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Not Quite Checkmate for the Bundesbank — For the Bundesbank, it's check-but not yet checkmate. The German central bank's long campaign to prevent the European Central Bank buying government bonds stands on the brink of failure. Its opposition primarily reflected concerns over the legality, effectiveness and moral hazard of quantitative easing.

Greece’s Samaras Waits on Verdict of the Few

Juncker’s Investment Plan for Eurozone Is No Magic Bullet — The story of the euro crisis is the quest for magic bullets. Politicians, policy makers, economists and commentators have spent five years debating where to find the "big bazooka" that will draw a line under the currency union's debt woes. Candidates have included common bailout funds, Eurobonds, central bank liquidity facilities, credit easing, banking union, fiscal austerity and fiscal stimulus.

Why Cameron Blinked — David Cameron blinked-as it was always likely he would. When the British prime minister finally made his long-awaited speech setting out his policy on immigration on Friday, there was no mention of caps or quotas or emergency brakes. Instead, he focused on proposals to block EU migrants from access to U.K.

The Pope Wants a Reformation — The theme of my Europe File column Monday (and many columns before that) was that Europe needs a reformation if it is to avoid revolution at the hands of populist parties. It took the pope of all people to drive this message home in a speech to the European Parliament on Tuesday.

Is the U.K. Heading for a Grand Coalition? — British attitudes toward the European Union have long been shaped by a strong sense of British exceptionalism. The U.K. sees itself as an island nation that has often stood outside the currents that have swept the rest of the Continent.

After 25 Years, Central Europe Still Playing Catch-Up — Anyone who remembers Central Europe in the early '90s can't fail to be impressed by the transformation of those countries from centrally-planned economies to market-based democracies. As it celebrates the 25th anniversary of the collapse of communist dictatorships, the region is once again fully integrated politically and economically into the life of the Continent.

Italien wird zur Nagelprobe für ein europäisches QE — Die US-Notenbank Federal Reserve hat gerade ihre als „Quantitative Easing" bekannten Anleihekäufe beendet. In Europa dagegen werden die Stimmen lauter, die ein eigenes, breit angelegtes Programm der Europäischen Zentralbank zum Kauf von Staatsanleihen fordern, um die lahmende Konjunktur der Eurozone anzukurbeln.

Toxic Italy Is the Crucial Test for QE in Europe — As the Federal Reserve ends its quantitative-easing program, the calls for the European Central Bank to embark on its own full-scale government-bond-buying program grow louder. Many observers concur with former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's judgment that U.S. QE worked in practice but not in theory.

Stress Tests Mark Step Closer Toward Eurozone Banking Union — Only time will tell how successful the stress tests have been, but the exercise was an important step toward a banking union in the eurozone, Simon Nixon writes.
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Dec 21, 2014

Not quite checkmate for the Bundesbank - Germany looks defeated on QE but may dictate terms of surrender. My latest…

Dec 17, 2014

RT @MacroPolis_gr: In 1st of 3 ballots, Greek gov't gets 160 votes for presidential candidate Stavros Dimas, one less than conservative projections #Greece

Dec 17, 2014

RT @NickMalkoutzis: Vote finishes - 160 vote for govt's presidential candidate, 135 vote "present" & 5 are absent #Greece

Dec 16, 2014

RT @BSchmeitzner: #Putin critic Yuri Shutov, serving life sentence, died in top security prison in Perm…

Dec 16, 2014

RT @cyprusmail: Worrying decrease in Russian tourism A 20% drop is expected next summer if current trends continue:… #Cyprus #tourism

Dec 16, 2014

@ioannis1959 I hope you're right, particularly on constitutional reforms...

Dec 16, 2014

@ioannis1959 I agree, but the piece is about the worst-case scenarios being discounted by the market.

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