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IT editor at Ars Technica. Baltimoron. Geek Dad. Tech wisacre. Occasional coder and hardware hacker.

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Ars Technica's IT Editor, overseeing enterprise and general information technology coverage. Over 20 years of tech journalism experience, from test lab to news beats. Winner of two American Society of Business Publication Editors awards and one Neal award. Past positions include Managing Editor, InformationWeek Labs; Technology Editor, Baseline Magazine; Editor-in-Chief of Defense Systems.

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American Association of Business Publication Editors National Gold Award

2003 - Case History
With Larry Barrett, for McBusted—a case study of the failure of McDonalds' attempt to computerize the entire business process of its franchisees right down to how often the fryer oil was changed.

What was your first job as a journalist?

As a freelancer, I wrote about trade finance. My first full-time gig was as assistant editor for a DC computer newspaper.

How is social media changing news?

It's an ongoing open conversation with sources and readers. It creates transparency.

How do you prefer to be pitched on stories?

We don't take pitched stories very often. I prefer PR people understand Ars before wildly pitching, or I may never have time to respond.

Retailers accuse credit unions of talking smack about card breaches — Reeling from the bad press associated with an ongoing parade of data breaches caused by criminal infiltration of their payment systems, representatives of six retail industry associations signed a joint open letter that pushes back against a vocal critic of retailers' cyber-security practices-credit union associations.

It came from the server room: Halloween tales of tech terror — It all started when the monitors started bursting into flames. Well, at least that's when I knew I had walked into a tech support horror story. Back in the day when the cathode-ray tube was still the display of choice, and SVGA really was super, I was working as a network engineer and tech support manager for a government contractor at a large military research lab.

White House unclassified network hacked, apparently by Russians — The unclassified network of the Executive Office of the President-the administrative network of the White House-was breached by attackers thought to be working for the Russian government, according to multiple reports. The Washington Post reported that an investigation is ongoing, and White House officials are not saying what data, if any, was stolen from the computers on the network.

Fear of a cloud planet — In our second day of the Ars UNITE virtual conference, we looked at just how broken cloud privacy is and asked what can be done to fix it. Response to our feature on the topic, " Taking back privacy in the post-Snowden cloud," fell primarily into two camps: "Don't use the cloud!"

UNITE Live: Hashing out the future of cloud privacy — Public cloud services have become critical to much of our digital lives, but the privacy and security of these services has always been suspect. And today, the Snowden leaks and the revelations of NSA and GCHQ spying on cloud services have created a backlash internationally for US cloud providers.

Taking back privacy in the post-Snowden cloud — Welcome to Ars UNITE, our week-long virtual conference on the ways that innovation brings unusual pairings together. Today, a look at how everyone involved with the modern cloud is looking to improve its security. Join us this afternoon for a live discussion on the topic with article author Sean Gallagher and his expert guests; your comments and questions are welcome.

FTDI’s anti-counterfeiting efforts sit between a rock and a hard place — A driver update from the Scottish electronics firm FTDI that intentionally "bricked" USB devices with counterfeit FTDI chips has been removed from Windows Update by the firm. The move follows an uproar from users who found devices they thought used the company's chips disabled without warning.

Another Tor router crowdfunding project nixed by Kickstarter — Kickstarter is apparently not the place to go if you're trying to crowdfund privacy hardware. Just days after the Anonabox project, a highly criticized effort to package the Tor privacy protection service into a portable miniature Wi-Fi router, was suspended by the crowdfunding site, another similar project has met its demise-and its founder's account has been deleted.

In wake of Anonabox, more crowdsourced Tor router projects make their pitch — Fundraiser far exceeded expectations, but raised security questions. Last week, Ars reported on the story of Anonabox, an effort by a California developer to create an affordable privacy-protecting device based on the open source OpenWRT wireless router software and the Tor Project's eponymous Internet traffic encryption and anonymization software.

Chinese government launches man-in-middle attack against iCloud —, a group that monitors censorship by the Chinese government's national firewall system (often referred to as the "Great Firewall"), reports that China is using the system as part of a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack on users of Apple's iCloud service within the country.
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Oct 31, 2014

RT @infobldrs: Trick or Treat! Today we’re giving a #FF to some journalists for their spirited #Halloween articles @SteveD3, @darrylktaft, @thepacketrat

Oct 31, 2014

RT @kenfagerdotcom: User is upset because a feature length DVD they thought they embedded into a PowerPoint can't be sent via email. #ITTalesOfTerror

Oct 31, 2014

RT @zumarek: @thepacketrat if you had to design really convoluted solution - CurrentC seem like a good prototype.

Oct 31, 2014

@zumarek I'm really excited to see how this whole CurrentC thing works, Mostly from a getting popcorn to watch the fiascos standpoint.

Oct 31, 2014

Is 40% of 2.69 per breached card really a fair share of fraud bill for retailers who lose data to pay? They think so.

Oct 31, 2014

Retail execs are all bent out of shape about credit union assoc's calling them "negligent entities" in cybersecurity

Oct 31, 2014

Thanks, @nytimes delivery man, for the free sample of the @washingtonpost . Mighty collegial of you.

Oct 31, 2014

twitter Phish o the day: @b3p4662: @thepacketrat |Prize| Patrol chose you as today's Baltimore winner! Claim at this page @Your__Claim

Oct 31, 2014

@webmink that is mor interesting, yes. Maybe they sell them to Lenovo. (Only slight sarcasm there)

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