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One Weird Trick Prevents Bird Deaths At Solar Towers — Clean Power Sorry about the clickbaity title, but as it turns out, the solution to a serious problem discovered last year at Ivanpah - the first solar power tower in the US - actually has turned out to be "one weird trick." Below is the exact problem, and how the problem was solved.
Nov 09, 2015

@nycplayer @jenny8lee It was killing birds (115 during a standby test), but it turns out they found a solution:…

Novel Energy Storage Leverages Free Gravity — When there is excess energy on the grid that no one wants - like wind at 3 AM - the wind power is used to pump water up a hill to a reservoir. Then when the electricity is needed, the floodgates are opened and the force of the falling water drives huge turbines, which are connected to large generators sending electricity to the grid.

Faster Rising Seas if Antarctica Melts — New simulations of the future impact of climate change have revealed a much speeded up rate of sea level rise - by about ten-fold. New information about the rate at which Antarctica is melting has caused scientists to revise their estimates.

CA Pension Funds Must Divest from Coal — Drought-ravaged California is actively addressing climate change in two pieces of landmark climate legislation. The 7th largest economy in the world is leading the way to a clean energy future. California has just passed legislation forbidding its two state pension funds from investing in coal.

Breaking! Ivanpah Generation Is On Track — Clean Power In a successful launch of the world's power tower technology in the US, the 377 MW Ivanpah tower project is gradually ramping up year on year, as predicted by its developer, BrightSource.
Sep 07, 2015

Breaking! Ivanpah Generation Is On Track to Meet Targeted Generation… via @CleanTechnica

Sep 08, 2015

RT @JustinGerdes: Ivanpah is on track to hit its 2018 generation target. Nice reporting by @dotcommodity to fact check recent coverage

Solar Opponents Win: Palen To Be Trough, Not Tower — Clean Power According to a filing with the California Energy Commission (CEC) this week, Abengoa has apparently given up on attempting to permit what would have been California's second concentrated solar power (CSP) project after Ivanpah to use tower technology. In its latest iteration, this was to have been a 250 MW tower with storage.
Aug 29, 2015

#Solar Opponents Win: 250 MW Palen To Be Trough, Not Tower… via @CleanTechnica

Aug 29, 2015

RT @energienieuws: Solar Opponents Win: Palen to be Trough not Tower: According to a filing with the California Energy Commission...

Sep 01, 2015

RT @cowtowncoder: Lies, misinformation about Ivanpah's (actually) miniscule bird deaths leads to downgrade of Palen CSP project --… :(

Cheap Baseload Solar At Copiapó Gets OK In Chile (Exclusive Info) — Clean Power SolarReserve's baseload solar 260 MW Copiapó project bids into the grid in April, having just cleared Chile's permitting with a Resolución de Calificación Ambiental. With a price expected to be well under 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, the pioneering 24-hour solar project in Chile's Atacama desert can compete on price against other baseload generation.
Aug 25, 2015

Cheap Baseload Solar At Copiapó Gets OK In Chile (Exclusive Info)… via @CleanTechnica

SolarReserve seeks large investor to fuel next growth phase: CEO — "The goal going forward is to grow the revenue base of the company; to take larger positions in our projects so that we can enjoy the revenue streams going forward," Smith told CSP Today. "We don't want to just invest in a project, develop it and then sell it down," he said.
Jul 29, 2015

SolarReserve seeks large investor to fuel next growth phase w 6 GW #solar pipeline globally | #CSP Today…

Yieldcos attracted by high availability rates of CSP with storage — The growing use of renewable energy yieldcos supports the case for CSP projects as these dividend growth-oriented public firms depend on assets that provide a high capacity factor. Projects with the highest net capacity factor will be the most sought after by yieldco managers, Roger Conrad, Energy and Income Advisor at Conrad's Utility Investor, said.

CSP projects set for cost reductions from wider roll out of molten salt storage: Halotechnics — By Susan Kraemer The deployment of molten salt storage on a wider range of generation types would increase the bankability of CSP with storage, Raade told CSP Today. Halotechnics is proposing to use thermal energy storage as a standalone storage technology to shift cheap night-time wind power from off-peak to on-peak grid availability.
Jun 08, 2015

CSP projects set for cost reductions from wider roll out of molten salt storage: Halotechnics…

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Nov 25, 2015

RT @cjsiler: Huge methane leak in Los Angeles may continue for months until relief well can be drilled via @climateprogress

Nov 25, 2015

@edking_CH @MAC_europa but that's like insisting that Syria agree to binding targets. You couldn't get ISIS and Assad to agree to anything

Nov 24, 2015

If it’s a lie too vile to utter aloud, count on Mr. Trump to say it, often @nytopinion

Nov 24, 2015

RT @MichaelEMann: Website from @blabrnet allows you to interactively explore future climate projections from my 2014 @SciMm article:…

Nov 24, 2015

RT @EDF_CA: .@airresources report shows methane emissions from CA natural gas leak have serious #climate impacts

Nov 24, 2015

@petedanko No Pete, ONLY gas and oil pay $1.50 acre for BLM land! #solar pays $16 - $6,700 + CSP with storage pays HIGHEST per MW solar rate

Nov 24, 2015

@A_Siegel @PriceofOil But how to raise oil and gas rates? Only congress can raise them.

Nov 24, 2015

@EarthScience_us Only congress can raise the BLM $1.50 lease rate for #oil and #gas = gigantic #fossilfuel subsidy. Or can @POTUS do an EO?

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