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Political Commentator and Columnist — CNN, Daily Beast
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I still believe that groups of thoughtful, committed people can CHANGE THE WORLD | @CNN Political Commentator | Columnist | Keynote Speaker | Mom | Partner

Sally Kohn is a writer, activist and television commentator. A progressive Fox News Contributor, Sally’s writing has appeared in the Washington Post, Salon, New York Magazine, More Magazine, the Daily Beast, Reuters, USA Today, Politico, Time and more.

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Membership Has Its Privileges: Donald Trump’s Man Card Pays Off — Donald Trump cut to the chase after his big wins Tuesday night: "Frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don't think she'd get 5 percent of the vote. The only thing she's got going is the women's card."

Democrats are the real winners in New York — Hillary Clinton won, as she was generally projected to, in the run up to the vote. This is a significant and critical victory for Clinton, who staved off a challenge from Bernie Sanders that her campaign was clearly worried might turn into a last-minute surge that would cost Clinton not only a key cluster of delegates but the symbolism of the state for which she served as U.S.

Bernie Backers Booed Me As I Endorsed Him — Sunday afternoon, in front of almost 30,000 people in Prospect Park near my home in Brooklyn, I endorsed Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic nominee for president of the United States of America. During my announcement, my seven-year-old daughter Willa stood by my side on the stage. You see, Willa supports Hillary Clinton.

Bernie and Hillary: The toughest call — I've always screwed up my face at the idea of "undecided voters." Who are these mythical creatures who could possibly not have made up their minds about such a simple decision? But here I am, more on the fence than ever, and deeply annoyed. I was strongly leaning toward Sanders for much of the primary.

This diary of the future imagines a Trump dystopia — A surprising number of people, Trump supporters and non-Trump supporters alike, have scoffed at the idea that if elected, Trump might establish internment camps, punish women, and crack down on free speech. But this isn't necessarily the stuff of dystopian paranoia. This is simply the worst-case scenario based on Trump's own promises and proclamations.

Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton Not Qualified President — Editor's note: Sally Kohn is an activist, lawyer, and political commentator. The views expressed here are her own. Earlier this week, I wrote a column for CNN in which I implored Hillary Clinton and her campaign not to go negative on Bernie Sanders.

Hillary, don't go negative on Bernie — Going forward, the Democratic Party - including its two presidential primary candidates - must balance two priorities. First, it must engage in the spirited and small-d democratic debate about the issues and perspectives that concern center-left voters and play out how those views will be reflected in Democratic politics going forward.

Bernie Sanders Has Already Won His Revolution — I'm not sure if I'm a democratic socialist or not. Admittedly, I haven't thought about it much because it didn't seem practical. There was no way I could be a "serious person" in American political thought and the media if I declared myself or even flirted with being a democratic socialist.

Who leads constitutional change: Community advocates or the Supreme Court? — Sally Kohn is a writer and a CNN political commentator. For a brief moment, it all made sense. With most of Congress suffering from what could only be called dysfunction and most of the presidential campaign racked with what might optimistically be called pre-apocalyptic derangement, at least we had the courts.

Sunny Ozell Interview with Sally Kohn About Debut Album "Take It With Me" — Right before I called Sunny Ozell, she texted me a picture of something that looked like a giant squid with crab arms. The various parts of the Photoshopped creature were labeled like it was a science project.
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RT @MarandaPleasant: I am so proud of my new Fem Issue. We can't heal until we talk about it. Shame feeds on silence. For women + planet

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@smerconish I'm pretty sure we're not actually friends until you have me on your show. 💥

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Trump says Clinton gets support bc of her gender? Genius. I say Trump gets support bc of HIS gender? Moronic!…

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