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The election may be in a few weeks - but the Tories lost it three years ago — The election may still be a few week away, but the Conservatives have already lost it. 7th May will simply confirm the result*. In fact I can tell you the exact day David Cameron lost this election: 21st March 2012 - the day of the 'Omnishambles' Budget when Osborne cut the top 50p rate of income tax.

Farage says a debate is needed on NHS privatisation (again) — At the end of last year, Nigel Farage had to engage in some furious back-peddling after a video from 2012 emerged in which he said believed the NHS should be run by private companies through an insurance-based system.

The SNP is ‘trash-talking’ Miliband because they want to see Cameron back in Downing Street — If I had a pound for every time someone said they'd like a Labour-SNP-Green coalition, I'd qualify for Cameron's millionaire tax cuts. There won't be a grand coalition - not because Labour is opposed (I'm sure some MPs are) but because both the SNP and Greens ruled it out long ago.

How Muslims are smeared as ‘entryists’ in newspapers without reason — 8:17 pm - March 15th 2015 There is no other minority group in the UK like Muslims that you can make crass and bigoted generalisations about, and get away with it. Perhaps Roma people, but they are rarely written about as much. Not even Poles get the treatment like they used to.

Why Amnesty (or any other proper human rights org) couldn’t work with CAGE again — 3:40 pm - March 12th 2015 Amnesty International UK say they no longer consider it appropriate to share a platform with CAGE after their recent comments. About time. Last week, Cage director Asim Qureshi was invited on to the BBC to justify his comments on Mohammed Emwazi and debate other stances the group have taken.

The harsh, uncomfortable truths about child abuse in Oxfordshire and Rotherham — "Wait until the Oxford stuff comes out, it will shock you," I was told over a year ago, by a journalist friend. She was right. Yesterday, a report into child sexual abuse (CSE) cases in Oxfordshire highlighted that approximately 370 girls and young women were victims of exploitation over the

Margaret Hodge backs David Lammy in race for London Mayor

What Jihadi John and CAGE said yesterday about how people are ‘driven to terrorism’ — 5:37 pm - February 27th 2015 Imagine this scenario. A white atheist kills a Muslim couple in cold blood. The media speculates endlessly about the "factors" that drove him to kill them: apparently he had a parking dispute with them; they dressed and talked funny; he was lonely and maybe they did something to provoke him?

What yesterday’s nightmare says about voting Green at the election — Judge us on our policies - the Greens always say. So that's what we should do. When the Green party leader Natalie Bennett was asked yesterday how much they thought it would cost to build 500,000 houses, she didn't have an answer.

Tory MP says astrology will solve NHS crisis - and those who disagree are racist — A Conservative MP has bizarrely claimed that astrology will help to ease the crisis in NHS hospitals by taking "huge pressure off doctors". David Tredinnick, the MP for Bosworth, made the comments in an interview with the Astrological Journal, and branded those who disagree with him as "bullies"
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