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IT editor at Ars Technica. Ex-sysadmin, ex-director of IT strategy, ex-Navy. Currently planning Arduino robot uprising. Posts are my own, not my employer's.

Sean Gallagher's Biography

Ars Technica's IT Editor, overseeing enterprise and general information technology coverage. Over 20 years of tech journalism experience, from test lab to news beats. Winner of two American Society of Business Publication Editors awards and one Neal award. Past positions include Managing Editor, InformationWeek Labs; Technology Editor, Baseline Magazine; Editor-in-Chief of Defense Systems.

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American Association of Business Publication Editors National Gold Award

2003 - Case History
With Larry Barrett, for McBusted—a case study of the failure of McDonalds' attempt to computerize the entire business process of its franchisees right down to how often the fryer oil was changed.

What was your first job as a journalist?

As a freelancer, I wrote about trade finance. My first full-time gig was as assistant editor for a DC computer newspaper.

How is social media changing news?

It's an ongoing open conversation with sources and readers. It creates transparency.

How do you prefer to be pitched on stories?

We don't take pitched stories very often. I prefer PR people understand Ars before wildly pitching, or I may never have time to respond.

New chip lets gadget developers build mobile apps into their devices — Two years ago, a small group of engineers from a company called RF Digital launched a Kickstarter campaign for the RFduino, a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0 enabled embedded controller that would be compatible with the open-source Arduino platform.

Bus pass: Civic hackers open transit data MTA said would cost too much to share — Despite promises of transparency and efforts to create "open data" in the hopes of latching onto the "app economy"-words frequently used in government agency press releases-much of the data that would be of the greatest value to citizens often ends up out of reach.

Cybergeddon: Why the Internet could be the next “failed state” — In the New York City of the late 1970s, things looked bad. The city government was bankrupt, urban blight was rampant, and crime was high. But people still went to the city every day because that was where everything was happening.

Turkey to spend $3.4B on air defenses that won’t work with NATO network — Turkey's defense minister has announced that the Turkish military will go ahead with the $3.5 billion purchase of an air defense system from China-one that is fundamentally incompatible with the NATO air defense network.

Short on machine guns, German army armed turrets with broomsticks — Late last year, as the German Bundeswehr was considering rebooting its expensive, failed Euro Hawk drone program, the army of the country with the fourth largest economy in the world fielded its newest armored vehicles in a major military exercise in Norway with broomsticks painted black and lashed in place of missing machine gun barrels.

How hackers could attack hard drives to create a pervasive backdoor — News that a hacking group within or associated with the National Security Agency compromised the firmware of hard drive controllers from a number of manufacturers as part of a 14-year cyber-espionage campaign has led some to believe that the manufacturers were somehow complicit in the hacking-either by providing source code to controller firmware or other technical support.

Support Index on Censorship — "Never have we had more chances to communicate, more need to engage with one another, more technological horizons that could lead to a global community. And never before have we had more challenges and threats and surveillance conspiracies against free expression."

Google updates disclosure policy after Windows, OS X zero-day controversy — In a blog post today, the Google Security team announced changes to policies on full disclosure of bugs found by Project Zero, the security research team that uncovered zero-day vulnerabilities recently revealed in Microsoft's Windows 8.1 and Apple's OS X operating systems. Those disclosures, which were made 90 days after Google alerted Microsoft and Apple in accordance with Project Zero's strict release policy, stirred controversy because they had not yet been patched-and gave attackers time to leverage them before Microsoft and Apple distributed fixes.

Palm-sized pwnage: Ars tests the Pwn Plug R3 — Imagine for a moment the following scenario: you're the manager for a busy bank branch in a major city. You come back from lunch and are told by one of your employees that someone from corporate IT dropped by to check on a reported problem with a branch PC.

North Korea shows off previously secret “stealth” missile hoverboat — On February 7, the North Korean government's official news service published images of the test-firing of new homegrown anti-ship missiles from a new class of ship that the Korean People's Army (KPA) Navy has reportedly had in development for over a decade.
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Mar 04, 2015

And this is about as serious as I ever took Star Trek Voyager: not at all. #Holodoc Thx @jonrosenberg…

Mar 04, 2015

That isn't to say that US should not make it clear to Iran that it will help defend Israel, that Iran must recognize Israel's right to exist

Mar 04, 2015

Realistically, US negotiating some oversight, moving forward in engaging Iran is best for Israel in long term—genie is already out of lamp.

Mar 04, 2015

For those who keeps saying to stand with Israel on Iran: Netanyahu's argument is moot, Iran already can make nukes.…

Mar 03, 2015

You've got to be kidding me. RR @BaltSunBrk: Slots at BWI? Idea moves from impossible to merely a long shot

Mar 01, 2015

@digiphile @FCC if we had actual broadband competition in the US it would be different. But unless FCC bans exclusive franchises...

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