The Pope vs. Kim Davis — For the next few days, Americans will be focused on a Christian who is using their official position to speak out on social issues-drawing throngs of supporters as much as critics. No, I don't mean Kentucky court clerk Kim Davis. I'm talking about Pope Francis. Arguably, in their core convictions, Kim Davis and Pope Francis...
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Oct 08, 2015

Major props 2 @NICKIMINAJ for powerfully challenging implicit bias + props to @thevanessag for willingness 2b wrong:…

Oct 08, 2015

Working w @jillsobule on @taylorswift13 tribute song reminded me how incredible musicians are -- & why they should be valued & PAID!

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