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Felonius Munk

Father. Comic. Emmy Nominated. I'm funny. Don't be musty. #DontSayThings I made #StopItB happen
Blogger and Commentator — WPIX New York
Feb 27, 2015

Chamillionaire has a grammy. Nas does not. not gonna EVER get me to argue about an awards show. *turns up Ridin'*

Larry Chiang

This is the official LARRY CHIANG twitter feed. Texting your email to @6502838008 gets a handspun & hand curated response. I am CEO, say hi LARRY(at)Duck9 com

Sally Kuchar

@Curbed City Sites Editor, Vox Media. Charrette enthusiast; amateur lepidopterist.
San Francisco
City Sites Editor — Curbed
Feb 26, 2015

Can someone please synch up Chamillionaire - Ridin' to this liberated llama.

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