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Philadelphia Aims To Become International Hub For Indoor Farming — PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - On the CBS3 health watch, its vertical farming. Philadelphia aims to become an international hub for indoor growing, according to a resolution passed today by city council. When growing produce we usually think of acres of farmland.

A New, More Gentle C-Section Experience Being Offered At Bryn Mawr Hospital — BRYN MAWR, Pa. (CBS) - Now, there's a new, more gentle way to perform C-sections being done at Bryn Mawr Hospital. Cesarean sections account for about a third of the four million babies born in the U.S. every year. The experience can be traumatic.

Alarming Findings Show Suicide Rates Continue To Soar — PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -Suicide rates in the United States are at a 30 year high, according to a new government report. This statistic comes despite efforts by health experts to shift the trend. Gregg Loomis has struggled with depression for many years. It was so extreme he tried to end his own life.

Tennis Program Provides Children With Safe Sport Option Amid Growing Concussion Concerns — PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Tennis is a sport that many young athletes are turning to out of the growing concerns about concussions associated with some contact sports. And a special kind of tennis program in our area is providing children with a lot more than just hitting the ball back and forth over a net.

Crowdfunding Becomes Popular New Source Of Funds For Moms Without Paid Maternity Leave — PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Crowdfunding is the hot new way to pay for everything from honeymoons, to business ideas and even bills. Now, some pregnant women are turning to it to fund their maternity leave. Many women do not get paid maternity leave and having a baby can be expensive.

‘I Thought He Was Bionic’ Ed Snider’s Grandson Discusses His Legacy — PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Following tonight's do or die game, there will be a memorial tomorrow at the Wells Fargo Center for Flyers founder Ed Snider, who died two weeks ago from cancer. In an exclusive interview, Snider's grandchildren talk about his health battles and commitment to help others.

Haverford Pre-School Teaches Kids Through Nature — PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Kids are learning through nature, with a school day that allows the students to spend most of their time outside. Welcome to the 'Mud Kitchen' at the Forest Edge pre-school, where 2 and 3-year-olds use their imaginations and nature to create, well, you name it!

Students And Scientists Trade Places In UPenn Science Fair — PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - There was a big display of brain power Friday at the University of Pennsylvania. The university held a neuro-science fair, where brainiacs got to show off their stuff, and have it was judged by elementary students. It was designed to get younger students interested in science and learn more about the brain.

Woman Says False-Positive Test Result Nearly Ruined Her Life — PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Inaccurate test results for sexually transmitted diseases happens more often than you think. People are told they have Syphilis, when they really don't, and they're subjected to unnecessary, potentially harmful treatment. It happened to one Philadelphia woman, who says the misdiagnosis ruined her life.

How A Remedy For Stomach Trouble Helps Treat Acne — PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A remedy for stomach trouble might also help clear up skin conditions. In his mid-20s, John James Muller says his acne was worse than ever. "Nothing worked," he said. Nothing until he started taking probiotics. "It changed drastically," he said. "I certainly gave it a shot and it worked."
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Apr 28, 2016

Philly Aims To Become International Hub For Vertical Farming. Check it out: @metropolisusa

Apr 28, 2016

Philly aims to be international hub for vertical farming #CBS3 tonight at 6 inside @metropolisusa @CBSPhilly

Apr 27, 2016

Wait till u c what they revealed @pennvet New Bolton incredible technology for horses & people #cbs#cbs36

Apr 27, 2016

#Spanking kids,still common, leads to bad behaviors according to the most comprehensive study to date: @CBSPhilly

Apr 26, 2016

RT @FulheartFam: @StahlCBS3 tx for covering this story! As a therapist & birth doula I understand the importance of #Gen#GentleCesareansps:…<a title="" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">…

Apr 25, 2016

Labor of love @mainlinehealth offering gentle c-sections #cbs3 at 6 the 1st patient says it was amazing @CBSPhilly

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