Author, The Great Divergence, and labor policy editor at Politico. Previously with New Republic (TRB column), Slate, WSJ, Washington Monthly, etc.

U.S. economy added 223,000 jobs in June — The economy added 223,000 jobs in June, the Labor Department reported Thursday, down from May’s increase of 280,000 jobs. Unemployment was 5.3 percent, down from May’s 5.5 percent, and average hourly private-sector earnings were unchanged. Analysts had predicted the creation of about 230,000 jobs, an unemployment rate of 5.4 percent and...

Jeb Bush 2016: Economic growth 4 percent pledge — Jeb Bush pledged Monday to give the U.S. an economic growth rate of 4 percent a year - a goal that many economists regard as ambitious at best and most likely unrealistic for any lengthy sustained period.

Liberalism Needs A Toilet — Mitt Romney has decided that light bulbs represent liberalism's soft underbelly. Actually, they don't. The replacement of incandescent light bulbs with more energy-efficient alternatives is at best a minor inconvenience. (My only complaint is that I can't yet find any three-way light bulbs at my supermarket, though apparently three-way CFLs do exist and can be purchased on Amazon.)

May unemployment report: Economy adds robust 280,000 jobs — The economy added 280,000 jobs in May, the Labor Department reported Friday, up from April’s increase of 221,000 jobs. Unemployment was 5.5 percent, essentially unchanged from April’s 5.4 percent, and average hourly private-sector earnings were up 8 cents, more than double April’s 3-cent increase. The acceleration in both job and...


Oedipus Bob. — Miss Bordereau stood there in her nightdress, in the doorway of her room, watching me; her hands were raised, she had lifted the everlasting curtain that covered half her face, and for the first, the last, the only time I beheld her extraordinary eyes. They glared at me, they made...

Mark Felt, RIP. — Mark Felt, who died at 95 on Dec. 18, was ashamed of being Deep Throat. I know this because he told me so six years before he revealed his secret in Vanity Fair. In July 1999, David Daley of the Hartford Courant tracked Felt down in Santa Rosa, Calif. Felt,... — The Page Six column in the Dec. 7 New York Post reports that actress Lindsay Lohan sent a "rambling, semi-literate e-mail to her friends and and lawyers" threatening to sic Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton on the tabloids. According to the Post, the immediate source of Lohan's ire was an earlier...

In Praise of a Reasonable Progressivism — Editors' note: No Democratic president has won in recent decades on a platform of economic populism. But with the rhetoric of the 99 percent still in the air, and a proposal for a 'Fair Share Tax' at the center of his current platform, it seems President Obama might be attempting to do just that.

The art of the sulk. — When William Steig, the great cartoonist and children's book author, died last week at the ripe age of 95, we lost our bard of sulking. Steig's underappreciated masterwork, the 1988 children's book, Spinky Sulks, has not figured as prominently in Steig's obituaries as his New Yorker cartoons, his Doctor DeSoto...
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Jul 04, 2015

.@LarryMishel: It's a myth that incomes stagnated because of a shift in compensation toward benefits. Here's why.…

Jul 04, 2015

"It's more than a camera/ It's almost alive/ It's only nineteen dollars/ and ninety-five" Polaroid Swinger turns 50.…

Jul 04, 2015

Republican field is "a clown car where they never stop coming out" complains one New Hampshire GOP voter.…

Jul 03, 2015

.@politicomahoney: Trumka sends memo to rogue units of the AFL-CIO endorsing Bernie telling them to cut it out.…

Jul 02, 2015

Is Obama raising pay for 5 million? No, fewer than that. Unless it's more. @marianne_levine explains.

Jul 02, 2015

RT @POLITICOPro: June's #jobs numbers show unemployment was 5.3 percent, down from May’s 5.5 percent. More from @TimothyNoah1 here:

Jul 02, 2015

Obama's going to Wisconsin to a.) talk up overtime rule; b.) mess with Walker, who he can't stand; c.) all of above.

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