Author, @TheEconomist digital editor, @SebastopolBand drummer, gamer, pizza-maker, etc. 'Writing on the Wall', book on ancient social media, out now.

RECTANGLES WITH PERSONALITY — A Game, a Gadget and an App: Tom Standage roots for Thomas the rectangle, re-charges on the go and time travels through his photo albums From INTELLIGENT LIFE magazine, September/October 2014 A GAME THOMAS WAS ALONE Modern games consoles can draw squillions of polygons per second and produce almost photorealistic images, so a game with deliberately simple graphics and a cast of jumping rectangles does not, it must be said, sound terribly promising.

Writing On The Wall: Tom Standage: 9781620402832: Books — Writing On The Wall: Tom Standage: 9781620402832: Books -

Proof: The Science of Booze — Proof by Adam Rogers: Introduction Deep in New Yorks Chinatown is a storefront made nearly invisible by crafty urban camouflage. The sign says that the place is an interior design shop, which is inaccurate, but it doesnt matter because a cage of scaffolding obstructs the words. Adjacent signage...

An Edible History of Humanity — Standage provides an intriguing history of how hunger has shaped civilizations and prompted technological advancements. Starting with hunter-gatherer societies, Standage traces the evolution of cuisines and addition of new ingredients to the current debates over organic and industrialized food systems. With a gentle and deep voice, George K.

Night at the museum — If you like camping or you're into archaeology-and Egyptian archaeology in particular-then it doesn't get much more exciting than camping in the British Museum, in the Egyptian sculpture galleries, surrounded by statues and sarcophagi. Having done several such sleepovers with our daughter, we recently got to do our first with our younger son.

A GAME YOU CAN FINISH — A Game, a Gadget and an App: Tom Standage steers a princess through Escher-like puzzles, charges his phone on the move and joins a small but fast-growing community From INTELLIGENT LIFE magazine, July/August 2014 A GAME MONUMENT VALLEY This is a gorgeous game, consisting of a series of enchanting puzzles inspired by the geometrically paradoxical drawings of M.C.

The Romans had iPads. This is how they used them — YES, the Romans really did have their own version of the iPad. Instead of notebooks they jotted things down on wax tablets of various shapes and sizes, from small ones (the size of an iPhone) to big ones (the size of a big iPad, before the iPad Air showed up).

A History of the World in 6 Glasses eBook: Tom Standage: Books — Starred Review. Standage starts with a bold hypothesis-that each epoch, from the Stone Age to the present, has had its signature beverage-and takes readers on an extraordinary trip through world history. The Economist's technology editor has the ability to connect the smallest detail to the big picture and a knack for summarizing vast concepts in a few sentences.

The Remarkable Story of the Telegraph and the Nineteenth Century's On-line Pioneers: Tom Standage: 9781620405925: Books — Sorry, we just need to make sure you're not a robot. For best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies.

The Economist: What is the difference between the different regional editions of The Economist? — Answer: The different regional editions of The Economist contain the same content, just in a different order, and sometimes with different covers-with one exception, which I'll get to in a minute. Each week The Economist either has a single global cover, or as many as three regional covers. We ca...
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Oct 24, 2014

Where this whole Internet thing began. The original Cooke-Wheatstone electric telegraph, from 1837 #smInfoAge

Oct 24, 2014

@tomstandage Evidently there is a problem with the @O2 website. It would have gone on doing it forever if I hadn't closed the tab

Oct 24, 2014

Off to London to visit the Queen, at the @sciencemuseum. Will look out for mice under her chair, etc

Oct 24, 2014

Have just received 145 messages from O2 confirming that I have topped up my daughter's phone with £25. I hope it's not actually £3,625

Oct 22, 2014

@john_overholt Whereas "quite good" sounds like damning with faint praise, but used to mean "really rather good"

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