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Embrace your clutter

theweek.com — If Marie Kondo, world-famous neatness guru and best-selling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up , came to my apartment, I imagine she would stare aghast at its horrors, frozen and unable to move, transfixed by my tiny coffee table that's piled high with books, magazines, my to-do list, and, at the moment, two different glasses of things I'm drinking.

Down with standing desks!

theweek.com — The other day, I walked into an office. One man towered above the rest of the employees, who were busily pushing papers around their desks and talking on phones and inputting information into computers. At first glance it appeared that this man might be about to head out to get lunch, or perhaps stomp into a meeting and demand a significant raise.

When a wedding is better without a date

washingtonpost.com — Welcome to Wedding Guest Wednesday, a feature in which Solo-ish explores the joys and woes of attending other people's weddings. Because it's not all about the happy couple - it's a big day for guests as well. I have been to a lot of weddings, 32 by my count.

Unconventional New York Weddings

refinery29.com — Like many women, I have been to a lot of weddings - so many, in fact, that I even wrote a book, Save the Date: The Occasional Mortifications of a Serial Wedding Guest, about my varied wedding attendances: from low-key City Hall nuptials with a dive bar afterparty to the destination wedding in

New York's Worst Apartments Have a Tumblr

thewire.com — It is a dreary, rainy, plodding sort of day in New York City. (Or at least it feels that way to me.You too?) But hold on a minute, there's a fantastic Tumblr to take the edge off of your pain.

The Surprising Behavior That Actually Rekindles Love

huffingtonpost.com — Enter uncertainty, that confusing, charged state that keeps us on our toes -- which, it turns out, can be a pretty good start to a budding romance. It even has a supporting role to play in long-term relationships, and in life. So how can you use uncertainty (without abusing it)?

How 'A Wrinkle in Time' Changed Sci-Fi Forever

mentalfloss.com — Madeleine L'Engle sat in front of her typewriter in the Tower, her private workspace in her family's isolated, 200-year-old Connecticut farmhouse. It was her 40th birthday-November 29, 1958-and she was at a crossroads. Though she had published five novels since her mid-twenties, she was far from a household name, and lately she was having trouble selling her work.
Jul 28, 2015

I wrote about Madeleine L'Engle and A Wrinkle in Time for the latest issue of @mental_floss and here it is online m.mentalfloss.com/article.php?id…

Jul 28, 2015

RT @thisisjendoll: I wrote about Madeleine L'Engle and A Wrinkle in Time for the latest issue of @mental_floss and here it is online m.mentalfloss.com/article.php?id…

Jul 29, 2015

How 'A Wrinkle in Time' Changed Sci-Fi Forever shar.es/1sUdLP

Jul 29, 2015

RT @thisisjendoll: I wrote about Madeleine L'Engle and A Wrinkle in Time for the latest issue of @mental_floss and here it is online m.mentalfloss.com/article.php?id…

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Are You Really In The Right Relationship?

yahoo.com — The one sign that you're meant for the long haul. (Photo: Getty) In the past few months, I've gone out with several men, each with his own way of communicating. There was the guy who responded to every question with "That's a good question!"-whether he answered it or not.

13 Things You Might Not Know About Comedian Aasif Mandvi

mentalfloss.com — From Disney to The Daily Show, and beyond. 1. I used to watch Happy Days on TV. I wanted to be the Fonz. I also saw this movie, Bugsy Malone, with kids playing gangsters. I remember thinking, "That looks like the coolest thing in the world." It was a light-switch moment for me.

Pop Up Chapel Will Marry 24 Same-Sex Couples Today in Central Park

villagevoice.com — Today, the first Saturday after gay marriages began in New York City, 24 same-sex couples will marry in Central Park at Merchant's Gate, on the corner of 59th Street and Central Park West. The Pop Up Chapel was an idea born among friends -- including local software developer Josh French,...
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Oct 06, 2015

a lot of shows already ARE that but why not really make it a brand?

Oct 06, 2015

i would probably watch a show called America's Next Top Insufferable People, fyi TV ppl

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