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Plug pulled on web's historic coffee pot — The world's most famous coffee machine - the subject of the first live webcam broadcast - is to be consigned to web history. To net addicts yet to discover the more dynamic attractions of cyberspace, the Trojan coffee pot in Cambridge University's computer lab has held the same iconic status as Marconi's first crackling radio transmission or Gutenberg's first printed bible for almost a decade.
Jan 22, 2016

Coming up on 15 years since this web history, by @stuartmillar159: Plug pulled on web's historic coffee pot…

Pampered prince puts sun king in shade

Narendra Modi's monogrammed suit raises nearly £450,000 at auction — The dark suit with unique monogram pinstripes worn by Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, has been auctioned off for nearly £450,000. Diamond merchant Lalji Patel, who like Modi is from Gujarat state, made the winning bid of 43 million rupees (£448,805).
Feb 20, 2015

RT @Saptarshi_Ray: Narendra Modi's monogrammed suit raises nearly £450,000 at auction

Narendra Modi’s personalised pinstripe: tasteful or crass? — Good news, pub quizzers! If you can't remember the name of the prime minister of India, and he happens to be doing the quiz too, just take a look at his suit! Helpfully, he's had his name stitched into the fabric, creating both a chalk-stripe effect and an aura of class.

Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Jul 18 2014 by Stuart Millar

UK debate grows over 'Orwellian' NSA and GCHQ surveillance — Edward Snowden, the US whistleblower who leaked thousands of secret NSA files to the Guardian, has exposed formidable technologies that go beyond anything imagined by George Orwell, the newspaper's editor-in-chief said yesterday.
Oct 10, 2013

UK debate grows over 'Orwellian' NSA and GCHQ surveillance via @guardian

Oct 10, 2013

UK debate grows over 'Orwellian' NSA and GCHQ surveillance via @guardian

NSA reforms threatened by 'business-as-usual brigade', Ron Wyden warns — The Democratic senator leading congressional efforts to rein in the National Security Agency warned on Wednesday that senior intelligence and administration officials will attempt to block any meaningful change while publicly speaking the language of reform.
Oct 09, 2013

A US Senator makes telling points abt surveillance quite missing fm the Westminster debate #NSA…

Oct 09, 2013

Senator Wyden warns beware cosmetic reforms by intelligence agencies over NSA surveillance.

Oct 09, 2013

.@RonWyden: "just because intelligence officials say that a program helps catch terrorists doesn’t make it true"

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Worldwide spying network is revealed — For years it has been the subject of bitter controversy, its existence repeatedly claimed but never officially acknowledged. At last, the leaked draft of a report to be published next week by the European parliament removes any lingering doubt: Echelon, a shadowy, US-led worldwide electronic spying network, is a reality.
Jun 10, 2013

#snowden should *even* be #oldnews to @guardian: "A shadowy network" that can "store millions faxes,calls and emails"

Feb 12, 2016

RT @amolrajan: +++ EXCLUSIVE: CALAIS REFUGEES TERRORISED BY ARMED FAR-RIGHT MILITIA. Tomorrow's @Independent front page +++

Feb 12, 2016

RT @feline_charm: That notorious leftie paper, the Financial Times, agreeing with junior doctors....…

Feb 12, 2016

RT @Charles_Lister: US-backed FSA rebel: “#Russia will continue bombing Nusra & #ISIS. We know what Russia means by Nusra & ISIS - us” ht…

Feb 12, 2016

Adidas is adding a new diversity clause to its athlete sponsorship contracts…

Feb 12, 2016

RT @MatthewWells: The junion doctor daughter of former cabinet minsiter Andrew Mitchell calls for sacking of Jeremy Hunt

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