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Facebook Briefly Shuts Down After Code Leak — Facebook, one of the largest websites in the world, voluntarily shut itself down Thursday after the code for several new products was made public before the products were ready for launch, the company confirmed to The immense online social network was forced to turn itself off in order to resolve the problem.

Senate Bill Would Let Cities Build High-Speed Internet Without Getting Sued — ​ Cities that want to build super-fast community internet networks received a big political boost Thursday when three influential senators introduced legislation that would preempt state laws that prohibit local governments from building their own networks. The Community Broadband Act, which was introduced by Sen.

The Biggest Foes of Obama's High Speed Internet Plan — ​ President Obama's strong support for community internet networks drew sharp criticism on Wednesday from cable and telecom industry groups, as well as Republican lawmakers who called the White House's plan to boost local internet coverage and speeds an unacceptable breach of "states' rights."

Amid Privacy Concerns, NYC Approves Bid to Turn Payphones into Wifi Hotspots — New York City's ambitious plan to transform thousands of obsolete payphones into blazing fast free public wifi hotspots took a major step forward today, when the city announced the contract's winning bidder and provided details about the rollout. City officials said Monday that when completed, the initiative will result in the largest, fastest network of free public wifi hotspots in the country.

Obama Finally Endorsed Net Neutrality. Now What? — President Barack Obama's strong endorsement of tough new rules regulating US internet service providers sets the stage for a fierce ideological fight that will play out in federal court and Congress in the coming months.

The FCC's Hybrid Net Neutrality Plan Could Break the Open Internet Coalition — There are signs that the pro-net neutrality coalition is under increasing strain as the Federal Communications Commission nears a decision over the form and scope of its new Open Internet rules.

Five Candidates the Internet's Favorite Super PAC Should Spend Its Money On — Internet activist Lawrence Lessig's "Super PAC to end all Super PACs" managed to hit its self-imposed July 4 fundraising deadline, after thousands of donors responded to a last-minute online push spurred in part by Star Trek icon and social media superstar George Takei, who urged his 1.2 million Twitter followers and 7.2 million Facebook fans to help "take back our democracy from the super wealthy."

Behind IBM's Plan to Beat Humans at Their Own Game — Update 2/15 3 p.m. EST: Human Jeopardy champ Brad Rutter and IBM supercomputer Watson ended Monday's initial round tied at $5,000. Ken Jennings was in third place with $2,000. The competition continues tonight. IBM supercomputer Watson squared off Monday in a historic Valentine's Day encounter against Jeopardy champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter in a...

​FCC Chief Says He Agrees With Obama on Net Neutrality. Critics Are Skeptical — Wheeler's comments, delivered during a press conference following the FCC's monthly meeting, came one week after Obama issued a strong statement opposing "paid prioritization," which Open Internet advocates say is anathema to net neutrality, the principle that broadband providers should treat all data equally.

Ebay Is the Latest Tech Giant Under Pressure to Cut Ties to Climate Deniers — Over the last few weeks, several major tech companies and other corporate giants have cut ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the controversial conservative group that has come under fire for its opposition to climate change initiatives championed by environmental activists. Ebay is the latest corporate giant to feel the pressure to leave ALEC.
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Jan 27, 2015

It actually is a non-trial storm. RT @AntDeRosa: CNN, please stop calling it a “historic” blizzard.

Jan 27, 2015

Smug take from down there in DC, no? RT @JohnJHarwood: So epic storm wasn't quite so epic

Jan 27, 2015

Back to bidness for CNBC: RT @CNBC: ...And then there was the world's first hybrid yacht »

Jan 27, 2015

RT @nycjim: Suffolk County hit hard as #blizzardof2015 moves east. 18 inches at Islip Airport.…

Jan 27, 2015

Says anonymous guy on Twitter. RT @IvanTheK: Congratulations to one-term mayor Bill de Blasio.

Jan 27, 2015

Nice, bet bridge traffic is very fast. RT @NBCNewYork: #BREAKING: Travel ban lifted for southern New Jersey

Jan 27, 2015

RT @EmilyWCVB: RIGHT NOW: @MassGovernor Charlie Baker says "so far, so good". Power outage #s below what we thought, that's a good thing. #wcvb

Jan 27, 2015

RT @carlquintanilla: No subways. So @CNBC producer @dfindles walked from the Upper West Side to the @NYSE. Took nearly 2 hours. #blizzardof2015

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