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Why pulling The Interview might spell a death sentence for all future satires of its kind. — As they say on the internet, quoting an Anchorman : Well, that escalated quickly. The Sony hack story, in just a few weeks, went from a bemusing diversion - at least for those of us whose personal info wasn't spilled all over the internet - about what Sony employees think about Adam Sandler movies to an unprecedented corporate fiasco to an Alamo-like last stand to protect Freedom of Expression, in which the Alamo got torched to the ground and American freedom is now dead (1776-2014, RIP).

Reasons to Love New York 2014 — "Within the closed circuits of rock & roll fashion, it is assumed that New York means Manhattan ... If the other boroughs exist at all, it is merely as a camp joke-Bronx-Brooklyn-Queens, monstrous urban limbo, filled with everyone who is no one. In reality, however, almost the reverse is true."

A Case for the Return of the Movie Serial -- Vulture — With this week's Sound and Visions series, Vulture explores the future of movies and the movie industry. We hope you'll plug us directly into your cerebral cortex. Movie theaters are faced with a vexing problem: How to ensure that, in the future, they continue to be a place you go to watch movies.

The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Sex Scenes -- Vulture — I've never watched my parents have sex, but I've watched other people have sex while I was with my parents. This used to happen at movie theaters all the time. This is because movies used to have something called "sex scenes," which involved human adults in amorous union.

The BAM Sunshine Noir Fest Is This Weekend -- Vulture — When you think of noir, you probably think of darkness: the shadowed alleyways, the mean city at midnight, the gunshots that sound unseen just outside the spill of the street lamp. But there's a sun-bleached counter-narrative in noir - actually, it's arguably the main narrative, once you consider that Chandler's Philip Marlowe stalked the streets of Los Angeles, The Maltese Falcon takes place in San Francisco, and James M.

Bill Cosby Shows Why We Need Off-Limits Jokes — It will be ironic if, in the end, Bill Cosby is brought down by a joke. Not only a joke, of course - it's the testimony of, at last count (and the depressing fact is, you have to keep Googling "Bill Cosby accuser" to keep up with the latest tally), 16 women who've now come forward with allegations of rape and sexual assault against Cosby, according to a long and powerful Washington Post piece published this weekend.

The Rapid Evolution of Emoji, a Wordless Tongue -- NYMag

The simple mind-trick that makes every movie and TV show seem better. — Have you watched a film or television series lately that left you unsatisfied, confused, or vaguely disgruntled? Was there a moment in, say, Interstellar when you thought, Wait a second, just how much money can NASA raise through corn taxes, exactly? and then started to feel the whole narrative unravel?

A Spademan Novel: Adam Sternbergh: 9780385349024: Books — Near Enemy: A Spademan Novel [Adam Sternbergh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Taut, Unflinching New Thriller from Adam Sternbergh, Author of the Critically-Acclaimed Shovel Ready New York is toxic-decimated by a dirty bomb years ago. The limnosphere is a virtual safe haven-if you're rich enough to buy in.

21 Things in Interstellar That Don’t Make Sense — Even if you happen to have a working grasp of astrophysics, relativity, and the agronomics of corn, it's very likely that some parts of Interstellar will leave you scratching your head. In the run-up to the film's release, its makers made much of their movie's scientific accuracy, but could some of that brainpower been better put towards narrative clarity and plausible storytelling?
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Dec 18, 2014

RT @YakyuNightOwl: Folks who compare "The Great Dictator" to "The Interview" conveniently forget Chaplin was blacklisted & moved abroad. ht…

Dec 18, 2014

@stephenrodrick Weren't you around for the Google Glass years? And look at that MY CAMPAIGN SUCCEEDED IN KILLING IT DEAD

Dec 18, 2014

@stephenrodrick If someone launched ride-app that acted responsibly and also didn't call itself "Boober" or use God View, I'd check it out!

Dec 18, 2014

@stephenrodrick I've never taken one and don't use it. I just find the company and everything it stands for repellent.

Dec 18, 2014

@dansaltzstein Key line: "Uber has lobbied against stronger background check laws… to expand quickly into new markets ahead of competitors."

Dec 18, 2014

@dansaltzstein They're continually pledging to do a lot of things, but their whole business model is anti-regulation. That comes with risks.

Dec 18, 2014

Here is story on Uber fighting to weaken the regulations on driver prescreening that apply to regular taxi drivers:…

Dec 18, 2014

I know I rail on re: Uber but this is a serious fucking problem. Remember: Uber fights standard driver prescreening:…

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