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Why You’re So Fascinated by Ben Affleck’s Nanny -- Vulture — If you've ever spent even a moment perusing the Instagram account of a celebrity, you quickly realize that all famous people are best friends with each other. I was reminded of this after wandering into a Vogue magazine slideshow drawn from the Instagram account of Cara Delevingne, the model and actress who currently stars in Paper Towns.

Oscar Isaac, From Show Me a Hero to Star Wars -- Vulture — Oscar Isaac on Ex Machina and the Secrecy of Star Wars When an actor has a breakout performance, as Oscar Isaac did in 2013's Inside Llewyn Davis , you suddenly expect to see him everywhere. Isaac's great accomplishment, however, has been that we never see him doing the same thing twice.
Aug 14, 2015

Checking in with the disco-dancing, X-Wing flying, Yonkers mayoring Oscar Isaac, who's having a pretty decent year:…

Aug 14, 2015

'It’s not like suddenly I was being asked to do one thing: singing with a beard' Oscar Isaac on life after a breakout

Why You’re Already Over Jon Stewart’s Departure — The great Jon Stewart signs off tonight, the latest in what's become the Year of the Long Good-byes. Stephen Colbert rang out 2014 by ending The Colbert Report in mid-December. Mad Men's victory lap was split into two victorious half-laps, the first half airing in the spring of 2014 and the final batch wrapping up on May 17 of this year.

Rooster McConaughey Does Not Want Your Bud Light — Rooster McConaughey is not, of course, the most famous member of the McConaughey family (that would be his younger brother Matthew), nor is he even the most famous celebrity sibling nicknamed Rooster (that would be David Sedaris's oft-written-about brother Paul).
Aug 05, 2015

RT @sternbergh: I had a beer with Rooster McConaughey, reality show host, brother to Matthew, and father to a son named Miller Lyte:…

Do Characters Belong to Fans or Creators? -- Vulture — With the release of Go Set a Watchman, by Harper Lee , fans of To Kill a Mockingbird are being forced to reconcile a new, crankier, more racist iteration of Atticus Finch with the earlier character they love so much - if, indeed, these two versions can be reconciled at all.

The Ban on Plastic Bags vs. the Ban on Bag Bans — Photographs by Bobby Doherty Lauren Kuby had a simple ambition: She wanted to get something done. Kuby works by day at a sustainability institute that's part of Arizona State University in Tempe, but last year she decided to run for City Council.
Jul 15, 2015

Plastic bags: The pernicious modern convenience that no one loves, everyone uses, and we can't stop fighting about:

Jul 15, 2015

New Yorkers go through 5.2 billion single-use carry-out bags a year. That's 10,000 bags a minute:

Jul 15, 2015

RT @sternbergh: New Yorkers go through 5.2 billion single-use carry-out bags a year. That's 10,000 bags a minute:

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The Changing, Divisive Nature of the Aerial Shot -- Vulture — If you've been watching the second season of HBO's True Detective , you've probably noticed how much time is spent in the sky. Not by the characters but by the camera - gliding over industrial barrens, hovering above traffic on California's arterial tangles of highway.
Jul 13, 2015

Behind the distinctive aerial shots in TRUE DETECTIVE, including fact that they're shot from twice the normal height:…

Jul 13, 2015

Pizzolatto comes clean: "But if that’s all nonsense, and it might be"…

Jul 13, 2015

RT @sternbergh: Behind the distinctive aerial shots in TRUE DETECTIVE, including fact that they're shot from twice the normal height:…

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How Iggy Azalea Can Save Her Career — Now that the Iggy Azalea bubble seems to have finally burst, the most amazing thing about her is that she ever existed at all. The recent cancellation of her national tour, the second time it's been delayed, could signal the beginning of the end for Iggy - though there's also this recent damning Iggy-themed entry to the "Me/You" meme, which pretty much perfectly sums up her current dilemma (and also unfortunately recalls these two young ladies).
Jun 09, 2015

This @sternbergh piece on how Iggy Azalea can (maybe) get back on the rails is really, really great:…

Jun 10, 2015

Here's a good Iggy Azalea post mortem, and blueprint to how she can make a comeback…

Jun 12, 2015

Please provide feedback on her new LinkedIn summary! MT @Slate Can Iggy Azalea save her career?

Emily Blunt, the Rock, & the Modern Action Hero -- Vulture — Emily Blunt is a five-foot-seven English actress best known, perhaps, for her expert comic turn as the harried assistant to a barely veiled and tyrannical version of Anna Wintour in The Devil Wears Prada. Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson is a six-foot-five former professional wrestler who boasts the unlikely combination of matinee-idol looks, a handy way with one-liners, and the physique of a contender for Mr. Universe.
May 29, 2015

On Emily Blunt, The Rock, and the Post-Furiosa Action Hero (with cameos by Ripley and Neil Patrick Harris):…

May 29, 2015

Wish I could articulate my feelings about Charlize Theron & rise of the female action hero as well as @sternbergh:…

May 29, 2015

RT @NYMag: Let's face it: all of the most interesting, satisfying action heroes right now are played by women:

May 30, 2015

RT @sternbergh: On Emily Blunt, The Rock, and the Post-Furiosa Action Hero (with cameos by Ripley and Neil Patrick Harris):…

May 30, 2015

RT @candrews: Great @vulture piece on the rise of a new type of cinematic action hero, led by Emily Blunt and Charlize Theron:…

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David Letterman's first episode of Late Night was great, bizarre, and showed he was late night's hardest act to follow. — This article originally appeared in Vulture. If something as groundbreaking and culturally influential as Late Night With David Letterman were to premiere today, would we recognize it right away? My initial hunch was no-I mean, who among us hasn't been guilty of a laughably grievous and humiliating misjudgment based solely on a show's premiere episode?-until I actually went...
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Aug 31, 2015

RT @pastfrontrunner: At this point in -- 2004: Lieberman +10 2008 (D): H. Clinton +16 (R): Giuliani +11.7 2012: Perry +7.2

Aug 31, 2015

"The most interesting question as we head into the 2015-16 season is this: what constitutes success on television?"

Aug 31, 2015


Aug 31, 2015

Kanye announces he's running for president > Pharrell wears a surprisingly large hat. #talkingpoints

Aug 30, 2015

RT @JaysProducer: #BlueJays have scored hundred more runs than any other team in MLB 1 Toronto 709 2 Yankees 607 3 Red Sox 585 #hundred

Aug 29, 2015

Selfish baseball today from Blue Jays' Edwin Encarnacion, hitting nothing but HRs and killing rallies.

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