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From The Boy Least Likely To..... To The Man Who Never Did. All views probably borrowed from elsewhere.

Why ISIS will not win

capx.co — On the plus side - they're a bunch of losers who are going to lose. On the negative side - it'll take some time, and another version of IS will take their place unless the ideology which underpins their fanaticism is diluted. To do this, even while military action is ongoing, we must stop saying ...

Spy Agency Sends Pro Gay Signal

thewhatandthewhy.com — Britain's intelligence monitoring post GCHQ has marked International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOT) by lighting up its main building in the colours of the rainbow. The symbolic act comes 24 years after the UK's three main intelligence agencies, GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 lifted a ban on openly gay people working for them.

The Story of Britain's Football Chants

goodreads.com — Dirty Northern B*st*rds - So Me For many years following Manchester City when we have travelled south of Crewe I and my colleagues have often been called a dirty northern b*st*rd by some southern softie.

Where do football chants come from?

telegraph.co.uk — Each season, new chants are added to the canon. Some are spontaneous, off-the-cuff. Others are carefully constructed by individuals or small groups, planned in the week before a game, often given a trial in pubs near the ground on match day, and then transferred to the terraces where they stand or fall, judged by their peers.

GCHQ 'Can Seize Private Facebook Photographs'

news.sky.com — Exclusive: Sky's Man Goes Inside GCHQ As I crossed the various levels of security required to get into GCHQ, signs went up around the building. Staff were warned that an outsider was inside, and to be aware of that if engaged in any sensitive conversations.

ISIS Urges Muslims To Immigrate To 'New State'

news.sky.com — How Long Can The ISIS 'Caliphate' Survive? The ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, appears to have declared that the area in which his fighters have nominal control is a "state". If that is the case it is not a state as the modern world recognises the concept, nor is it likely to survive.
Jul 01, 2014

Leader of ISIS tells Muslims it's their "duty" to immigrate to his newly-declared "Islamic State" in Iraq and Syria: news.sky.com/story/1293113/…

US Sending Hundreds More Troops To Iraq

news.sky.com — Timeline: How The Iraq Crisis Unfolded A look back at the main events in the Iraq crisis, which has seen Sunni insurgents from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terror group move to within 50 miles of the capital Baghdad.

"Dirty Northern B*st*rds!" and other Tales from the Terraces

eandtbooks.com — Elliott & Thompson · 27 John Street, London, WC1N 2BX · Tel. +44.207.831.5013 · Copyright © 2013 Elliott & Thompson, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Iraqi Militants: 'Battle Will Rage In Baghdad'

news.sky.com — Iraq Unrest Threatens To Redraw Middle East Iraq's second largest city, Mosul, is now under the control of radical Islamist fighters ideologically aligned with al Qaeda, bringing closer the possibility that the country will fall apart. The violence is also further proof that the conflicts in Syria and Iraq have merged and threaten further instability throughout the region.

Iraq: Tikrit Seized As Militants Surge South

news.sky.com — Militants from an al Qaeda splinter group have attacked a town housing Iraq's largest oil refinery, as more than 500,000 people fled an assault on the country's second city. Some 250 guards at the refinery in Baiji withdrew to another town after the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants sent a delegation of tribal chiefs to persuade them to pull out.
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Feb 06, 2016

Presenting LBC tonite. At 6 is the term BME outdated? At 7 Does scientific hostility to outlandish ideas hold back knowledge?

Feb 06, 2016

@mattyills Hmm acknowledge it and yr colleagues would think you were an idiot as they would know its utter obsessive tosh.

Feb 05, 2016

RT @pollreport: NEW HAMPSHIRE GOP primary: Trump 30% Rubio 17 Cruz 15 Kasich 10 Bush 9 Christie 4 Carson 4 Fiorina 2 (NBC News/WSJ/Marist Poll, 2/2-3)

Feb 05, 2016

RT @Nervana_1: Egypt's army FB page says the army has discovered a new concrete tunnel at the Gaza order 12 meter under the ground pic.twitter.com/bdoOLyuuGD

Feb 05, 2016

Turkey has denied Russian claims it is planning an incursion into Syria calling it propaganda. W@Y beleives there is a plan, but its on hold

Feb 05, 2016

RT @TwopTwips: RECREATE the #Superbowl experience of staying up all night staring at something you barely understand by having a baby. @tweetymactweeto

Feb 05, 2016

If yr interested in WMD and ISIS - here's W@Y writer Hamish D on t'tellybox - youtube.com/channel/UCO7aT…

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