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Letter of Recommendation: Farmer in the Deli — Near the northern border of Fort Greene, Brooklyn, at the corner of Myrtle and Adelphi, there is a grocery store called Farmer in the Deli, which is open all day and all night. In addition to a rather clunky pun for a name, Farmer also has a motto: "We don't make sandwiches, we build them."

On Top - The New Yorker — Mariah Carey is thirty-six years old, and, barring a debilitating illness, or another movie as bad as "Glitter," her 2001 vanity project, she will likely break the world record for the most No. 1 songs before she turns forty. The Beatles had twenty, and Carey is currently tied with Elvis Presley for second place, at seventeen.

The M.C. Who Fell to Earth — Anybody who reports on the arts will eventually feel the fear of crying wolf: If I tell people that I just saw the greatest thing ever, will it undo the last time I said it? How many times can you say something like that before all the claims coalesce into a weak mist of approval?

An Inescapable Voice on "Black Messiah" — After more than a decade of near silence, rumors, and rampant speculation, the elusive soul singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist D'Angelo dropped "Black Messiah" on December 15th. The album was both an unexpected gift and a timely political statement that was well-received in many corners of a hungry music world.

Fade Out - The New Yorker — In 2003, when I was writing for Slate, I took issue with Alex Ross's allegation, in a column for The New Yorker, that Justin Timberlake might not own a pen. (Ross's column was not, in large part, about Timberlake.) This was before Twitter, when people had to learn Movable Type and start a blog if they wanted to say ridiculous things.

The Sleater-Kinney Solution — In December, 2011, Carrie Brownstein was sitting on Corin Tucker's couch, in Portland, Oregon. Once bandmates in an indie-rock group called Sleater-Kinney, which they started in 1994 and named after a highway exit ramp in Olympia, Washington, Brownstein and Tucker hadn't played together since 2006.

Why Christine McVie Came Back to Fleetwood Mac — By the time Christine McVie arrived at the Morrison Hotel Gallery, in SoHo, she had been up for sixteen hours and was dying to remove her false eyelashes. "They're so heavy," she said, as she tilted her head onto her clasped hands for the benefit of her manager, who had promised her an early exit.

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2015-01-12 - The New Yorker — A Map of Betrayal, by Ha Jin (Pantheon). Gary Shang, the protagonist of Ha's seventh novel, is a Chinese spy in America. His story is narrated by his daughter Lillian, a college professor who travels to China in search of the Chinese family her father left behind. A modest, unobtrusive...

D’Angelo Reborn — Almost three years ago, some friends gathered around a laptop in my apartment and watched footage apparently shot on a smartphone of a concert given a few days earlier, in Paris. The performer was D'Angelo, the R. & B.
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Jul 06, 2015

Best bit on streaming music experience I've read. Or — narcissism of consensus etc — this is how it feels to me, too.

Jul 03, 2015

new Battles is hard as cubic zirconia and fine as the small print on an Apple NDA

Jul 03, 2015

Apple lives up to the biodynamic name parallels and turns MP3s into gorgeous blooms that come and go beyond your control embrace that shit

Jul 01, 2015

Apple has no Twitter account still but Apple Music has the thirstiest account in town that is bold

Jun 30, 2015

Found ultimate health goth: has spiderweb tattoo on forehead, black satin flight pillow, and she asked Siri "What is zero divided by zero?"

Jun 28, 2015

also when did mosquitoes get Uber fuck being outside

Jun 28, 2015

Rihanna's default vibe at all awards shows is "Off with their heads!" and that deserves its own award

Jun 22, 2015

The sweetest taboo: in her Tumbl, Swift never says "label," the entity paid first by any streaming service. "Artist" is pure misdirection.

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