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Chief Digital Officer, @MetMuseum • 21yrs @ColumbiaJourn/@Columbia • 15yrs++ @RoopaOnline • PODCAST:

What was your first job as a journalist?

I worked as an intern at the Fiji Sun. First paid job was as a proofreader for the Sunday Observer in New Delhi, India.

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Yes, I learned to type on a typewriter when I was 11. My mom thought it was a handy skill to acquire and she was right!

Who's your favorite fictional journalist?

Kermit the Frog.

5 lessons from a lost iPhone — For years, I've been doing the Gadget Boy dance. It's what you do when you get out of a taxi in NYC, tapping various parts of your clothing to make sure you have your gadgets, keys, wallet, etc., with you. On Sunday, as I exited a cab, I forgot to do the dance and left my iPhone 4S behind.

Kristofize: Social birthday present for Nick Kristof aims to do good — Dear Friends (the real kind and social media kind): Let's Kristofize! (Or Kristofise, if you prefer the British version of this made-up word.) Nick Kristof (@NickKristof), the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist (he was a finalist this year, too -- but hey, they need to spread the wealth) is someone who uses his talents and platform to make a real difference in the lives of people around the world.

Sree tips - Columbia Journalism Review — What's the etiquette about including your company name in your Twitter handle? Some news organizations force, or strongly encourage, employees to include a company identifier in their Twitter handles (if Wile E. Coyote were a journalist, his handle might be @WileeAcmeNews). My policy: If they don't force you to do this, don't do it on your own.

Five Things I Learned Judging and Hanging Out at The Shorty Awards — DNAinfo Contributing Columnist Only in a Twitter contest would a mayor of a New Jersey city beat out a U.S. president. But then we are talking about the Shorty Awards, which honors excellence - such as it is - on Twitter and other social networks.

10 Ideas from the Best Twitter Column Ever Written - by @carr2n, of course — 3 years to the day before he died, David Carr published the best column on Twitter I've ever read. That week in 2012, I turned his column into 10 lessons and 10 tweets on using Twitter in smarter ways. #6 is something I think about EVERY time I tweet.

Personal Branding Helps Journalists, Media Professionals Stand Out — DNAinfo Contributing Editor It's important, now more than ever, for journalists to do all they can to make sure their work stands out in the crowd. One way journalists can achieve this is by making sure they're always thinking about personal branding. In the old days, that is, say, 2005, the work of journalists spoke for itself.

Facebook's 'lie' button and other fun from Shorty Awards — The Shorty Awards honor excellence in social media. So just how do the rest of us get better at this "social thing"? Like the medium they honor -- social media -- the Shorty Awards are whimsical, fun, and irreverent, with a pinch of seriousness, activism, and social good thrown into the mix.

The most Twittery journalists of them all — Exclusive A year-end look at some journalist stats on Twitter (including the most-followed journalists) provided by MuckRack, a sort of LinkedIn for media professionals.

Six Ways Journalists Can Use Twitter Better — DNAinfo Contributing Editor For several months now, I have been thinking about how journalists can use Twitter in smarter ways. Here's a compilation of ideas - many of them found, of course, on Twitter itself. GET TO KNOW TWITTER BETTER: Too many journalists still don't understand Twitter.

Tips from a social media one-night stand — Some thoughts and advice from the latest in a series of advanced social media workshops around the country. Some say the classes have a memorable name.
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May 22, 2015

Couldn't have predicted this: The iconic @ThePlazaHotel with Indian & Saudi flags (has owners from there). #nycpix

May 22, 2015

28. On Twitter, please list city you're based in. Journos & PR folks look for specific cities, so "Earth" isn't helpful. #LearnSocMedia

May 22, 2015

RT @CapitalOneSpark: Finding good ideas takes trial, error, and persistence. RT if you agree!

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