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Twenty-seven years later, N.W.A still rubs a raw spot — The first time I met the rapper Eazy-E in 1988, he was slumped low in an office chair, black Raiders cap jammed firmly over his curls. The glowering teenager at his side was MC Ren .

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Twenty-seven years later, N.W.A is still pushing hard, pushing buttons — The first time I met the rapper Eazy-E in 1988, he was slumped low in an office chair, black Raiders cap jammed firmly over his curls. The glowering teenager at his side was MC Ren .

Review: Garlic & Chives by Kristin in Little Saigon reconfigures the familiar in startling new ways — Here we are at the Mall of Fortune, the vast strip mall that many people consider the heart of Vietnamese Garden Grove. There are sprawling noodle complexes, a crowded bakery and a seven-courses-of-beef restaurant that seems as large as a soccer field. Interested in bun cha Hanoi (charcoal-grilled pork patties with noodles)?
Sep 04, 2015

Could toothpick lamb possibly get any better? Why yes - yes it could.

Lobster rolls and 'HoJo-style' clams at Catch & Release — The life of a certain kind of restaurant, one is given to understand, can be nasty, brutish and short. A bakery-cafe concept, reborn as an Asian fusion restaurant, may already be out of business in its new incarnation as a Mexican-leaning nose-to-tail beer garden. Your great-aunt's favorite pasta place serves barbecue now.

N.W.A: A Hard Act to Follow — This article was originally published on May 5, 1989. August '88: Eazy E props his Air Jordans up on a desk, stares at the ceiling, and leaves the room whenever the beeper on his belt goes off, which is often. He answers most of the reporter's questions with a...
Aug 14, 2015

"One promotion guy cackles in the corner, muttering, 'I love to work dirty records. I love to work dirty records.'”…

Aug 17, 2015

When Jonathan Gold told me he'd asked N.W.A. to pose with AK's back in 1989 I don't think I believed it at first.…

Sambar brings an enlightened plane of Indian cuisine to Culver City — Your ideas about porchetta may have been formed in the hills east of Rome or at a truck parked in Umbria, or perhaps with the fennel-scented suckling pig they sometimes serve at Sotto, the stuffed roasts in the case at McCall's Meat & Fish Co. or the sandwiches from Mozza2Go.
Aug 17, 2015

Let's say it's Monday, and you've forgotten to peek at the weekend's restaurant review...

Bryant Ng's Cassia in Santa Monica stars a brilliant pot-au-feu — Pot-au-feu is at the heart of the French kitchen; more than a beef soup, it is the enduring symbol of hearth and home, an emblem of a life well lived. The revolutionary Mirabeau called pot-au-feu the foundation of empires. Anthony Bourdain calls pot-au-feu soul food for socialists.

Where to find a great steak in Italy — My favorite kind of restaurants in Italy tend to be the ones where a well-loved relative might be taken to celebrate his 83rd birthday. The food is traditional, the service kind, the prices not so high. The wine is probably from the next town over.
Aug 11, 2015

My favorite restaurants in Italy are the ones where you might take an uncle on his 83rd birthday.

From Italy, with porchetta — Are you in the mood for tacos? If you are in Tuscany or Umbria you are out of luck. Tacos aren’t really a thing here, although I did recently run across a nachos specialist in Florence.  What you will find, especially on back roads around lunchtime, are porchetta trucks.
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Oct 03, 2015

...for thee, civilized and enlightened gourmand, who nailest geese to the ground and feastest on their bloated livers...

Sep 29, 2015

For mom? @JavanLA. Great stews. RT @Curl_E_Soup Want to take my mom to a delicious Persian restaurant West of Fairfax?

Sep 28, 2015

Kevin McCarthy's qualifications for speaker: 1. Likes Luigi's 2. Makes a mean turkey sandwich 3. ?

Sep 28, 2015

Is it wrong to wish Crémeuse de Ratte were something other than fancy mashed potatoes?

Sep 26, 2015

@rosiecruz I used to get his report cards in the mail. They were better than mine...

Sep 26, 2015

@lesleyLA The last sushi chef at Osawa was stunningly good. Mackerel oshizushi was especially wonderful.

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