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The FCC Just Greenlit AT&T and DirecTV's $50 Billion Merger — AT&T is closing in on its prize: DirecTV's satellite-TV business. The deal, which has been in the works for over one year, would give AT&T the consumer broadband reach that it craves and bolster DirecTV's broadband position, according to The Wall Street Journal .

​Republican FCC Commissioner: You Don’t Need the Internet — Internet access is "not a necessity in the day-to-day lives of Americans," according to a senior Republican Federal Communications Commission official. And it certainly isn't a human right, despite what Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, might have you believe, according to Mike O'Rielly, one of the two Republican FCC commissioners.

AOL, Huffington Post Seek Another 8,000 Free Bloggers — So you want to be a writer. Well, have I got a deal for you. Join Patch, and write for free for a multibillion-dollar company run by millionaires. The exposure is great, I can assure you, dahling. In a continuation of one of the more, um, unusual media stories in recent memory, AOL is asking...

Time Warner Cable Has Already Been Challenged Over New Net Neutrality Rules — CNS's Sun Diego Live site notifies some users that their streaming quality has been reduced to prevent bandwidth costs on networks that don't peer with CNS. Image: The US government's landmark open internet policy is about to face its first real-world test-and now federal regulators must confront tough questions about streaming video for consumers.
Jun 23, 2015

Time Warner Cable Has Already Been Challenged Over New Net Neutrality Rules… via @motherboard

Jun 23, 2015

RT @motherboard: Time Warner Cable has already been challenged over new net neutrality rules:

The FCC Aims to Fine AT&T $100 Million for its Misleading 'Unlimited' Data Plans — As if AT&T didn't already have enough to worry about with the FCC. The US government announced Wednesday that it wants to slap AT&T with a whopping $100 million fine, the single largest penalty the FCC has ever pursued, a US government official told reporters.
Jun 17, 2015

The FCC Aims to Fine AT&T $100 Million for its Misleading 'Unlimited' Data Plans… via @motherboard

Jun 17, 2015

RT @motherboard: The FCC aims to fine AT&T $100 million for its "misleading" unlimited data plans:…

Jun 17, 2015

Just confirmed with @fcc official. This is the single largest fine the FCC has ever proposed.…

Jun 17, 2015

RT @samgustin: Just confirmed with @fcc official. This is the single largest fine the FCC has ever proposed.…

The White House Steps Up as GOP Tries to Undo Net Neutrality Rules — Rep. Rogers. Gage Skidmore/Flickr Republicans on Capitol Hill want to use the 2016 federal budget to blow up the US government's new open internet policy -and now the White House is pushing back.

Net Neutrality Activists Believe the 'Internet Voter' Is a New Political Force — Now that the US government's historic open internet protections have taken effect, many of the activists who pushed for the landmark rules are aiming to turn their victory into a new political force.

​Net Neutrality Goes Into Effect Friday After Court Refuses Last Minute Stay — Open internet advocates cheered on Thursday when a federal court refused to delay the implementation of the US government's controversial new net neutrality rules, which will go into effect this Friday. Cable and telecom interest groups, meanwhile, vowed to press on with their case, which the DC Circuit Court of Appeals ordered to be expedited.

The GOP Is Trying to Nuke Net Neutrality With a Budget Bill Sneak Attack — Image: NMA/YouTube Republicans on Capitol Hill have been scheming to kill the US government's landmark new open internet policy ever since it was approved-and their latest gambit is a particularly crafty sneak attack.
Jun 10, 2015

RT @rsingel: The House is gunning after net neutrality and proposing to cut the FCC budget in a must pass spending bill.…

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Does Arianna Huffington Have Enough Magic Touch Left to Save AOL? — In this photo provided by Earl Gibson III, Arianna Huffington appears as a panelist for Tavis Smiley's America's Next Chapter on Thursday, Jan. 13, 2011 in Washington. (AP Photo/Earl Gibson III) The AOL-Huffington Post merger officially closed on Monday, so now it falls to accidental media entrepreneur Arianna Huffington to lead the former internet darling...
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Aug 23, 2015

"Beautifully told, humanizing, important." ‘NeuroTribes,’ by @stevesilberman. Bravissimo Steve! So thrilled for you!…

Aug 21, 2015

@emptywheel Point is, stock market doesn't really affect him either way, because he's not that big into equities.

Aug 21, 2015

@emptywheel Most of his wealth is in illiquid assets like real estate, and his "brand." Much less liquid assets like stock and cash.

Aug 21, 2015

@geoffschwartz @Giants Have a great season Geoff, and stay healthy! Will be pulling for you.

Aug 21, 2015

@colinjones Have a great weekend man. I'm going to try to couch some of it.

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