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Zac Goldsmith's relationship with 'Taliban apologist' Imran Khan raises big problems for the would-be Mayor — Imagine the furore if a candidate for Mayor of London praised someone who openly defends the Taliban. Imagine a candidate openly campaigning with a man who has been labelled an "apologist" for the Taliban because, after visiting Malala Yousafzai, in hospital, he said those who are fighting against foreign occupation in Afghanistan are fighting a holy war.

Isis has skewed our perception so much that we laugh off a hijacker and praise the man who took a selfie with him — There have been four big terrorist attacks in the past fortnight, and they are starting to skew our perception. Istanbul was hit on on 19th March, Brussels on 22nd March, Iskandariyah (Iraq) on 25th March and Lahore on the 27th.

Hindu nationalists are gaining power in India - and silencing enemies along the way — When Penguin abruptly accepted defeat in an Indian court and withdrew a controversial book a fortnight ago, the backlash was so ferocious it took almost everyone by surprise. A small, hardline Hindu group said it had found the book, The Hindus: An Alternative History, by the academic Wendy Doniger offensive towards their religion, forcing the mighty conglomerate to retreat in the face of a lawsuit.

After Asad Shah's 'religiously prejudiced' death, we know inter-Muslim hatred is a problem in Britain — By all accounts, the death of shopkeeper Asad Shah on Thursday night in Glasgow was alleged to be related to his background. It shocked the local community and a tribute event on Friday was attended by hundreds of people, including Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Sikh Extremism - Critical Muslim — In 2005 Rajinder Singh made history by being the first non-white Briton to feature in an election broadcast by the British National Party. Ironically, he wasn't even allowed to join the BNP, but he didn't care.

Yes, most of the men who committed abuse in Rotherham were Pakistani. So what’s next? — A few months ago a friend sent me a private conversation he had, to which I could only respond with: "holy shit!" He had been flirting on Tinder, and after a match a conversation was struck up, she asked where he was from.

Liberals: abandon the BBC — Two years ago when I first started blogging, one of the few buttons I proudly displayed on my blog was Tim Ireland's I believe in the BBC campaign. Now I'm not so sure. And I think it's time those on the liberal left made their voices heard.

Why are those rushing to condemn Muslim men so silent on Roosh V and the global oppression of women? — Tomorrow evening, hundreds of men around the world were expected to take part in meetings held in 165 cities, across 43 countries, to meet and learn from a man who once suggested it should be legal to rape women on private property (he said a change in the law would protect women from rape, then later claimed this was "satire").

I oppose positive discrimination because white men have run the most successful positive discrimination scheme of all time — 11:29 am - November 29th 2014 I was invited this week to speak at Cambridge University, with the topic title: "Does Britain need more positive discrimination?". We could interpret this however we liked. Below is roughly what I said.

In light of the Cologne attacks we need to face facts - not all refugees are saints — By now it's painfully clear that over a hundred women were harassed and attacked by men, primarily of North African and Middle Eastern appearance, outside Cologne station on New Year's Eve. The fact that some of them were recent refugees makes the situation even more volatile and open to exploitation by the anti-refugee far-right.
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May 01, 2016

RT @DylanByers: Every time Trump/Clinton/Sanders/Cruz talk about the terrible shape we're in, remember... (Via @andrewrsorkin)

May 01, 2016

RT @TheMockneyRebel: Tories call Jeremy Corbyn a terrorist sympathiser, yet Zac Goldsmith's endorser Imran Khan says Israel rules the US &…

May 01, 2016

Wait, why isn't the Labour party making a bigger deal about the Tory election expenses scandal?…

May 01, 2016

RT @MattSingh_: UPDATE: NCP #EUref polling average: REMAIN 45.6 (-0.2) LEAVE 41.8 (+0.1) DK 12.6 (+0.1)…

May 01, 2016

@AnaNahoo you sound very much like people who say why can't we Blane Muslims for terrorism.

May 01, 2016

RT @DaveHill: Zac Goldsmith’s record of failure in business:… Can this feeble dilettante do anything for himself? #londonmayor2016ndonmayor2016

May 01, 2016

@AnaNahoo possible to be critical of Israel without being anti-semitic, same way its possible to criticise ISIS without being Islamophobic

May 01, 2016

RT @KarunaMintaka: When kids in one of the remote tribal regions see the iPad for the very first time. #technology

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