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Presenter BBC Front Row&Newswatch.Freelance Journo,Visiting Prof Kingston Uni.Spiritual Berliner,ex-LosAngeleno,movie connoisseur,especially Westerns&SF.

How The Bomb changed everything — It was HG Wells who first conceived the atomic bomb and even gave it its name, in a 1914 novel called The World Set Free. Wells imagined a uranium-based hand grenade that "would continue to explode indefinitely". He may have got the shape and size wrong, but it became a reality in his lifetime - just over 30 years later.

Samira Ahmed: Fame seems like the escape route but maybe it’s the trap — "I used to scrump apples in the grounds here," says Jim Dale, smiling that boyish smile as we sit for our interview in a grand medieval manor house. Now a country house hotel, it used to be a school when he was a boy in the 1940s. It's a remarkable journey.

Age of Ultron’ review by Samira Ahmed • Letterboxd — Sometimes more isn't more. Or rather it's just more. This film is the cinematic equivalent of China spewing out climate-changing heavy industrial pollution with no sense of the overload on the environment.

News & Views - The girlification of character's hair — Long girly hair is a feminist issue and we need to talk about it. Putting your long hair up or styling it short has long been a shorthand for sophistication. It's not about being old, so much as it's about embracing maturity - a girl turning into a woman.

Samira Ahmed: When is it acceptable to exploit murder for entertainment? — It was late, I was tired and I needed cheering up, and I found this great comedy on TV that I'd never seen before which did just the job. Burke and Hare (pictured), directed by John Landis in 2010 and starring Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis, is a rollicking love song to Edinburgh's architecture, its gothic medical pioneering past, its lowlife and its ghosts.

Branagh: From Shakespeare to Cinderella — If you know the films of Sir Kenneth Branagh there is something familiar about Cinderella's ballroom dance scene, when the Prince swirls her round in a glow of colour and light, all captured in bold, sweeping camera movements. Branagh used a similar visual style in his big-budget 1994 film Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, in which he also starred as the overambitious scientist.

‎‘Chappie’ review by Samira Ahmed • Letterboxd — Sigourney Weaver says she'd seen District 9 three times before being asked to be in Chappie. And she nails it when she says the power of Blomkamp's sf dystopias are that they take place "10 minutes from now". Be aware she's barely in it. Much of our interview is about their Alien plans, not surprisingly.

Samira Ahmed: A useless female lead is nothing to celebrate — I have been a brooding outcast in my castle. Reduced to throwing icy blasts from my fingertips at the telly and the computer where slebs and men - especially men - say that I'm the freak, that I'm weird. That film I loathe is actually a feminist masterpiece.

Issue 1142 | Big Issue — In this week's Big Issue... Sean Penn - the double Oscar-winner who likes to jet around the world fixing things in trouble spots. Adrian Lobb talks to him about conscience politics, the Liam Neeson-driven vogue for older action heroes, some de rigueur rhapsodising about Mark Rylance and where the "enemies" are coming from.

Are the rich winning a cultural class war? — That Britain's cultural class war is complicated is perhaps most apparent in the fact that Labour's new culture spokesman, Chris Bryant, was educated at private Cheltenham College while the Conservative Culture Secretary Sajid Javid is a bus driver's son from a comprehensive school.
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Jul 05, 2015

@tituschalk a you'd be amazed at how differently it's viewed by some people here. As a heroic stand.

Jul 05, 2015

RT @0tralala: Tonight, Radio 3 at 6.45, @TobyHadoke plays characters from #doctorwho hit episodes Timelash, Time and the Rani and The Beast Below.

Jul 05, 2015

@poisonchallis @0tralala @TobyHadoke Can I just say with total impartiality this prog has the best combination of explosions & accents.

Jul 05, 2015

@NeilKBrand I didn't know that. You are quite a polymath. Any chance of being able to listen to them?

Jul 05, 2015

The Bomb Foreseen: How HG Wells predicted the Atomic Bomb & the chain reaction of ideas that made it a reality:…

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