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Quenelle and the Zionist Troll Brigade — Ms. Shitrit, or shittyknickers, as I refer to her, decided to have another attempt to ruin Alison' music career by writing to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to have her performance cancelled. This isn't the first time Ambrosine Shitrit has tried to ruin Alison's and others' careers, including my own.

The Blairites don’t know why they’ve lost control of the Labour party — If there's a lesson from the Labour leadership contest, it is that most of its MPs have lost control of the party. Daily pleas from senior MPs to members to choose someone "electable" i.e. not Jeremy Corbyn) seem to be falling on deaf ears. A full scale insurgency is in effect.
Jul 29, 2015

Shrewd take by @sunny_hundal The Blairites don’t know why they’ve lost control of the Labour party…

Jul 30, 2015

RT @LabourList: The Blairites don’t know why they’ve lost control of the Labour party, writes @sunny_hundal

Jul 30, 2015

RT @sunny_hundal: The Blairites don’t know why they’ve lost control of the Labour party - a half-reply to @JohnRentoul by me >…

Unison back Jeremy Corbyn to be Labour leader — Unison have announced that they will be backing Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour leadership. The union has nearly 1.3million members. It has said that this is just a recommendation and that individual union members who sign up to vote as should vote for whichever candidate that think is best.
Jul 29, 2015

RT @fletchersimon: Fantastic that Jeremy Corbyn's campaign has the backing of such a great union:… @unisontweets

Yes I’ve changed my views since the election — 10:28 am - July 23rd 2015 As is common these days, I get abused on Twitter by some lefties outraged that I've not fallen in line with popular opinion on the left. In my latest column for LabourList I show why the assumption that Jeremy Corbyn will appeal to non-voters or UKIPers with his 'clear principles' or economic populism seem wildly optimistic.
Aug 12, 2015

"Labour’s “greatest hits”.. things it has done while in power, not a record of principles held while in opposition"…

Kendall and Corbyn are more alike than their supporters would like to admit — Both Liz Kendall and Jeremy Corbyn have more in common than they or their supporters will admit. Both hark back to a simpler and more glorious era: the Corbyn team look back to when Tony Benn was around, the Kendall team want to recreate the Tony Blair era.

The Prime Minister’s plan to tackle extremism only makes ISIS more potent — Nothing highlights the sorry state of this government's plan to combat ISIS and Islamic extremism more than David Cameron words this week. To defeat "this poisonous ideology," he wrote: "We must strengthen our institutions that put our values into practice: our democracy, our rule of law, the rights of minorities, our free media, our law enforcements - all the things the terrorists hate."
Jul 02, 2015

RT @sunny_hundal: Why the PM's plan to tackle extremism only makes ISIS more potent - my column -

This is National Action, the neo-Nazi group that Zack Davies followed. Why aren’t they labelled a terror group? — 6:02 am - June 26th 2015 "The revolution doesn't start a thousand miles away, it starts with you." It could be a statement put out by ISIS, the group that has encouraged its sympathisers all over the world to take action in defense of the Caliphate.
Jun 26, 2015

RT @sunny_hundal: Meet the group that wants to bring fascism to the UK, ethnically cleanse it & inspired Davies… http…

Our counter-terrorism policy is a mess and it’s about time Labour said so — Here are three predictions for the next few years: 1) ISIS will continue to consolidate its territory in Syria and Iraq, and extend its reach in Afghanistan and Pakistan at the expense of al-Qaeda and Taliban groups; 2) there won't be a major military assault on ISIS due to the reluctance of US and Arab leaders; 3) more western Muslims will go on to join ISIS.
Jun 25, 2015

RT @sunny_hundal: British counter-terrorism policy is a mess, and it's about time the Labour party said so. My column, ICYMI…

Jeremy Corbyn earns fourth trade union endorsement — A third trade union has today given Jeremy Corbyn their endorsement in the race to become next Labour leader. The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has today said that Corbyn is the "obvious choice for trade unions."
Jun 25, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn has won four trade union endorsements (RMT, FBU, ASLEF, BWAFU)

Why the left keeps crashing and burning, and what to do about it — Cast your mind five years back, to the summer of 2010, when 50,000 students descended on London to protest the rise in tuition fees. They caused literal and political damage, forcing the government on the defensive and causing incalculable harm to the Lib Dems. Where is that student movement now?
Jun 18, 2015

Why the left keeps crashing and burning, and what to do about it…

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