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What if the Paris attacks weren’t just about free speech? — Just a week after the horrific attacks in Paris, we have already started engaging in a dialogue of the deaf. It was an attack on free speech and the right to offend, say most people across the western world.

Why do liberals find it so hard to persuade Muslims about free speech? — 9:55 am - January 9th 2015 Yesterday evening I was invited by the Guardian to debate the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and where we go from here. I wanted to make a series of coherent points in a mini-speech but it never happened, so I'm writing them out here...

Why Muslims should embrace free speech, even if it includes insults to their Prophet — 3:24 pm - January 7th 2015 Late last year I was invited to speak at the LSE Islamic Society on Islamophobia and the media. Rather than preach to the converted, I decide to challenge my audience by making the case for more free speech, even if included insults to their Prophet.

Ed Miliband is losing his base - does he know how to get it back? — Just a few years ago, when Labour's was at peak popularity in the polls and a confident Ed Miliband was praising the Occupy movement or addressing the Durham Miners' Gala, serious press commentators offered a stark warning - Labour must be the party of government not the party of protest.

Jerusalem is on the verge of exploding and taking the Middle East with it — Jerusalem seems to be a holy city standing on the edge of a holy war. "The Second Intafada ('uprising') started in Jerusalem. The third Intafada will also start in Jerusalem," says Dr Husam Zomlot at a quiet dinner in Ramallah, in the West Bank, Palestine.

UKIP hypocrisy in exploiting child abuse for their PR stunts — 8:27 pm - October 26th 2014 UKIP have unveiled this poster as a PR stunt for a by-election UKIP stooping so low they're using the sex abuse of children as a PR stunt. Wow (via @dandoj) - Sunny Hundal (@sunny_hundal) October 25, 2014 .

The problem I have with Russell Brand — 3:28 pm - October 24th 2014 The comedian Russell Brand was interviewed on Newsnight last night about his book, which you can watch above. One headline is that Brand casually implies 9/11 was an inside job because George Bush had links to the Saudis, before half-heartedly back-tracking.

Labour: how NOT to respond to the threat from UKIP — 4:24 pm - October 12th 2014 We are back to the regular news cycle whereby Westminster freaks out over how to the threat from UKIP. The political parties will respond with the same promises, soundbites and narratives. Then they'll go back to existing plans until the next 'crisis'.

Nick Clegg’s best moments as Lib Dem leader — Sadly, the rumours weren't true, and Nick Clegg did not resign, but that shouldn't stop us reflecting on Nick Clegg's best moments as leader of the Lib Dems. Here's a few highlights: When he did that election broadcast called "Say goodbye to broken promises" It's got funnier with time.

How the Labour leadership misunderstand two of their biggest problems — Even before Ed Miliband entered the stage last Tuesday afternoon to give his conference speech, a few of us knew there would be no big surprise. A source close to the leader had earlier told a group of assembled journalists and activists that they wanted to focus on the "big six" national goals, not a surprise that would grab all the attention.
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