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If You Only See One Mad Max-on-BMX Movie Today, Make It Turbo Kid

wired.com — As the summer winds down, it's easy to think you've seen possibly every dystopian/sci-fi/action movie that you can possibly handle. But, should you have a thirst for one more, we have a suggestion: Turbo Kid. It's a weird little indie, out today in theaters and on VOD, about a kid and his android companion facing off against a mega-villain named Zeus (Michael Ironside).

Peep Like the Elite With These $3,500 Binoculars

wired.com — Usually when the Germans and Italians get together to make something, it just results in some crappy techno. But the latest collaboration between those ever-fashionable Europeans is aimed not at the dance floor, but at the eyeballs of the elite.
Aug 28, 2015

What can you look at with $3,500 binoculars? Lots of things. wired.com/2015/08/leica-…

Star Wars Snuck a New Teaser Onto Instagram

wired.com — You already know that Instagram has expanded its canvas to include both portrait and landscape orientations. But what you should have anticipated is that Lucasfilm would find a way to leverage that. And leverage they did, with a new teaser IG video that shows Finn (John Boyega) ready to battle Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Logitech Headphones for the Gaming Audiophile

wired.com — Logitech G is launching two new gaming headphones: the G633 and G933 Artemis Spectrum. They are the result of Logitech's sound engineering team's attempt to create a gaming headset that delivers audio comparable to top-shelf headphones. With patent pending Pro-G audio drivers and 7.1 Dolby surround sound, these headphones aim to immerse you into the game.

Mr. Robot Finale Postponed in Wake of Virginia TV Station Shooting

wired.com — Citing similarities between the show's finale and today's tragic shooting at a Virginia TV station, USA Network says it will postpone tonight's finale of Mr. Robot. "The previously filmed season finale of Mr. Robot contains a graphic scene similar in nature to today's tragic events in Virginia," the network said in a statement.
Aug 26, 2015

RT @WIRED: The finale of 'Mr. Robot' has been postponed in wake of the Virginia TV station shooting wrd.cm/1hg3kUt

Aug 26, 2015

RT @WIRED: The finale of 'Mr. Robot' has been postponed in wake of the Virginia TV station shooting wrd.cm/1hg3kUt

Aug 26, 2015

Mr. Robot Finale Postponed in Wake of Virginia TV Station Shooting wired.com/2015/08/mr-rob… via @WIRED

Your Dreams of Using Nothing But Emoji Are Realized

wired.com — While your smartphone is an easy conduit for all-emoji conversation, things get a little tough when you find yourself at a regular old laptop. Sure, keyboard shortcuts can get you there, but PC-made discussion is still dominated by... you know, words. Until now!

Do Not Stick the Stylus in the Note 5 Backwards. Seriously.

wired.com — A new video from Android Police has been getting publicity after showing how easy it is to break your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 by putting the stylus in backwards. Before we go any further on this issue, we have to emphasize that you should not try this because your phone will (sort of) break.
Aug 25, 2015

RT @gadgetlab: Seriously: Do not stick the stylus into the Galaxy Note 5 backwards wrd.cm/1JX9E0e

New Hunger Games Banner Gives All New Meaning to #SquadGoals

wired.com — The new Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part 2 promotional banner is called "Fallen Snow" and depicts Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and her fellow rebels surrounding a toppled statue of President Snow (Donald Sutherland). The image, above, was revealed after fans clicked a map of the Capitol in new microsite 11,202,015 times in one hour.

Here's the Lego Jurassic World You've Been Waiting For

wired.com — Jurassic World was pretty fun. Like, a bajillion people now agree on this. But if you want to relive it without spending another two hours and $15 at a theater, this 90-second Lego re-enactment pretty much hits all the highlights. Oh, and it lets you (sort of) see Chris Pratt as a Lego minifig again.

Huzzah for Jets Dressed Up as Star Wars Droids

wired.com — Chances are you'll never get to ride in an X-wing with R2-D2 as co-pilot, but Japan's All Nippon Airways has what must be the next best thing: a commercial jetliner painted to resemble your favorite droid.
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Sep 01, 2015

"Oh great ancestor, is Apple working on a self-driving car?" pic.twitter.com/MIi6LHzdvM

Sep 01, 2015

RT @WIRED: Yes, Nextbit’s Robin is another pretty phone—but it has infinite storage wrd.cm/1JKobWH pic.twitter.com/edVWTbjlHA

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