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The Next President Must Avoid the Jimmy Carter Malaise — "With mediocre growth, the unemployment rate plunged roughly 3.5 percentage points. This implies that productivity growth has been negative for the last five years. ...We have a serious productivity problem in this country. If the Fed thinks they have the scope to deal with this, they are kidding themselves.

China's Labor Arbitrage May Now Be Turning With a Vengeance — For US manufacturers exploring production facilities outside the country, the comparison to the MXN (at a record low versus the USD this month) to the CNY is particularly important. Not only has the MXN depreciated about 50% cumulative versus the CNY over the last decade, but it is actually easier to move goods from Mexico than China to US plants/consumers.

Five Must-Read Books That Will Help You Understand China — Good news! There are 515,394 books on China, according to, and you don't have to read them all. There are great names writing on Asia and the Pacific Rim-Henry Paulson and Robert Kaplan as two recent smart reads. I have in my briefcase Jonathan Fenby's latest.
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We Just Got the Most Optimistic Chart in America. So What Is Janet Yellen Waiting For? — Doyle : "I put it all on Lucky Dan. Half a million dollars to win." win? I said place! 'Place it on Lucky D-' That horse is gonna run second!" runs horrified to the betting booth] "There's been a mistake! Give me my money back!" I could not get enough of Yankee Thurman Munson.
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Gold Looks Like a 'Textbook' Short — Stay with me. Welles Wilder and George Kleinman matter. Both of them are among the must-read masters of technical analysis. Welles Wilder was a giant of trend-based analysis: waiting to see the trend, getting on the trend, staying on the trend, and getting out of the trade without a lot of damage.

Gold Has Plunged and the Dollar Has Surged. Which Is Leading Which? — They are correlated. If the dollar appreciates, gold goes down. Or is it the other way? Gold is down 41 percent from $1800. The dollar has strengthened 33 percent from a 2011 nadir. We have seen all this before, many times. Gold had a massive early 1980s surge (the gold rectangle).
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It's a Bull Market. Get Intelligent About Stock Market Investing — To go to cash is easy. Far harder is to buy equities. And ever harder is to stay in equities. By now it is wildly understood that if you "time" the market, you will fall behind by missing just once, or at the most twice, a major up move.
Jul 20, 2015

It's a Bull Market. Get Intelligent About Stock Market Investing via @business

Jul 20, 2015

It's a Bull Market. Get Intelligent About Stock Market Investing via @business

Jul 21, 2015

RT @PhilSerafino: Music to my ears from @tomkeene: It's a bull market. Get intelligent about stock market investing via @business

Greece and Europe Must Consider Ecuador — The sucre maintained a fairly stable exchange rate against the US dollar until 1983, when it was devalued to 42 per dollar and a crawling peg was adopted. Depreciation gained momentum and the free market rate was over 800 per dollar by 1990 and almost 3000 per in 1995.

What a Mystery Company Can Teach You About Stock Charts — Let's play peekaboo. Let's take a mystery company, one I call Amalgamated Cupertino, and run four quick charts. What the pros know that is one of the great traps of investing is to look at a longer-term chart; try to make an analysis of a time frame in the middle of the chart; and then fail to block out the future price path.

Greece Will Lose a Generation Trying to Become Ireland — "The idea originated with the School of Salamanca in the 16th century and was developed, in its modern form, by Gustav Cassel in 1918. The concept is based on the law of one price, where in the absence of transaction costs and official trade barriers, identical goods will have the same price in different markets when the prices are expressed in the same currency."
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Aug 02, 2015

RT @MaMoMVPY: This is silly - I suggest every euro zone country should start to work on a 'Plan B'. Anything else is negligence.…

Aug 01, 2015

RT @guardian: Musicians launch campaign to save the bassoon as shortage threatens orchestra

Aug 01, 2015

RT @LTCM_1998: @reihan @TheStalwart The firms will not commit funds for Productivity Enhancing Long Term Fixed Asset Investments coz of incresd Uncertainty

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